Jihad di INDONESIA th 2000: Poso, Ambon & Jawa

Khusus ttg sepak terjang/sejarah jihad dan penerapan Syariah di INDONESIA & negara jiran (MALAYSIA)
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Jihad di INDONESIA th 2000: Poso, Ambon & Jawa

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Attachment 1 – Incidents in Poso May 2001 – December 2002

May 2001 (11 incidents)

1. May 8 – 9. Male village (Christian village). Houses were burned.

2. May 11. Male village. Employees of PT Tritunggal were intimidated by two Laskar Jihad (LJ). Military arrested the two and released them when a mob of 200 appeared at the military post.

3. May 12. Poso. Immanuel Kayamanya Church was bombed and then burned to the ground.

4. May 13. Poso Pesisir. A bomb went off at Betania church.

5. May 17. Kasiguncu village. A bomb went off at Tabernakel Church.

6. May 18. Unknown people shot two Christians 8 times.

7. May 19. Pandajaya village. The only Christian house was burned.

8. May 21. Kasiguncu village. Three people were kidnapped when hunting at Bega Tua village.

9. May 23. Betania village. A group of LJ attacked the village.

10. May 24. Masani village. A group of unknown people attacked the village.

11. May 27. Mayasari village. Unknown people attacked a Christian.

June 2001 (7 incidents)

1. Jun 7 – 9. Lembomawo village. A fight between Christians and Muslims.

2. Jun 10. Lembomawo village. One person was killed during gun shots and bomb explosion.

3. Jun 24. Kawua district. A bloody conflict between Muslims and Christians, with army officers backing the LJ.

4. Jun 21 – 27. Tiwa village, Morowali district. A military officer beat a local driver. Local people retaliated. June 22, a truck full of military officers came to the village and started shooting randomly. One man was shot dead. About 100 people attacked a police station in Tomata village after they could not find the military officer who beat the driver. They started to burn houses in that village. June 24, riots started to spread to Taliwan village, causing heavy casualties on properties.

5. Jun 27. Peleru village. About 60 men kidnapped 4 Christians.

6. Jun 27. Saatu and Pinedapa villages. Bombs wet off, followed by gun shots. Casualties: 2 churches were burned, one pregnant woman was shot dead, one man was shot in his foot, many houses were burned.

July 2001 (17 incidents)

1. Jun 30 – Jul 1. Malei village. LJ attacked the village. Casualties: most of houses were burned, a 60 year old man was shot dead, a church was burned. An army base was only about 150 meters from the conflict location, but no military came down to take control of the 2 day conflict.

2. Jul 2. Galuga village. LJ burned most of the houses, if not all, in that village.

3. Jul 4. Buyung Katedo village. 14 people were killed when the village was attacked.

4. Jul 4. Sayo village. 4 people were killed when the village was attacked.

5. Jul 5. Malewa village. LJ attacked the village

6. Jul 5. Tanamawau village. LJ attacked the village.

7. Jul 5. Toyobo village. 6 Christian men were found dead.

8. Jul 12. Gandalari, Bayuntaripa, Korondali villages. LJ attacked those villages at the same time.

9. Jul 13. A group of Christians demonstrated in front of the army headquarters demanding justice and security, but they were shot at and 2 people were killed.

10. Jul 17. Saatu village and Pinedepa villages. LJ attacked those 3 villages. Casualties: 1 church and house were burned, a pregnant woman and a chief of one of the villages were shot dead.

11. Jul 18. LJ attacked a truck carrying produce going from Palopo to Morowali, stole 100 million Rupiah, and kidnapped 4 people.

12. Jul 21. Poso. Hanafi Manganti (Christian) found dead. Antariksa bus was attacked, passengers survived.

13. Jul 22. Matalo village. 60 LJ attacked the village.

14. Jul 24. A bomb went off in front of police headquarter when Muslims were demonstrating in front of the building.

15. Jul 29. Panjila village. LJ stopped a public bus and searched for Christians. 3 passengers were injured, 2 were murdered, 1 was kidnapped.

August 2001 (2 incidents)

1. Aug 2. Kilo and Kameasi villages. 60 LJ came by boat from the water, attacked the villages with Molotov bombs. Casualties: Houses and a church were burned, a pastor was shot, 2 villagers were burned.

September 2001 (8 incidents)

1. Sep 3. Poso. A mysterious shooting. Drs. J. Kogege, rector of Sintuwu Maroso University, was shot in the while driving his car.

2. Sep 5. A mysterious shooting. A staff of Poso District was attacked when he went to collect his salary in the office.

3. Sep 5. Betania village. LJ attacked the village.

4. Sep 7. Poso Pesisir. A mysterious shooting. A man and a woman were shot.

5. Sep 12. Kasiguncu village. A woman was kidnapped.

6. Sep 12. Wayaga village. A man was kidnapped.

7. Sep 17. A mysterious shooting. 2 men were shot while working in their field. One was dead.

8. Sep 19. Kawege village. LJ attacked the village.

October 2001 (5 incidents)

1. Oct 1. Tomata village, Mori Atas District, Morowali, Taripa village, Pamona Timur District, Poso. LJ attacked those villages. Casualties: 66 houses, 1 church and 1 school building were destroyed by bombs; 11 motorcycles were burned, 1 person was murdered, and 2 were heavily injured by gun shot.

2. Oct 12. Maranda. A public bus, PO Omega direction Tentena-Palu, was bombed. The bus was destroyed and many passengers were injured.

3. Oct 14. Sausu area. A public bus, direction Tentena-Palu, was hit by automatic gunfire. Casualties: 1 woman was shot dead, 8 were heavily injured.

4. Oct 16. Madale village. Mysterious shootings. 1 man was shot dead, several were injured.

5. Oct 17. Kamba village. A bus direction to Kolodale-Palu was burned.

November – December 2001 (Dec 19 – 21 – Malino agreement)

1. Nov 28 – Christmas eve. LJ attacked several villages, heading toward Tentena.

2. Dec 24. Kasiguncu village. 4 houses belonging to Christians were burned.

3. New Year’s eve. Bombs went off at GKI Sulsel church, GPDI church (Tamrin street), Gereja Advent church, GPDI church (Gajahmada church), GKMI church.

