HOS Cokroaminoto: jihadi yg diakui sbg nasionalis

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HOS Cokroaminoto: jihadi yg diakui sbg nasionalis

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Dari blogspot ygn mengutip Hizbut Tahrir:

{bahasa inggrisnya rada ngaco krn diterjemahkan pakai google nih, kayaknya!}

Among the Indonesia leaders of the Islamic Sarikat, HOS Cokroaminoto, states that the Caliph is not solely for Muslims in the Arabian peninsula, but also for Muslims of Indonesia. Also stressed that the caliphate is a right with fellow Muslims and not the domination of the nation tertentu.

More firmly again, Cokroaminoto also states other than the two holy cities of Mecca-Medina, the caliph is the world's Muslims' (leader). He suggested to send a delegation to Congress (OIC). The goal was to "mempertoendjoekan particiasi of Islamic oemat sedoenia", and "the absolute need of all oesaha who weighed for oemat Islam in our country." In addition, find out about the continuation khalifah election. In fact, he menganalogikan Muslims are like one body. Therefore, if Muslims do not have the caliph then "as if the agency is not headed.'


For the Muslims of Indonesia, the struggle to continue the life of Islam and to unite the lands of Islam in the Caliphate is not simply a form of obedience to the commands of Allah SWT. Activity is actually also an effort to continue the history, in addition to efforts to further the cause of the Sultan and former cleric (Raden?) Saleh who had brought the Khilafah Islamiyah Nusantara. Conversely, opposition to this effort is a form of denial of the history of Indonesia, in addition to the denial of Allah's command. [Hizbuth tharir]
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