PhpBB Forum versi Terbaru 3.10 sudah Ada Silakan Download

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PhpBB Forum versi Terbaru 3.10 sudah Ada Silakan Download

Postby walet » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:27 pm


Klik di link dibawah ini untuk download phpbb 3.10


1.i. Changes since 3.0.9
[PHPBB3-5506] - Deleting all items from last page results in empty list display
[PHPBB3-6458] - Width of Topics and Posts columns in Board Index is causing problems with language packs
[PHPBB3-7138] - Cannot display simple header/footer with trigger_error()
[PHPBB3-7291] - Broken links of char selection in memberlist
[PHPBB3-7932] - Fix font size in select boxes
[PHPBB3-8094] - Text in the forums.php and install.php not matching
[PHPBB3-8173] - Redundant BBCode helpline in JS
[PHPBB3-8177] - February 29th birthdays not shown in non-leap year
[PHPBB3-8571] - Users can make their age a negative number on memberlist
[PHPBB3-8691] - Error creating log_time index
[PHPBB3-8937] - Code tags - single space indent
[PHPBB3-9008] - Incorrect unread topic tracking for unapproved topics
[PHPBB3-9066] - Invalid Prefix Names Allowed
[PHPBB3-9416] - HTML entities in poll titles and options incorrectly re-encoded
[PHPBB3-9525] - Minimum characters per post/message should never be '0'
[PHPBB3-9645] - XHTML error on phpinfo page in ACP
[PHPBB3-9776] - When deleting and recreating a poll, old options aren't deleted and reappear with the new ones
[PHPBB3-9956] - No error message displayed when disapprove reason is invalid or empty
[PHPBB3-9976] - Direct post links open the wrong page of viewtopic when multiple posts are posted in the same second
[PHPBB3-9978] - Missing semicolons in // <![CDATA[ part of overall_header.html
[PHPBB3-10087] - Limited browser support for ban exclusion emphasis
[PHPBB3-10157] - Missing error handling when a custom profile field is not defined for current language
[PHPBB3-10166] - Post-admin activation email confusingly refers to username
[PHPBB3-10187] - XHTML error in ucp_groups_manage.html
[PHPBB3-10190] - Misleading information about permissions displayed after editing forum settings
[PHPBB3-10212] - Captcha not displayed when username not exists
[PHPBB3-10216] - Updater's failed query language grammatically incorrect
[PHPBB3-10226] - Mysqli dbal extension does not allow connection via pipes
[PHPBB3-10227] - Mysqli dbal extension does not allow persistent connection for PHP >= 5.3.0
[PHPBB3-10237] - Unwatching a forum/topic does not check for correct hash parameter
[PHPBB3-10240] - Word filter evasion
[PHPBB3-10253] - IE9 Quote problem
[PHPBB3-10255] - gitignore ignores too much
[PHPBB3-10257] - AAAA record parsing fails on older versions of Windows
[PHPBB3-10259] - Incorrect email on joining Open group
[PHPBB3-10265] - Unit test tests/random/mt_rand.php is not run because of missing _test suffix.
[PHPBB3-10266] - Poor navigation links after reporting a post
[PHPBB3-10267] - Missing strlen() on $table_prefix in db tools index name length check
[PHPBB3-10274] - Hardcoded module ID in "Re-check version" link on ACP front page
[PHPBB3-10275] - Wrong information about sent passwords in FAQ
[PHPBB3-10292] - Whitespace inconsistency in acp_ranks
[PHPBB3-10293] - Jumpbox allows jumping to invalid forums in prosilver
[PHPBB3-10294] - sqlsrv_rows_affected non-functional in MSSQLNative.php
[PHPBB3-10296] - incorrect cross join in SQL Server
[PHPBB3-10298] - EMBED Tag Not Closed Properly In subSilver2 attachment.html
[PHPBB3-10299] - Typo in comment about $max_store_length in truncate_string() (in functions_content.php)
[PHPBB3-10303] - send_status_line() doesn't validate user input
[PHPBB3-10304] - Bad url in U_ICQ on /ucp_mp_viewmessage.php
[PHPBB3-10307] - Return value of $db->sql_fetchrow() on empty tables is not consistent
[PHPBB3-10309] - Utf tests download data into temporary locations deep in source tree
[PHPBB3-10320] - "Most active topic" can leak topic title of topics in password-protected forums
[PHPBB3-10321] - Link to page 1 of the Memberlist has a useless question mark at the end
[PHPBB3-10324] - XHTML error in Prosilver - MCP - User Notes
[PHPBB3-10339] - Typo in prosilver's mcp_front.html
[PHPBB3-10341] - Topic title of "0" does not show as "Most active topic"
[PHPBB3-10351] - Invalid syntax for Oracle's sql_column_remove()
[PHPBB3-10352] - Missing break for Oracle's sql_table_drop()
[PHPBB3-10365] - Moderators can view forbidden information
[PHPBB3-10377] - All moderators can change topic type
[PHPBB3-10394] - Tests use call-time pass by reference which results in Fatal error on PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-10397] - Pagination code inconsistency
[PHPBB3-10400] - '0' (zero) not allowed as forum name
[PHPBB3-10413] - Make create_schema_files usable
[PHPBB3-10416] - Use dbport in phpbb_database_test_connection_manager::connect()
[PHPBB3-10420] - Update startup to account for PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-10421] - Interchanged parameters in includes/acp/acp_users.php