January 2002

1. Jan 1. Sepe village. A Muslim attacked by Christians.

2. Jan 16. Malei village. A mysterious shooting. 4 Christians working in a durian plantation were shot, 1 was killed.

May 2002

1. May 16. Tamanieka, Masani villages. Agus Pasule was murdered. Stefanus was kidnapped.

2. May 28. Poso City. 3 bombs went off.

June 2002

1. Jun 6. Landangan, Tonipa village. A public bus, Antariksa, was bombed. 5 people died, 16 were seriously injured.

2. Jun 9. Kayamanya village. Risman Pontali was found dead with his throat sliced.

July 2002

1. Jul 1. Tagolu, Lage district. A pastor’s house was bombed and damaged completely.

2. Jul 2. Sepe village. An attempted attack by LJ was contained by security officers.

3. Jul 3. Landangan, Tonipa village. A mysterious shooting. 2 mysterious men on a motorcycle shot Iyer Lengkono. Iyer died in the hospital 5 days later.

4. Jul 3. Kayende village. A bomb went off. No casualties.

5. Jul 6. Poso City. A house belong to Katemba was burned.

6. Jul 6. Poso City. A mysterious shooting. 2 mysterious men on motorcycle shot Yos Tampodung.

7. Jul 6. Ujung Tibu, Tojo district. Bernadus Palinja was attacked and tortured while on public transportation.

8. Jul 7. Wayura village. A mysterious shooting. Ones Lawira was shot dead while working in his farm.

9. Jul 11. Bategencu village, Lage district. A mysterious shooting. Albert Lawodi and Sem Tampusu were shot and seriously injured.

10. Jul 11. Silanca village, Lage district. A Muslim was beaten by a group of Christians.

11. Jul 12. Kawua, Poso City. A bomb exploded in front of a public bus, PO Omega. 1 was killed, 4 were heavily injured.

12. Jul 19. Tokorondo village. A mysterious shooting. 2 Hindus men were shot dead, I Nyoman Mandre and I Made Sabir.

13. Jul 22. Mayoa village, South Pamona district. A mysterious shooting. 3 people were shot while working on their farm.

14. Jul 22. Pendolo village, South Pamona district. A mysterious shooting. 3 motorcycles and a public bus, Adi Putra, were shot.

15. Jul 22. Toini village, Poso Pesisir. A church was burned.

16. Jul 23. Tentena. Sangle Mosque was attacked by Christian youth.

17. Jul 24. Pandajaya village, South Pamona district. 2 public buses were attacked by Muslim mobs.

August 2002

1. Aug 3. Tegal Rejo village. Sudirman’s (44 years old) body was found dead. He was missing/disappeared since Aug 1.

2. Aug 4. Matako village, Tojo district. The village was attacked with bombs and automatic machine guns. 13 houses and 2 churches were burned, 6 people were heavily injured.

3. Aug 4. Matako village. The Christian youths took revenge for the morning attack by burning a vehicle belonged to a Muslim from Uekuli village.

4. Aug 6. Pandiri village. 27 houses belonging to Muslims were burned.

5. Aug 6. Malitu village. The village was attacked by 9 masked men using M16 automatic machine guns. 21 housed were burned.

6. Aug 7. Magapu, Kamba village. 2 houses belonging to Muslims were burned by Christians from that same village.

7. Aug 8. Pandiri village. Local people burned a police, Brimob, office.

8. Aug 9. Mayoa village, South Pamona district. A mysterious shooting. A public bus, Batutumonga, was shot by machine guns. An Italian tourist, Lorenzo Taddey was shot dead, 3 people were injured.

9. Aug 9. Pandiri village. Christians burned 4 houses belonging to Muslims.

10. Aug 9. Watuaw and Ranononcu villages, Lage district. Public buses, from Makassar to Gorontalo, were stopped by local people. One passenger was missing.

11. Aug 10. Malei village, Lage district. Gun fight between Christians and Muslims. Casualties are unknown.

12. Aug 10. Silanca village, Lage district. 3 people, including a police officer, were stopped by local people. Two were reported missing, one was able to escape.

13. Aug 11. Tongko-Malei, Lage district. Gun fight during a visit by Minister of Social Welfare, Yusuf Kalla.

14. Aug 11. Malei village, Lage district. The village was attacked using automatic machine guns. 1 person was shot dead, 1 was missing.

15. Aug 11. Kayamanya village. Local people conducted ID sweep on passers. 1 person was murdered.

16. Aug 11. Sintuwu Lemba. 1 church and houses belonging to Christians were burned.

17. Aug 11. Ranononcu village. Houses were burned. No one knows who did it.

18. Aug 12. A Christian school was burned.

19. Aug 12. A Church, Eklesia GKST, was burned.

20. Aug 12. Sangele. A mosque was burned.

21. Aug 12. Tentena. Christian mob burned Alugoro, a public bus.

22. Aug 12. Sepe, Bategencu and Silanca villages. The villages were attacked by about 50 masked men using bombs and automatic machine guns. About 1,000 houses were burned, 4 people were dead, 2 were heavily injured.

23. Aug 13. Kayamanya and Sayo villages. 2 public buses were attacked by Muslim mobs.

24. Aug 13. Tentena. Christian mobs burned 2 mosques.

25. Aug 14. Poso Central Market. A guard was beaten by a mob, and a motorcycle was burned.

26. Aug 15. Between Taliwan and Peleru villages. A mysterious shooting. 3 people were shot dead.

27. Aug 15. Mayumba village, Mori Atas district. About 50 masked men attacked the village. 1 child was dead, 68 houses were burned.

