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Re: Perdagangan Budak Islam yang Harus Diketahui

Postby I Want You » Thu Nov 26, 2009 5:29 pm

Wow , mantab ! ini yang harus di ketahui banyak orang ! =D> =D> =D>
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Re: Perdagangan Budak Islam yang Harus Diketahui

Postby walet » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:08 am

Ini gimana, kok ga ada artikel terjemahannya.
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Postby ali5196 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:16 am

Transkripsi & terjemahan :

Saya, seperti ratusan juta cendekiawan lainnya, tadinya mengira bahwa perdagangan budak Afrika adalah akibat ulah bangsa kulit putih semata2. Ternyata saya salah. Setelah saya membaca buku ini, mata saya terbuka.

John Allembilah Azumah :

The succes of Mohammad and Islam in deceiving, misinforming, deforming and contorting both history and reality over a period of almost 1400 years has been astounding. That is, until now. The greatest tragedy about this particular subject is that most of the descendants of Africans .. are totally ignorant of the actual.
The worst, most inhumane and diabolical institution of the black African slave trade was initiated, refined, perpetrated and implemented vy the MOhamedan Arabs and later aided and abbetted by their black converts. The two subcultures, those of denial of facts adn of political correctness will attack us without once disproving a single statement or conclusion that we make. Slavery was not created by the white races. Because it has existed throughout human history and practised by every tribe, culture, civilisation, racial group and religion. In fact, the very word 'slavery' comes from the word 'slav' based upon the slavic peoples of europe who were subjugated by other europeans. It isnot common knowledge that the arabic word, 'abd', is same as meaning of slave. For example, abdullah means literally 'slave of allah.' Adn that in the language of the arabs, all black people are called 'abid,' plural for slaves.

While much has been written concerning the Trans Atlantic slave trade, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the Islamic slave trade across the sahara, the red sea and the indian ocean. While European involvement in the transatlantic slave trade to the Americas lasted just over 3 centuries, the arab slave trade lasted 14 centuries. And in some parts of the Islamic world is still continuing to this day.

the birth of Muhammad, of Islam, brought about the institutionalised, systematized, and religiously sanctioned slave trade on a massive and global scale. IN fact, the Q allows the taking of slaves as booty or reward for wars of aggression against any and all unbelievers. Most of the human population. This has led to an enourmous number of holy wars, jihad in arabic. There was nothing holy about these wars which were primarily wars to plunder, slaughter, rape, subjugate and rob other human beings of their wealth, produce, freedom and dignity.

Mohamedan Muslim tribes, states, attacked other non-Muslim groups to achieve these objectives. Although Islamic jurisprudence laid down rules for the treatment of slaves, however incredible and heinous abuses have occured throughout the history of Muhamad and Islam. By the middle ages, in the arab world abid was used to denote black slave and magluk referred to a white slave.

Ibn Khaldun, 1332-1406, the eminent Islamic medieval historian and social thinker wrote, 'the negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavery because they have atributes that are quite similar to dumb animals.'

It shld also be noted that black slaves were castrated based on the assumption that the blacks had an ungovernable sexual appetite. When the Fatimid caliphate came to power in Egypt, they slaughtered al the 10.000s of black military slaves and raised an entirely new slave army. Some of these were conscripted into the army at the age of 10. From Persia to egypt to Morocco, slave armies from 30.000 -250.000 became commonplace. The islamic slave trade took place across the sahara desert, the red sea coast, and from the coast of east africa to the indian ocean. The trans sahara trade was conducted along six major slave routes.

Just in the 19th century for which we have more accurate records, 1.2 million slaves were brought thru the sahara into the middle east as well as a further 450.000 down the red sea adn 442.000 frm the east african coastal ports. That is a total of 2 million black slaves, just in the 1800s. At least, 8 million more were calculated to have died before reaching the mUslim slave markets. A comparison of the islamic slave trade to the americas slave trade reveals some extremely interesting contrasts. While 2 out of every 3 slaves shipped across the atlantic were men, in the islamic slave trade it was the reverse. 2 women for every man were enslaved by this slave trade. While the mortality of slaves to the Americas was as high as 10%, the slaves transported to the middle east was a staggering 80-90%. While almost all the slaves to the Americas were for agricultural work, the slaves to the middle east were for sexual exploitation as concubines for harems and for military service. While many children were born to slaves in teh Americas, their milions of descendants were citizens of Brazil and th US or today, very few descendants of the slaves in the middle east survived. While most slaves to the Americas cld marry and hv families, the male slaves in the middle east were castrated and the children born on women slaves were killed at birth. AS many as 11 million slaves were transported across the transatlantic, 95% of which went to south & central america, mainly to portuguese, spanish and french colonies. Only 5% ended up in the US today. However, a minimum of 28 million africans were transported to middle east. Since at least 80% were captured by slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets, it is believed that the daeth toll from 1400 years of arab and muslim slave trade cld hv been as high as 112 million. When added to the number sold in slave markets, the total number of african victims thru trans sahara & east african trade cld be higher than 140 million people.

What is obscene about this whole subject is the muslim/arab culture of denial as well as the ignorance of black muslims abuot the reality of their past and present conditions. These statistics are based on log books in ports, shiplogs, travellers reports and eye witness accounts. Their complicity is inhuman, full of depravity, are infinitely more devastating, more staggering and more incomprehensible than all the nightmare fictions in the world.
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Postby ali5196 » Wed May 16, 2012 3:40 am

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