[PHPBB3-10422] - Unnecessary <!-- IF --> statement in viewtopic_body.html
[PHPBB3-10435] - Topic count mismatch on viewforum
[PHPBB3-10437] - Announcements on moderation queue are not hidden
[PHPBB3-10446] - Unencoded 8bit characters in email headers
[PHPBB3-10452] - XHTML error when printing a PM
[PHPBB3-10461] - MCP's recent actions list is empty
[PHPBB3-10479] - Remove PostgreSQL version numbers from driver's language string
[PHPBB3-10485] - XHTML error in Prosilver - index and viewforum
[PHPBB3-10488] - Database updater for 3.0.10-RC1 overwrites config variable email_max_chunk_size without checking for custom value
[PHPBB3-10497] - SQL error when guest visits forum with unread topic
[PHPBB3-10319] - Missing hidden fields in search form
[PHPBB3-10501] - Description of table prefix is wrong
[PHPBB3-10502] - ./../support/documents.php?mode=changelog&version=3 has a typo: 'red' should be 'read'.
[PHPBB3-10503] - Debug error when previewing edits
[PHPBB3-10504] - MCP Layout STILL broken in ProSilver when screen is resized to less 1200 pixels
[PHPBB3-10531] - Last remaining style can be uninstalled
[PHPBB3-8616] - Add direct link to PM to notification message
[PHPBB3-9036] - Forums that can be listed but not read expose forum information
[PHPBB3-9297] - Add support for Extended Passive Mode (EPSV) in class ftp_fsock to better support IPv6 connections.
[PHPBB3-9307] - Mass email $max_chunk_size
[PHPBB3-9361] - Edit account settings - Improved clarification needed
[PHPBB3-9778] - Member Search from the Admin Control Panel is not Intuitive
[PHPBB3-9898] - Readme needs updating to reflect more opening for patches
[PHPBB3-9995] - Unnecessary coding in display_forums() in functions_display.php
[PHPBB3-10032] - BBCode Add List Item Control Name Contains Typo
[PHPBB3-10074] - Change default value of 'Set as special rank' to No for Add new rank
[PHPBB3-10185] - Board startdate not being set
[PHPBB3-10189] - Add "automatically generated" comment into schema-files.
[PHPBB3-10199] - Performance: viewtopic has a useless join
[PHPBB3-10222] - Also build language and styles changes in diff/patch format
[PHPBB3-10239] - Add "Are you sure" confirmation to backup restore in ACP
[PHPBB3-10243] - Add gmgetdate() wrapper for getdate() which returns dates in UTC.
[PHPBB3-10245] - Messenger uses output buffering for error collection, should use error collector instead
[PHPBB3-10246] - Remove VCS section from docs/coding-guidelines.html
[PHPBB3-10254] - Remove style names from themes and fix some information on it
[PHPBB3-10263] - Add phpbb_version_compare() wrapper for version_compare()
[PHPBB3-10278] - Improve timeout handling in get_remote_file()
[PHPBB3-10315] - Radio Buttons in ACP are clipped in Safari - Fix suggested
[PHPBB3-10327] - Use "ALTER TABLE ... ADD INDEX" instead of "CREATE INDEX"
[PHPBB3-10334] - Birthday List display not dependent on user privileges
[PHPBB3-10335] - Responses to bots should have extra header to be used by reverse proxies
[PHPBB3-10346] - Add drop_tables key for database updater
[PHPBB3-10354] - When template tests are skipped because cache is not writable, print cache directory path
[PHPBB3-10369] - Change error collector to always report errfile and errline
[PHPBB3-10370] - Various improvements for get_backtrace()
[PHPBB3-10402] - Displaying report texts with linebreaks and clickable links
[PHPBB3-10419] - Add mbstring PHP ini parameters checks to ACP
[PHPBB3-10430] - Some typos and the like in docs/coding-guidelines.html
New Feature
[PHPBB3-8240] - Request: db_tools to have two additional functions, table list and column list
[PHPBB3-9689] - Scripts and utilities
[PHPBB3-10003] - Resolve db_tools proliferation
[PHPBB3-10313] - Include slow unit tests when running build script
[PHPBB3-10483] - Test suite does not run with MySQL strict mode
[PHPBB3-10486] - Create git shortlog and git diff --stat in build script
[PHPBB3-10480] - Automate changelog building
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Re: PhpBB Forum versi Terbaru 3.10 sudah Ada Silakan Downloa

Postby BerjayalahKebenaran » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:20 pm

apa kegunaanya bro?
maklum saya belum terlalu paham tentang PhpBB. bisa tolong dijelaskan?

Salam Berjayalah Kebenaran
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Re: PhpBB Forum versi Terbaru 3.10 sudah Ada Silakan Downloa

Postby walet » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:19 am

BerjayalahKebenaran wrote:apa kegunaanya bro?
maklum saya belum terlalu paham tentang PhpBB. bisa tolong dijelaskan?

Salam Berjayalah Kebenaran

Bikin forum kaya FFI ini, kalau kamu pengin diskusi dan bikin forum sendiri pakai software itu.
FFI ini juga pakai phpBB, kamu lihat aja tulisan paling bawah ada tulisan powered by phpbb.
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Re: PhpBB Forum versi Terbaru 3.10 sudah Ada Silakan Downloa

Postby ngebron » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:54 pm

seharusnya phpbb 3.0.10
iya ffi upgrade ke phpbb 3.0.10 aja
soalnya biar stable.
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