28. Aug 15. Tomata village, Mori Atas district. Christian mobs attacked a Muslim house.

29. Aug 16. Morowalyu district. A village was attacked. 1 baby was killed, 1 person was injured, 43 houses were burned.

30. Aug 17. Mayumba village. The village was attacked. 4 people were killed, 43 houses were burned.

31. Aug 18. Poso City. Bombs went off at 5 different locations.

32. Aug 20. Bunta Toini village. The village was attacked. 1 house was burned.

33. Aug 27. Gebang Rejo. 2 bombs went off. 1 police and 1 civilian were killed.

September 2002

1. Sep 18. Bomb went off at Maranatha Bible school. 2 persons and a police officer were killed.

2. Sep 26. Poso Central market. A bomb went off in a car belonged to Guntur Assa, while it was parked.

3. Sep 26. Tambualo, Pandiri village. Mincanda had a gun pointed at him by several people. He managed to escape with several bullet wounds.

4. Sep 26. Pandiri and Betania villages. Mysterious shooting. A group of people were shot. No casualties.

5. Sep 29. Saatu village. Mysterious shooting. Hamsi Laupa died from several gunshots..

6. Sep 30. Kawua village. Mysterious shooting. Mrs. Sampel was shot.

October 2002

1. Oct 3. Police caught Yasir Ibnu with explosives and ammunitions. Yasir was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years in prison. During his imprisonment in Jakarta, Yasir shared with Rev. Damanik some of the terrorist activities in Poso area. Based on the ongoing trial of the Bali Bombing it is clear that there is a link between Jemaah Islamiyah and Al Qaeda, and it is also clear from several different reports that JI has used Poso as part of their training grounds and logistical center.

2. Oct 16. A bomb was found at the Central Sulawesi State Court 2nd floor.

3. Oct 22. Matako village. A police officer beat a civilian, and he was hospitalized.

November 2002

1. Nov 7. Gebangrejo village, Poso City district. Mysterious shooting. Yosep Mekahube was shot in the head while riding his motorcycle.

2. Nov 25. Poso City. Assar Monunggo was beaten by police officers.

December 2002

Dec 1. Gebangrejo, Poso City. A bomb went off, destroying 3 government offices.

Dec 4. Kawende village. Mysterious shooting. Agustinus Baco was shot to death while working on his plantation.

Dec 5. Gebangrejo village. Mysterious shooting. 2 persons were shot and cut to death.

Dec 5. Malei-Lage village. Police officer beat a civilian.

Dec 24. Malei-Lage village. Mysterious shooting. Ahmad Mahfud was shot dead. His wife was able to escape with some knife wounds on her back.

Dc 24. Malei-Tojo village. Police officers stopped a civilian and beat him.

Dec 27. Tokorondo village. Mysterious shooting. Mohammad Jabir was shot dead and had some knife cuts on his back.

Dec 27. Kasiguncu village. Mysterious shooting. Ronda Sadayo was found dead with gun shot and knife cuts.

Central Sulawesi Christian Church (GKST) Crisis Center, GKST Church Information, CC-SAG Central Sulawesi.

Attachment 2 – Chronology of Reverend Rinaldy Damanik’s Imprisonment

Aug 15, 2002: Three Christian Citizens were killed in Peleru and both Peleru and Mayumba villages were attacked.

Aug 16, 2002: Rev. Damanik received a request for evacuation from both villages. Evacuation mission started.

Aug 17, 2002: Evacuation mission continued in Peleru village when Rev. Damanik and team were stopped by a police officer. There, their car was search by an officer from the Regional Police of Central Sulawesi. The search was done without any witness, and Rev. Damanik did not observe the search since he and his team were asked to move 50 meters away from the car. They along with the refugees left Peleru village later with the escort of a military officer from the Indonesian Armed Force Infantry Battalion 711.

Aug 22, 2002: The Summons Letter asking Rev. Damanik to come to the office of Regional Police of Central Sulawesi was released. This letter states that Rev. Damanik was a suspect and had violated Chapter 1 Law of Emergency No. 12/1951 by owning guns and ammunitions.

Aug 27, 2002: Rev. Damanik sent his response to the office of Regional Police of Central Sulawesi, with a carbon copy to the central government and to domestic and international church institutions denying the accusation by giving a logical and systematic explanation and showing the possibility of a conspiracy set up to keep Poso district in disorder.

Sep 5, 2002: A Summons Letter from the Central Police of the Republic of Indonesia was released and sent to Damanik to be a witness for the above issue. Damanik was asked to come to the office of the Central Police of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta on September 9, 2002.

Sep 9, 2002: The Chief of Public Relations for the Central Police of the Republic of Indonesia, General Inspector of Police Saleh Saaf, stated that Damanik was summoned as a suspect instead of as a witness of the case.

Sep 10 ,2002: Chief of Central Police of the Republic Indonesia, General Da’i Bachtiar denied that Damanik was summoned as a witness. Instead, he said that Damanik was asked to come to Jakarta as a suspect in the case. The interrogation of Damanik began at 09.30. At 14.00, the Chief of the Regional Police of Central Sulawesi came to the interrogation room and later, at 17.45, 10 guns with 100 rounds of ammunition were brought into the interrogation room. Later in the evening Brigadier General Police Aryanto Sutadi as the Director of General Criminal, Investigation Corps of Police of the Republic of Indonesia stated that Damanik was officially detained as a suspect in violation to Chapter 1 Law of Emergency No. 12/1951 verse (1), junto Chapter 55 and 56 Book of Constitution of Criminal Law.

Dec 22, 2003: Damanik was secretly and covertly taken from Jakarta police jail and moved to Palu jail by Central Sulawesi police around 04.00 a.m. in the morning. Police told Damanik that his lawyers had been notified, which was a false statement by police, since none of Damanik’s lawyer had been notified. This is another violation by the police for not following proper legal procedure.

Dec 26, 2002: Rev. Damanik was poisoned while in custody of the local police. A relative of a cellmate brought rice for the cell. The police prepared and served the rice, but the rice handed to Damanik had been laced with fertilizer. The police violated procedure by hand-delivering food samples, rather than allowing the Food & Drug Department (DOM) to collect samples themselves. Further, no sample was every taken of Damanik’s vomit, contrary to policy. The police had earlier arrested one of Damanik’s cellmates for possessing such a fertilizer (which can be used in some bombs); therefore, the police had access to the food and to the poison. Damanik was later transferred to a prison under the auspices of the prosecutor, where he remains today.

