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YERUSALEM : temuan peninggalan Yahudi 10.000 thn ygl**

Artikel2, ajaran Islam, diskusi yang membahas konflik Islam vs. Zionisme secara umum dan masalah Palestina secara khusus.

YERUSALEM : temuan peninggalan Yahudi 10.000 thn ygl**

Postby ali5196 » Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:25 pm

Berita lama tapi aku baru ketemu ! Very interesting ...

Artifacts with links to Bible unearthed
By Jay Bushinsky
January 2, 2006

JERUSALEM -- Arkeolog2 Israel menemukan ratusan artifak, keping2 uang dan perhiasan, yg berasal dari jaman Injil, berusia lebih dari 3 ribu tahun.
Kebanyakan batu2an dan tanah tadinya dibawa ke timbunan sampah di dekat Bethany, atau kota Perjanjian Baru yg dikenal dlm bahasa
Arab sbg Al-Azariya, dan hilang. Untung, sejumlah besar dibawa ke
Lembah Kidron, yg disebut dlm Perjanjian Lama dan berlokasi diluar tembok2 besar Kota Lama.
Proyek arkeologis ambisius ini yg disebut the Temple Mount Antiquities Operation, dimulai November 2004, ketika pihak
Muslim meng-ekskavasi bagian utara Tempat Kuda2 Solomon utk membangung Mesjid bawah tanah masif bernama Mesjid Marwani.
Pihak Waqf, atau pejabat2 Muslim yg mengawasi kawasan itu
-- yg oleh Muslim dikenal sbg 'the Noble Sanctuary' -- membantu Israel dgn transfer tsb. (**)
Among the unusual finds extracted by Bar-Ilan University's Gabriel Barkai and his team of students and volunteers is a "bulla," or seal impression, thought to be used to close cloth sacks of silver.
"It bears the name Gedalyahu Ben Immer Ha-Cohen, suggesting that the owner may have been a brother of Pashur Ben Immer, described in the Bible [Jeremiah 20:1] as a priest and temple official," Mr. Barkai said.
That verse says: "Pashur, the son of Immer the priest, who was also chief governor in the House of the Lord, heard that Jeremiah prophesied these things."
The team's discoveries span 10,000 years "and belong to all the historical periods that transpired in Jerusalem," Mr. Barkai said.
One of the finds is a stone weight equivalent to four shekels (an ancient Hebrew measure, about 2 ounces), marked with words written in the ancient Hebrew alphabet.
The site is not considered an archaeological dig. The workers use a technique called "wet sifting," similar to the way prospectors pan for gold.
Mr. Barkai's team examines every particle, using large wire filters to rinse each one with cold water while looking for valuable objects.
Some finds reflect the Temple Mount's unique and dramatic history. An example of this is an iron arrowhead with a shaft used by the Roman legions during the siege of the Second Hebrew Temple 2,000 years ago.
Presumably belonging to the 10th Legion, Mr. Barkai said, "it was launched from catapults exclusive to the Roman army." He told of "scores of coins, many of them Jewish and minted by the Hasmonean and Herodian dynasty." This find might help explain why Jesus Christ drove the money-changers out of the Temple, as described in the New Testament.
"There also are beautiful objects that belong to the Crusader period," Mr. Barkai said, noting the many Byzantine coins, which testify to large attendance at the Temple Mount during the Christian conquest and rule during the 11th to 15th centuries.
Many of the more-recent coins date from the 17th century, and the research team even found a gold coin issued by the French Empire under Napoleon III.
A bronze pendant several hundred years old depicts the Holy Grail.
The team works in a large plastic tent pitched on a spur of the Mount of Olives. It overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, which is highlighted by the golden Dome of the Rock, a mosque built between 687 and 691 by the ninth Muslim caliph, Abd al-Malik.
Because of the quantity, time and patience required to rinse the objects, this archaeological project likely will take several years to complete.

http://nerra.com/broadsword/archives/20 ... cking-day/

What the article doesn’t tell you is that for years now, the Muslim Waqf - the Muslim authority which “oversees” the Temple Mount as if they F****** own the place - has been digging underground and dumping everything like trash, keeping anyone non-Muslim outside to beg for access after the broken pieces have been discarded.
I rage. I F****** bloody well rage. Pardon while I wish ill at this moment on every single adherent to this bile called the Koran.

It isn’t enough for Muslims the world over to claim that Jews have no connection to Israel. It isn’t enough for them to kill Jews at every turn. It isn’t enough for them to smash Jewish holy places any time they can with bombs, looting, and fire. But since years now, they have been quite methodically - oh just like the Nazis which they are - destroying the very fabric of history itself. The evidence of a Jewish history is far too much for them to bear. These are the same uncouth little shits who burn books because of Jewish mention or ideas. Like the Nazis, they rid their countries, books, museums, and the very earth itself of anything Jewish.

