Duta Besar Rusia di Iran Dipenggal Muslim Juga

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Duta Besar Rusia di Iran Dipenggal Muslim Juga

Postby walet » Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:54 am


Aleksander Griboyedov, Duta Besar Rusia Untuk Iran Yang dibunuh pada tahun 1829

Pembunuhan duta besar oleh muslim tidak hanya terjadi sekali di Libya, tapi sudah pernah terjadi di Iran, korbannya adalah Aleksander Griboyedov pada tahun 1829 di Iran.
Pembunuhan terjadi karena alasan yang tidak masuk akal, yaitu menyelamatkan dua gadis Armenia (negara mayoritas Kristiani).

The incident began when an Armenian eunuch escaped from the harem of Persian shah Fath Ali Shah, and two Armenian girls escaped from that of his son-in-law. All three sought refuge at the Russian legation. As agreed in the Treaty of Turkmenchay, Armenians living in Persia were permitted to return to Eastern Armenia.[1] However, the Shah demanded that Griboyedov return the three. Griboyedov refused. This caused an uproar throughout the city and several thousand Persians encircled the Russian compound demanding their release.

Griboyedov then "decided to offer to return the Armenians. But it was too late. Moments later, urged on by the mullahs, the mob stormed the building."[2] Griboyedov and other members of his mission had prepared for a siege and sealed all the windows and doors. Armed and in full uniform, they were resolved to defend to the last drop of blood. Although small in number, the Cossack detachment assigned to protect the legation held off the mob for over an hour until finally being driven back to Griboyedov's office. There, Griboyedov and the Cossacks resisted until the mob broke through the roof of the building, and then through the ceiling, to slaughter them. The escaped eunuch and Griboyedov, who fought with his sword, were among the first to be shot to death; the fate of the two Armenian girls remains unknown.[1][3] Second secretary of the mission Karl Adelung and, in particular, a young doctor whose name is not known, fought hard, but soon the scene was one of butchered, decapitated corpses.

Griboyedov's body, thrown from a window, was decapitated by a kebab vendor who displayed the head on his stall.[2] The mob dragged the uniformed corpse through the city's streets and bazaars, to cries of celebration. It was eventually abandoned on a garbage heap after three days of ill-treatment by the mob, such that in the end it could be identified only by a duelling injury to a finger. The following June, Griboyedov's friend Alexander Pushkin, travelling through the southern Caucasus, encountered some men from Teheran leading an oxcart. The men told Pushkin they were conveying the ambassador's remains to Tiflis (now Tbilisi). Griboyedov was buried there, in the monastery of St David (Mtatsminda Pantheon).[2]

When Nino, Griboyedov's widow, received news of his death she gave premature birth to a child who died a few hours later. Nino lived another thirty years, rejecting all suitors and winning universal admiration for her fidelity to her husband's memory.

In a move to placate Russia for the attack and the death of its ambassador, the Shah sent his grandson Khosrow Mirza to St Petersburg to apologize to Tsar Nicholas I,[2] and to present him with a large diamond, now known as the Shah Diamond.

Jadi kejahatan oleh muslim sudah bukan hal baru lagi.
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Re: Duta Besar Rusia di Iran Dipenggal Muslim Juga

Postby harahap » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:13 am

walet wrote:Pembunuhan terjadi karena alasan yang tidak masuk akal, yaitu menyelamatkan dua gadis Armenia (negara mayoritas Kristiani).

masuk akal tho ya ....
perintahnya jelas tertulis di quran : AT-TAUBAH 9:5
BUNUH ....
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Re: Duta Besar Rusia di Iran Dipenggal Muslim Juga

Postby simplyguest » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:17 am

Jadi inget postingan ini :
Bigman wrote:“In Islam I kill you, if you touch my wife”!!!

Mang ugama eslaam ugama "damai" ame setan!!!

Muslim Punch to Japanese!!-Angry over questioning about papers

Dari dulu sampe sekarang sama aja, gak ada perubahan :lol:
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Re: Duta Besar Rusia di Iran Dipenggal Muslim Juga

Postby momed_xxx3 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:20 pm

Yha buat slimer sih darah kafir n murtadin holol tapi anehnya daging babi malah haram........ #-o #-o
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