Jan 6, 2003: Indonesia Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Dr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra, issued a decree about moving Rev. Damanik’s trial from Poso to Palu district. In that letter the Minister labeled Rev. Damanik as a provocateur of the Poso conflict, which was very improper conduct for a minister, especially by someone who is supposed to know the law of the land. Such blatant labeling had no legal effect but was only used to create a misperception of Damanik, and to affect the tone of the trial. Such conduct by a minister is another strong proof that human rights is not respected at all in Indonesia.

Feb 3, 2003: The trial was started.

Jun 2, 2003: Prosecutor presented their final charge, asking the court to sentence Rev. Damanik to a five year term of imprisonment.

Jun 9, 2003: The Defense Lawyers presented their final rebuttal against the prosecutor’s charges.

Jun 16, 2003: The Council of Judges of the State Court of Central Sulawesi in Palu delivered their verdict by sentencing Rev. Damanik to three years imprisonment.

Aug 7, 2003: Damanik’s appeal to the High Court of Central Sulawesi is denied.

Sep 15, 2003: The order extending Damanik’s detention, pending trial and subsequent appeal, expired. Another order has yet to be issued; however, Damanik remains imprisoned. By Indonesian law, Damanik is being wrongfully held. According to Indonesian criminal procedure, absent a court’s explicit order, the prosecution may only detain a defendant for a proscribed time.

Attachment 4 – Procedural irregularities

- Search of his vehicles on August 17, 2002 conducted without a warrant contrary to police procedure (KUHAP).

- Damanik not asked to sign a written acknowledgement of the search results contrary to police procedure (KUHAP).

- Results announced to media more than 24 hours after search

- Damanik invited by national police (POLRI) to serve as “witness” but changed to “suspect” upon arrival

- Transferred to Palu Regional Police on December 22, 2002 without notice to him or his defense counsel.

- Change of venue order from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights labeled Damanik a “provocateur.”

- Poisoned while in police jail custody, December 26.

- Poisoned food sample not collected by Food & Drug Department (DOM) as per regulations but brought to them by police.

- Sample of vomit not taken, contrary to regulations.

- Forced to attend trial despite debilitating illness, contrary to Criminal Procedure.

- Not asked in court whether he is fit to stand trial that day, contrary to Criminal Procedure.

At Court:

- Indictment (BAP) signatures, one forged the other illegible

- Vehicle DN-790E police testify searching on August 17; yet prosecution witness, a mechanic named Taswin, testifies that vehicle was in his shop and later confiscated by the police.

- Some police testify Damanik was driving; yet Damanik had recently broken his arm and it was in a sling. He could not drive.

- Some police testify that Damanik was in a blue SUV; yet he was actually in a black SUV.

- Prosecution Crown Witness testifies that he was beaten while in police custody and that his written statement was a result of that police brutality.

- Verdict was based on “moral and social justice.” Judges never explained what these terms mean. Based on previous cases, this means that the judges could have received threats or intimidation from on-high that, if Damanik was not convicted, street riots would be instigated. It is reported that Palu, on the eve of the verdict, seemed quite strange. All the hotels were fully booked and Christian and Muslim intelligence received reports of activity that lead them to beef up and even coordinate their security efforts.
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lihat foto2 gereja yg hancur, penganiayaan & pembunuhan oleh pengikut agama damai:
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... .php?t=444

laporan lebih lengkap:
http://www.indonesiawatch.org/penganiay ... news_id=25

Perusakan dan Penutupan Gereja di Indonesia 1996 – 2005

Tahun 2005 ini dihebohkan tentang penutupan gedung-gedung Gereja. Tetapi hal ini bukan sesuatu baru! Sudah lama umat Islam melakukan serangan dan perencanaan menghancurkan rumah-rumah ibadah Umat Kristiani. Ini sungguh konspirasi yang terencana.

(Sebagian Kasus)
30 Maret 1996
Gereja Misi Injili di desa Peniti Kec. Siantan Kab. Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat dirusak dan dibakar.

9 Juni 1996
Sidotopo, Surabaya - Jawa Timur, 10 gedung gereja dihancurkan oleh massa yang berjumlah sekitar 3000 orang.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) Jl. Sidotopo Indah Wetan II/26.
-Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) "POGOT" Jl. Sidotopo Wetan Indah II/62-64.
-Pos Pelayanan"SILO" GPIB "Cahaya Kasih" Jl. Bulak Raya.
-Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) "Firman Hayat" Jl. Tenggumung Baru Selatan 51.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Jl. Jatisrono Tengah 11.
-Gereja Kemah Injil Indonesia "Kalvari" Jl. Bulak banteng Madya 4.
-Gereja Pentakosta Tabernakel Jl. Wonosari Wetan Baru Gg. Sekolahan 22.
-Persekutuan Doa Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Jl. Bulak Banteng Wetan IV/2-4.
-Gereja Sidang Jemaat Pantekosta (GSJP) Jl. Tenggumung Karya III/54.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Jl. Sidotopo Wetan Indah.

14 Juni 1996
Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) Wates, Kediri - Jawa Timurdiserang dan dirusak pada jam 02.00 dini hari.

25 Juni 1996
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Pare, Kediri - Jawa Timur dirusak massa, peralatan/perlengkapan gereja dikeluarkan dan dibakar. Kejadian pada jam 12.00 tengah hari.

16, 20 & 21 Juli 1996
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Pondok Gede, Bekasi - Jawa Barat dirusak oleh massa.

17 September 1996
Gereja St. Leo Agung (Katolik) Bekasi - Jawa Barat,dirusak dengan kerugian materi sekitar 700 juta rupiah.