Anything Jewish at all.

People keep to this ideology that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Islam is a religion of pigs. Islam is a religion of gluttony fed on the history and effort of every other religion and people upon which they come in contact. They fatten themselves on the destruction of everything around them which is non-Islamic. They have dug into the earth itself to feed their bloated egos which produces only the wretched slime of the world in return.

They are accomplishing something which the Nazis never even got around to doing: the erasing of the core of Jewish history itself.

Sixty years ago and before, how many Jews would have dared to stand idly by and watch helplessly while the very covenant of Judaism itself - the Temple Mount - is ruined for all time? Erased from history and material evidence? Treated as a refuse dump for the rest of time itself?

How many Jews would have stood idly by and not willingly sacrificed their very souls to protect this when Jews had died simply to protect the sanctity of the torah scrolls themselves? If there is anything more sacred in Judaism than this site, then I and any other Jew or Christian do not know what it is.

Israel is dying, load by load, as the Islamic bulldozers tear into her very heart and soul with each passing day to dump the sacred contents onto the earth like was done with so many other Jewish souls and bodies once before. Israel is dying with every day as they - the Muslims of the world over - deny that it ever existed; write and speak that it never existed; pray that it never existed and will never exist again.

They have taken the words of their vile pedophile of a prophet, who fucked a nine year old girl named Aisha, to put a sword to the neck of all the Jews, and they have done it to the neck of the Jewish soul. And as they do so, they are cutting out it’s heart while the world goes on in ignorant bliss like some F****** sheep to the slaughter unawares that they are next. It isn’t enough for them to want to destroy Israel in another Holocaust which they helped to create by their ties to Hitler’s regime; they want to finish the job for him which they helped to start.

What is the Israeli military doing? What F****** good is it if they can’t even save the Temple Mount? What on earth have Jews been dreaming for two thousand years if not to redeem this exact plot of earth? And then to have it within their might only to let it slip from their grasp like dead ashes simply to appease the F****** desert dogs who piss everywhere to mark territories that they perceive as theirs.

I hate them. I hate them and loathe them because of it. Nazis burned Jewish bodies and a collection of work which will forever be lost, but Islam has been burning the Jewish soul. And nobody cares. This is another Holocaust of unprecedented proportions - and I say this without diminishing the last one. But the intent and result is the same: erasure of Jews throughout history itself.

One cannot say that the Muslims have learned nothing from history. The Nazis tried to erase the Jews starting with the people and their works. But that took far too long. So the Muslims are now working from within the very heart of Judaism itself. Their leaders have already accomplished what the Nazis never could: their lands are now free of all Jews within. And now, with filthy and tainted gold with which they support this dreaded Waqf project to create a new mosque on the Temple Mount, they pay for the ultimate destruction of the Jewish people itself.

Why even bother with an atomic bomb? They already have Israel by the throat. They already grasp Jews around the heart and are squeezing, and nobody is stopping them.

You might think this is mere hyperbole, but is it? You who think it is hyperbole: how do you define the core of Jewish history? dreams? aspirations? hopes? prayer itself? “Next year in Jerusalem” had ever only one meaning. Does it mean nothing to you?

Jews have died for those words. Jews over the ages have been killed and slaughtered for daring to say it under their breaths, because it is what they are and it represents their very history. Jews over the centuries were sometimes idolized for their intransigence over these words and this dream. They were set apart for it, for both good and ill. It is something Jews had never negotiated because it was their very essence as a people. Next year in Jerusalem.

But no more. And I’m fed up of this placid attitude which allows people to treat the evils of another side as just another point of view. I am fed up as the Islamic world is mauling the very center of Judaism itself. You Christians who read this: do you think they will stop there? Once the Jews are gone, once the Temple Mount is gone forever, what will become of your sites in Jerusalem? They have already destroyed Jewish graves at the Mount of Olives to build latrines in a hotel. Do you think they will stop there? When all the Jewish gravestones are gone, what will become of your precious crosses in the ground? This is the same Temple where Jesus once stood. This is the same Temple which he once sought to reform because it belonged to him as much as any other Jew. They are erasing your history as well. They are turning the thing which Jesus once so loved into a mosque to their devil of a god which beseeches that you all be next for the Islamic blade.

Does this not hurt you as well? Does this not torture your very soul? If you so believe in the return of a Messiah, then what will he do when he arrives only to find that you have abandoned his own house to the fetid followers of that disgraceful “prophet”? A “prophet” who personally raped others? murdered others? beheaded others? raped little girls and widows in front of slain husbands? tortured people with his own hands?