10 Oktober 1996
24 gedung gereja di Situbondo , Panarukan, Wonorejo, Asembagus, Besuki, Ranurejo - Jawa Timur dirusak dan dibakar oleh massa yang berjumlah kurang lebih 3000 orang. Peristiwa ini membawa korban 5 orang yang mati syahid karena terbakar (Pdt. Ishak Christian & keluarganya)
-Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Bukit Sion - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh (GBIS) - dibakar
-Gereja Sidang Jemaat Pantekosta (GSJP) - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta Pusat Surabaya (GPPS) - dibakar.
-Gereja Protestan di Indonesia bag. Barat (GPIB) - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Katolik Bintang Samudra - dibakar.
-Gereja Katolik - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) - dirusak.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) - dibakar.
-Gereja Bethel Tabernakel (GBT) - dibakar.
-Gereja Katolik - dirusak.
-Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh (GBIS) - dibakar
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) - dirusak.
-Gereja katolik - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) - dirusak.
-Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh (GBIS) - dirusak.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) - dirusak.
-Gereja Katolik - dirusak.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) induk - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) cabang - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristus Tuhan (GKT) - dibakar.

26 Desember 1996
15 gedung gereja di Tasikmalaya - Jawa Barat dirusak dan dibakar. 4 orang meninggal dalam peristiwa kerusuhan ini.
-Gereja Katolik "Hati Kudus Yesus" berikut pastori, Jl. Sutisna Senjaya 50 - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) Jl. Veteran 49 - dibakar.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Jl. Panyeurutan 10 - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP) Jl. Selakaso 61 - dibakar.
-Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Jl. Tentara Pelajar - dibakar.
-Gereja Gerekan Pantekosta (GGP) "Ebenhaezer" - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) "Sion" Jl. Tentara Pelajar 8 - dihancurkan. -
Gereja Bethel Tabernakel (GBT) Jl. Veteran 72 - dirusak.
-Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) Jl. Merdeka 24 - dirusak.
-Gereja Yesus Sejati , Jl. Empang Sari 32 - dirusak.
-Gereja Kristen Immanuel (GKIm) Jl. Mayor Utarya 11 - dirusak.
-Gereja Kerasulan Baru, Jl. Tentara Pelajar 50 - dirusak.
-Gereja Bethel Tabernakel (GBT) Jl. Mekarsari, Cipanas Cipatujah - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP) Jl. Cikaong Ading kalaksanaan Cipatujah - dibakar.
-Kapel Gereja Katolik Jl. Raya Ciawi Ds. Palemanggu - dibakar.

13 Januari 1997
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GpdI) di desa Arjasa, Situbondo - Jawa Timur ditutup Camat Arjasa (Drs. Mansejar) walau seluruh masyarakat lingkungan sekitar, babinsa dan kapolsek menyetujui adanya gereja tersebut.

30 Januari 1997
5 gedung gereja di Rengasdengklok - Jawa Barat dirusak satu diantaranya dibakar habis.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Jl. Raya Bedeng - dibakar.
-Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Bethel Tabernakel (GBT) induk Jl. Raya Bedeng - dihancurkan
-Gereja Bethel Tabernakel (GBT) cabang - dihancurkan.
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Bantar Jaya - dihancurkan.

10 Februari 1997
TK-SLTP-SMU Katolik di Ambon Maluku dibakar dengan harapan gereja Katolik di dalamnyapun terbakar. 6 orang pelaku tertangkap.

11 Februari 1997
Gereja Sidang Persekutuan Injili Indonesia (GSPII) di Sumenep, Madura - Jawa Timur ditutup berdasarkan Surat Perintah Bupati Sumenep.

12 Februari 1997
Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh (GBIS) di Cipaku, Bogor - Jawa Barat diserbu dan dihancurkan massa.

22 Februari 1997
Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP) di Cisewu, Garut - Jawa Barat dibakar.

6 Maret 1997
Gereja Sidang Jemaat Allah (GSJA) di Rancabuaya, Garut - Jawa Barat dihancur-robohkan.

9 Maret 1997
2 gedung gereja GKJ dan sekolah Katolik di Wonosobo - Jawa Tengahdilempari batu oleh oknum-oknum yang baru pulang pengajian umum di malam hari.

13 Maret 1997
Gereja Kristen indonesia (GKI) Jl.
Ngagel Surabaya - Jawa Timurd dilempari pelajar-pelajar STM.

28-30 Maret 1997
Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) "Petra" Surabaya - Jawa Timur dilempari batu oleh oknum-oknum melalui gerbong Kereta Api. 8 orang pelaku tertangkap.

28 Maret 1997
Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) "Immanuel" pos PI cabang Kedung Gudel Widodaren, Ngawi - Jawa Timurdirusak.

12 April 1997
Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Jl. Sulung dan Gereja Katolik Jl. Kepanjen Surabaya - Jawa Timur dilempari batu oleh sekelompok orang tak dikenal pada pukul 19.00.

13 April 1997
Gereja Protestan di Indonesia bag. Barat (GPIB) Jl. Bubutan Surabaya - Jawa Timurdisebelah kantor polisi dilempari batu.

15 Mei 1997
Gereja Pantekosta Pusat Surabaya (GPPS) desa Bejagung Semanding, Tuban - Jawa Timurdibakar massa.

23 Mei 1997
13 gedung gereja di Banjarmasin - Kalimantan Selatan dirusak satu diantaranya dibakar rata dengan tanah
-Katedral Kudus/Sasana Sehati, Jl. Lambung Mangkurat - dirusak.
-Gereja Santa Maria Kelayan, Jl. Rantauan Timur - dirusak.
-Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus, Jl. Veteran Merpati - dirusak.
-Gereja GKE EBEEN EZER, Jl. S. Parman No. 96 - dirusak.
-Huria Kristen Batak Protestan Resort Banjarmasin, Jl. P. Samudera No. 83 - dibakar.
-Gereja G.K.K.A, Jl. Veteran No. 85 - dirusak.
-Gereja Yesus Sejati (GYS), Jl. AES. Nasution - dirusak.
-Gereja GPDI Pantekosta, Jl. Veteran No. 35 - dirusak.
-Gereja Jemaat GBI Bethani, Jl. Veteran - dirusak.
-Gereja Terang Kristus, Jl. Lambung Mangkurat - dirusak.
-GBI Jemaat Siloan, Jl. RK. Ilir - dirusak.
-GPIB Jemaat Banjarmasin, Jl. Gatot Soebroto - dirusak.
-GPPS Jemaat Banjarmasin, Jl. Lab. SMP 6 - dirusak

23 Mei 1997
Pasuruan - Jawa Timur
-Gereja Pantekosta Sion - dirusak.
-Gereja Bethel Indonesia - dirusak.
-Gereja Protestan di Indonesia bag. Barat - dirusak.
-Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Jl. Halmahera - dirusak.
-Gereja Katolik - dirusak.
-Gereja Kristen Muria di Kudus - Jawa Tengah Indonesia dirusak.

Cikarang, Lemah Abang, Bekasi, Tangerang - Jawa Barat,
-Gereja Kristen Pasundan Pos Cikarang - dirusak & dibakar.
-GPDI Cikarang - dilempari massa. Lemah Abang
-Gereja Pantekosta Yerusalem Lemah Abang - dirusak
-Gereja Kristen Pasundan - dilempari massa.
-GPDI Kisamun - dilempari massa.
-GBI Betlehem - dilempari massa.
-Gereja Katolik Santa Maria - dilempari massa.

23 Mei 1997
Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh Rawa Kemiri Kebayoran Lama - Jakarta Selatan diserbu, dirusak dan coba dibakar massa dalam beberapa gelombang.

23 Mei 1997
Gereja Katolik Jl. Jokotole Pamekasan, Madura - Jawa Timur dirusak.

26 Mei 1997
Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP) Jl. Brawijaya Kadipaten - Jawa Baratdirusak massa dan Gedung / Balai pertemuan GKP di Cideres juga dilempari massa.

14 Juni 1997
Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) dan Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Bangkalan, Madura - Jawa Timurdirusak dan dibakar. Sebelumnya, pada saat kampanye Gereja Katolik dilempari batu.

10 Juli 1997
Gereja Pantekosta Tabernakel "Yesus Penolong" Desa Betet, Kec. Pesantren, Kodya Kediri - Jawa Timur ditutup oleh kakandepag Kodya Kediri.

21 Juli 1997
Bukit Doa "Bukit Zaitun" Cisarua, Bogor - Jawa Baratyang sedang dipakai retreat mahasiswa STT-SETIA diserbu dan dibakar massa.

27 Juli 1997
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) "Puthuk" Kandangan, Kediri - Jawa Timur dibakar sekitar 300 massa pada pukul 22.30 wib.

15 Agustus 1997
Umat Gereja Baptis Baitlahim Sukamenak Bandung - Jawa Barat dilarang beribadah lagi di tempatnya oleh masyarakat sekitar sehingga pindah ke markas Koramil.

22 Agustus 1997
35Gereja Kristen Oikumene (GKO) di dalam kompleks Barito Pasifik Kalimantan Selatan dibakar.

5 September 1997
Gereja Masehi Injili Bolaang Mongondow Desa Barako, Gorontalo - Sulawesi Utara dirusak massa.

15-16 September 1997
Gereja Katolik "Kristus Raja" Jl. Andalas 61 Ujung Pandang -Sulawesi Selatan dirusak, kendaraan, peralatan ibadah dan Alkitab di bakar di luar gedung. GKKA juga dirusak. 6 sekolah Katolik dan beberapa sekolah protestan dirusak. 13 gereja lainnya hanya dilempar selewat saja.

28 September 1997
Gereja Isa Almasih Arcamanik Bandung Jawa Barat diminta untuk menghentikan kegiatannya oleh ketua RT setempat karena alasan stabilitas & keamanan.

15 Oktober 1997
Gereja Kristus Tuhan Kepanjen, Malang Selatan - Jawa Timur ditakut-takuti dan ditutup oknum aparat serta melarang untuk tidak mengadakan ibadat dalam bentuk apapun.

17 Oktober 1997
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GpdI) Mumbulsari, Jember - Jawa Timur dirusak dan dirampok oleh massa sebelum akhirnya ditutup oleh aparat Pemda dan Oknum ABRI.

27 Oktober 1997
Gereja Kristen Baithani Plosorejo, Garum, Blitar - Jawa Timur dihancurkan massa.

3 dan 10 November 1997
Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) Bethany Tanggul, Jember - Jawa Timur ditutup oleh aparat depag.

13 November 1997
Gereja Utusan Pantekosta (GUP) dibongkar paksa dan Gereja Tuhan di Indonesia (GTDI)Sanan Kulon,Blitar - Jawa Timur dibakar massa. 3 Orang polisi menjadi korban bacokan kebringasan massa.

16 November 1997
Gereja Persekutuan Injili Baptis Indonesia (GPIBI) Bantul - Yogyakarta didesak untuk menutup ibadahnya dan dirusak oleh 500 massa didukung oleh aparat (Muspika).

22 November 1997
Pepanthan (Cabang) Gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ) "Modalan" dan "Babadan Gedongkuning" di Kota Gede - Yogyakarta dibakar massa. Setelah sebelumnya mengintimidasi gereja-gereja di Bantul.

24 November 1997
Gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ) Kota Gede-Yogyakarta,dilempari.

25 November 1997
Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia (GKMI) Karya Tani - Lampung yang sedang dibangun diserbu dan dihancurkan / dibakar massa.

9 Desember 1997
Kanwil Depag. Jabar dengan resmi memerintahkan penghentian pembangunan Gereja Kristen Perjanjian Baru (GKPB) Fajar Pengharapan Bandung dan memohon walikota mencabut kembali IMBnya.

21 Desember 1997
GKII Tambun, Bekasi - Jawa Barat diteror pada saat merayakan Natal. Perayaan Natal terhenti dan gereja dilempari para pemuda . Gembala Sidang meloloskan diri dengan memanjat tembok.