What will he think of you? What will your messiah think of you?

I turn my head in disgust at how we have become sheep while the ravenous wolves already are burning and savaging everything worth protecting while we throw open the gates for them to enter at their own volition. Islam is spreading like the Nazi threat, and is by now a far greater threat than Hitler ever was. Even for non-religious people such as I, there are some things worth dying for. That much I understand. I believe in a humanity which is worth fighting for because it can build a better world on the shoulders of those who came before us. But, as I watch, the ankles of those whose shoulders we stand upon are being methodically hacked away from below, to lessen us all and drag us back into the mud from where Islam has never risen.

The Muslims are destroying the Temple Mount, and with it, everything we have ever cherished as holy - historically, religiously, idealistically, philosophically. Islam is destroying everything which it touches. Those vile words on their unholy book of evil, looking very much like the incantations of some medieval demon, are spreading their rotten fruit. They are acting like demons, trying to overwhelm us with their numbers and lies. If any book has ever been spawned by Satan himself, this would be it. They thrive on setting fire to the world and on detonations which destroy. What other religion is doing the same? What other religion dances in the streets as the fires burn and the bombs explode and while our people burn and they dishonor our very graves? Islam is as filthy as that oil which oozes from the sands of the prophet’s own home, and it does nothing but burn and pollute. It is like filthy tar which they have convinced some to believe smells like roses. It produces nothing; discovers nothing; writes nothing; creates nothing; invents nothing; enlightens none; chokes all.

Islam is a disease, and I am sick from it. The world is sick from it. It is a canker in the body of the world, and I would have it out.

If Islam truly respects other religions, then why are they doing this? Anyone who believes the lie that they are just another “peaceful” religion has the mark of the F****** fool stamped upon his forehead. Anyone who excuses the Muslims of the world of their behavior due to “oppression” is a useful idiot.

I am not an Islamophobe. I am an Islamoloather. I loathe it. And I will continue to do so while it exists in this form, and any form which reveres the words of their “prophet”. I will loathe it while it continues to dig into the soul of every single Jew and Christian, Hindu and Buddhist, and any other non-Islamic person of the world. I would have done to Mecca what they are doing to the Temple Mount. I would turn their Kabba into a latrine. I respect a turd more than their black rock of Satan, for at least a **** can be used to fertilize something green. It, at least, is human and organic. And there is nothing human or organic about Islam. It is barbarism. I don’t care what they say to excuse their behavior: I will always hate it.

When people tell me that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I ask them if they ever thought that there were good Nazis and bad Nazis as well - and I mean it. The Islamic Reich is rising in Europe and Israel and everywhere else. They are building their mosques and palaces on the history of others, mercilessly crushing everything in their path into rubble before claiming the remaining ruin as their own. Like the shifting, lying, sands of Arabia, they cannot build upon their feeble ignoble parables of their “prophet”. Instead, they choose to destroy our own houses of history to replicate the desert from where Islam was conceived - their vision of the perfect society.

Science, history, sources, artifacts, cultures be damned. Their jealousy at our accomplishments is insurmountable. So I have less respect for them than they do for us, because at least they recognize that we are better, even though it hurts them immeasurably to admit it. Oh, but they do admit it for their actions speak louder than their words ever could. For every bomb and fire which go off in the name of Islam, they admit it: Islam is jealous. Islam is jealous and insane with rage because of it. Like an insane jealous madman, they will immolate themselves just to destroy us as well. They don’t turn the earth because we are insignificant, but because we are more significant than they have ever been. It is a lust in their hearts which drives them insane. They hear that they are better every single day, but then they look around and see nothing which they have produced. They only have myths and memories, created by even more insane Muslims, of a time when they were “better”.

But it is all a lie, and so they destroy everything to try to make the lie a reality. They drive Jews and Christians away, they burn our holy books, they side with the worst villains in history, and they now dig into the ground. They will stop at nothing. They will destroy the world to prove their lie is true: that they are better than us. Or, rather, they seek for it to be true, knowing perhaps that it never is. And in their filthy and putrid way, they tell us that we are better simply from the way their hatred grows as they discover that they are wrong.

I pray, I hope, I plead that this process of “discovery” does not go on any longer than it already has. I urge Jews and Christians to stop the little possessed Muslim brat. I beg of the world to show as much “tolerance” towards Muslims as they show towards the rest of us.

I urge somebody to stop the digging on the Temple Mount now - with insurmountable force. Let them feel the wrath of history itself, and bring it raining upon their own “holy” city as payback for centuries of the rotten fruit of their filthy philosophy.

I pray that Islam is not allowed to piss on us any longer.
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