23 Desember 1997
Gereja Kristen Oikumene (GKO) Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang - Jawa Barat diserbu dan dihancurkan massa walau berada di tengah komunitas non-muslim.

23 Desember 1997
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GpdI) Songgon, Banyuwangi - Jawa Timur dibakar massa ketika pendetanya sedang tidak berada di tempat.

25 Desember 1997
Pos Gereja Protestan di Indonesia bag. Barat (GPIB) Bethel Citepus, Subang - Jawa Barat diblokade massa luar daerah dan kendaraan gereja dicoret-coret dengan paku serta melarang diselenggarakannya perayaan Natal.

25 Desember 1997
Gereja Masehi Advent Hari Ke Tujuh (GMAHK) Langensari, Ciamis - Jawa Barat diperintahkan untuk dibongkar paksa oleh Muspika atas desakan MUI setempat.

3 Januari 1998
Warga RSS Sukabumi Indah Bandar Lampung sejak 27 Desember 1997 diintimidasi para pemuda dan sejak 3 Jan'98 mulai melarang ibadah rutin. (Gereja Baptis)

19 Januari 1998
Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan Kalisat, Jember - Jawa Timur ditutup oleh Camat.

20 Januari 1998
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GpdI) Puger, Jember - Jawa Timur dilempari batu oleh demonstrasi massa.

26 Januari 1998
Kapel Gereja Katolik Kragan dirusak massa. Gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ) Kragan, Rembang - Jawa Tengah dirusak dan teras dihujani batu. Toko-toko milik keturunan dan Kristen dijarah dan dirusak total.

28 Januari 1998
Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GpdI) Desa Bulu Banjar, Kab. Tuban - Jawa Timur, dirusak massa. Kursi, s.sytem, kipas angin, mimbar, papan nama rusak berat.

Februari 1998 – Juli 2002
Daftar belum lengkap - sekitar 600 gedung Gereja ditutup atau dihancurkan dalam 4 tahun ini = kebanyakan di Ambon, Maluku Utara, Sulawesi Tengah, Lombok dan Jawa Barat.

4-15 Agustus 2002
Poso, Sulawesi Tengah. Massa membakar enam gereja.

15 September 2002
Massa di Pulau Halmahera mambakar habis 3 gereja.

18 September 2002
Kekerasan komunal menghancurkan lima gereja di Pulau Haruku, Sulawesi Tengah

6 September 2002
Pemerintah daerah Bandung mengeluarkan sebuah surat yang memerintahkan penutupan sebuah Gereja HKBP (Huria Kristen Batak Protestan) yang telah beroperasi selama 11 tahun.

22 Maret 2004
GPII Sidang Penuaian Ds. Sekarawangi, Kab. Bandung ditutup berdasarkan surat 01/MUI-DS/2004 tentang penyampaian hasil musyawarah yang intinya bahwa kegiatan ibadah yang dilaksanakan tidak ada ijin resmi sehingga harus ditutup untuk menghindari hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan.

3 Oktober 2004
Bangunan sekolah sementara Sang Timur yang digunakan sebagai tempat ibadah umat Katolik Santa Bernadet Ciledug, Tangerang, ditutup oleh FPI dan masyarakat karang tengah. Ibadah tidak lagi berlangsung di tempat itu dan pagar sekolah Sang Timur masih dalam keadaan tertutup sehingga kendaraan pengantar sekolah hanya dapat sampai di jalan yang berjarak sekitar 350 m dari area sekolah.

21 Februari 2004
Gereja Gerakan Pantekosta (GPP) yang berlokasi di Desa Tawali, Kecamatan Cikalong Wetan Kab. Bandung secara normatif ditutup oleh Muspika Kecamatan Cikalong Wetan, Kab. Bandung

April 2005
Sebuah gereja di Ciseu Kabupaten Garut ditutup.

16 Mei 2005
Peristiwa penutupan Gereja Kristen Kemah Daud (GKKD) serta penangkapan dan persidangan 3 (tiga) orang pembina Minggu Ceria, yaitu dr. Rebecca, Ibu Ratna Mala Bangun, Ibu Ety Pangesti yang dituduh melakukan pemurtadan dan Kristenisasi oleh MUI di Kec. Haurgeulis, Kab. Indramayu. Ketiga Ibu tersebut ditahan di Lembaga Pemasyarakatan (LP) Indramayu dan dihukum tiga tahun penjara pada tanggal 1 September

16 Juli 2005
Peristiwa penutupan Gereja Sidang Jemaat Allah (GSJA) dan Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) Perum Gading Tutukan Soreang, Kab Bandung yang dilakukan oleh Muspika setempat.

27 Juli 2005
Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP) di Katapang, Kabupaten Bandung ditutup.

31 Juli 2005
Peristiwa pembongkaran Tempat Pembinaan Iman Gereja Isa Almasih (GIA) di Karangroto, Kecamatan Genuk - Semarang oleh Camat setempat.

7 Agustus 2005
Gereja Kristen Kemah Daud (GKKD) di Kampung Warung Mekar, Ds. Bungursari RT 6 / RW 3, Kec. Bungursari, Kab. Purwakarta oleh Front Pembela Islam (FPI) Wilayah Purwakarta

14 Agustus 2005
Pukul 09.45 Wib gereja-gereja yang berada di Komplek Permata Cimahi, Kel. Tani Mulya, Kec. Ngamprah, Kab. Bandung diserang dan ditutup, yaitu :
-Gereja Anglikan
-Gereja Sidang Pantekosta
-Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia
-GKI Anugrah
-Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh

22 Agustus 2005
Gereja Kristen Pasundan Dayeuhkolot, Bandung, ditutup paksa
(Sisilia Pujiastuti/berbagai sumber)

Kalau ada informasi untuk menyempurnakan atau mengupdate daftar ini tolong kirim via email ke IndonesiaWatch.

[email protected]
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Misionaris Jeff Hammond melaporkan bgm Laskar Jihad di AMbon terlibat pembunuhan wanita & anak2 & orang2 jompo, pemenggalan kepala, perkawinan paksa, pemelukan Islam secara paksa ... Pokoknya Lengkap semua ! Lihat wawancara dgn gadis muda yg terisak2, ibunya dikawin paksa sama Muslim. Trenyuh hati gua !

Muslim memang 'keren' sepak terjangnya ... charming ... very charming ... :x

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with thanks to fajar k
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=7007

Jumat, 02 November 2006

Analisis Sidney Jones Dikecam
*Poso Akan Dijadikan Basis Pendirian Negara Islam

JAKARTA-Pengamat masalah konflik Sidney Jones memprediksi kawasan Poso sebagai tempat yang ideal untuk mengembangkan pemikiran jihad. Menurut peneliti International Crisis Group itu, kawasan Poso layak menjadi qoidah aminah. Yakni tempat untuk menjalankan prinsip-prinsip syariat Islam secara aman.

"They believe that parts of Maluku and Poso, but particularly Poso, have the potential to develop into a qoidah aminah, a secure area where residents can live by Islamic principles and apply Islamic law," tulis Sidney.

Dalam laporan yang telah dirilis di websitenya www.crisisgroup. org, Poso terus-menerus memanas karena beberapa hal. Menurut Sidney, anggota dari organisasi-organisa si mujahidin besar di Indonesia -yaitu Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), pecahan maupun cabang dari Darul Islam (DI), KOMPAK dan lainnya - melihat Maluku dan Poso sebagai daerah ancaman bagi komunitas Muslim.

Masih menurut Sidney, Poso dapat dijadikan basis untuk kemudian dapat dijadikan daerah ujicoba untuk pembentukan sebuah negara Islam. Karena itu, maka Maluku dan Poso terus menjadi fokus bagi upaya dakwah dan perekrutan anggota baru organisasi-organisa si itu.

Penelitian Sidney mengatakan, sebagian dari mujahidin yang pernah bertempur di daerah konflik, baik dari daerah setempat maupun luar, sulit untuk kembali ke kehidupan 'sipil' yang biasa-biasa saja. Selain itu, adanya konsentrasi para bekas mujahidin di kedua daerah konflik tersebut menarik bagi buronan polisi yang dimasa lalu sudah menemukan network yang siap membantu mereka.

Rilis berjudul Weakening Indonesia's Mujahidin Networks: Lessons from Maluku and Poso (Melemahkan Jaringan Kelompok Mujahidin di Indonesia: Pelajaran dari Maluku dan Poso) itu jadi perbincangan hangat di kalangan aktivis Islam dalam sebuah diskusi di Jakarta kemarin.

Juru bicara Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) Ismail Yusanto menilai analisis Sidney Jones terlalu mengada-ada. "Apa buktinya, itu hanya kepentingan dia saja agar mendapatkan dana besar," ujarnya dengan mimik muka marah.

Menurut Yusanto yang getol mengkampanyekan formalisasi syariat Islam itu rilis ICG justru menimbulkan ketegangan baru. "Kami menolak keras analisa itu,"ujarnya.

Bagi HTI, yang terpenting sekarang adalah keseriusan polisi menangkap pelaku kerusuhan. Tentu saja berdasarkan bukti-bukti permulaan yang cukup. "Kepemimpinan Sutanto benar-benar diuji," katanya.

Komentar tak kalah pedas disampaikan wakil ketua Komisi III DPR Al Muzammil Yusuf. "Wajar jika Sidney Jones kita tolak di Indonesia, dia selalu membikin ulah," katanya.

Meski begitu, rilis ICG tidak bisa begitu saja diabaikan. "Kalau tidak ada rilis itu, aktivis Islam tidak segera sadar untuk bersatu,"katanya. (rd)
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Polisi Ungkap 32 Kasus "Jihad" di Poso
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... hp?t=11869

Church of Soya village, one of the oldest church remaining in Ambon, is in riun

9-month old Agnes Debora Souhoka was killed during the attack by the Laskar Jihad in Soya village
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Untuk saudara-saudara semua,
Ada yang punya vcd konflik Maluku,Poso,atau Sampit?.Kalau punya mohon hubungi saya secara pribadi(PM).Saya sangat tertarik.Demikian penjelasan saya.Terima kasih.
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Di sini yang benar. Yang mulakan siapa lagi kalau bukan Kaum Domba. Selamat mendapat informasi yang betul

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mana? koq gak bs dibuka?
dasar kaum ONTA suka bo'ong
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abdurrahman wahid wrote:update rabu(21/11)
Inilh bukti2 Nyata dr tuhanMu,.............
lat gap perang di sekitar laut jepang dan samudra pasific,....
diakhiri dengan hancurnya kapal perang inggris dan kapal perang Amerika.
kebanyakan dr kapal amerika ad wanita.Setiap kapal memuat kira2 3000 personel.Kehancuran itu disebabkan terpedo dr 6 kapal selam dengan kecepatan super
dan kami serang tentara multinasional di Iraq dan afgan.yg menyebabkan banyak heli jatuh, puluhan tank luluhlantak
Apakah kamu tidak berfikir, siapa yg melakukan ini semua.???
SESUNGGUHNYA, Tuhanku, TuhamMU, Tuhan seluruh alam. telah berkehendak.maka siapa yg bisa menghalangi
jangan sampai mama ngatain kamu TOLOL, IDIOT

kamu tau ndak baca, jangan nyampah donk, bukti didepan mata masih aja ngelez typical badut HUH
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dari Adadeh:

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... &start=100

Jafar Ingin MengIslamkan Indonesia







Nih, foto2 jihadis yang bangga telah banyak membunuh kafir. Ingin bersaing dengan nabinya dalam membunuhi kafir, rupanya.
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mungkin mesti ada muslimers 2 yg dibawa balik dr neraka & ceritain sapa aja yg mrk temuin disana biar pada sadar kaleee
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Re: Jihad di INDONESIA th 2000: Poso, Ambon & Jawa

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Ya Tuhan...adakah hati nurani dari manusia2 yg melakukan itu...???
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