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Muslim moderat, radikal, bgm pemikiran mereka & bgm hubungan mereka dgn NON-Muslim, sejarah perlakuan Muslim terhdp NON-Muslim, Dhimmi & Jizyah
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http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/wsm/ws ... islam.html

Dear Comrades

The Islamic state of Afghanistan has sentenced Ali Mohaqeq Nasab, executive manager of Women's Right journal to two years imprisonment for criticising Islam. This is an outrageous trial, an outright violation of freedom of speech and women's rights.

The people of Afghanistan have been victimized and terrorised by political Islam for over two decades. The fall of the Taliban brought some hope to women and to freedom loving people - that atrocities committed daily by these religious thugs would stop, that people would enjoy freedom and that women could throw down their veils and participate in social life.

This hope was soon shattered by the plans of the US and the West to help bring another Islamic-tribal government into power. The formation of a new Islamic state, with the tribal constitution assembly, was opposed by libertarian and progressive organizations. Objections were dismissed, and atrocities, violation of women s rights, kidnapping and raping of women and young girls, violation of human rights, and basic civil liberties continued.

This sentence must be condemned by all women's rights activists, freedom loving people, humanitarian organisations and secularists. We should fight against political Islam in any corner of the world. We stopped Sharia courts in Canada; we should topple the Islamic states in the Middle East.

Azar Majedi
Chair of Organisation for Women's Liberation
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(lahir 1896 - wafat disiksa Khomeini 1984)

Orang Iran yg menulis buku 23 Years yg mengritik Islam. Dashti memilih logika ketimbang kepercayaan buta:

Kepercayaan bisa menumpulkan logika dan nalar manusia, bahkan logika para pakar genius.

Dashti menampik keras 'mukjizat2' Muhamad dan tidak setuju bahwa Quran adalah pernyataan dari Tuhan sendiri. Ia menginginkan agar semua sistim kepercayaan ortodox diuji secara skeptis.

Dashti mengatakan bahwa Quran tidak mengandung hal2 yg baru yg belum diungkapkan oleh agama2 lain. Semua ajaran moralitas positif yg terkandung dlm Quran sudah otomatis dan diterima secara luas, jauh sebelum adanya Quran.

Cerita2 dlm Quran identik dng cerita2 Yahudi dan Kristen, yg diungkapkan kpd Muhamad dlm pertemuannya dgn rabbi2 dan biarawan2 yg sering ditemuinya dlm perjalanan dagangnya ke Syria dan dari saduran2 lisan dari keturunan bangsa2 Ad dan Thamud.

Muhammad hanya menegaskan kembali prinsip2 yg sudah diketahui oleh abad2 sebelumnya.

"Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, Socrates, Moses, dan Jesus sudah mengatakan hal2 yg sama... Kebanyakan kewajiban dan upacara2 Islam hanyalah kelanjutan praktek2 berhala Arab yg diadopsi dari Yahudi."

Ironisnya, buku2nya Dashti dibredel dijaman Shah yg kasihan terhdp masy Muslim dan ingin melindungi mereka dari kritik terhdp agama mereka.

Dan malang bagi Dashti, keberaniannya mengungkapkan pendapat ini mengundang kemarahan Khomeini. Ia tewas setelah 3 tahun mendekam dlm penjara Khomeini thn 1984. Ia disiksa walau berusia 83 thn pada saat itu.

Ia mengatakan kpd seorang kawan sebelum menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya:

Seandainya Shah mengijinkan diterbitkannya buku2 ini, kami tidak akan sampai pernah mengalami Revolusi Islam.
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http://www.sdsmt.edu/student-orgs/tfs/r ... islam.html

Aziz Nesin of Turkey, a noted author in that country who defines himself as an atheist, relates how he repeatedly proposed the publication of Rushdie's novel to the Turkish Writers Union, only to meet silence. Therefore, he arranged for the publication of sections of the text in a newspaper, which in turn led to a fundamentalist attack on a hotel where Nesin was staying, with thirty-five deaths.

Nesin claims that Rushdie's novel belongs to the world, no matter what the "risk." In summary, For Rushdie is a dramatic, inspiring and informative book, not only for Rushdie and his novel, but for insights on philosophical currents in the Islamic world today.

Utk lebih mengerti novelnya Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses :
http://www.sdsmt.edu/student-orgs/tfs/r ... islam.html

Undoubtedly the most famous "case" of censorship in the contemporary Islamic world is that of Salman Rushdie. Responding to Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeni sentenced its author to death for the crime of blasphemy against Islam. This fatwa, or edict, was to be carried out by any of the faithful. Immediately after the publication of this sentence in 1989, a storm of mingled fear, defiance and indignation swept the republic of letters all around the world. The repressive horrors of the mullahs in Iran had long been known, but this seemed monstrous, medieval in its fanaticism. As we shall see, this is not the story of just one wayward rebel, but of whole cultures under attack. And the roots of this attack run very deep indeed.

The Satanic Verses is a complicated, intricate book; for proper appreciation, the reader should understand that it probes various "sensitive" aspects of the Islamic heritage. The title derives from some verses of the Koran, presumably inspired by the angel Gabriel, and proclaimed by the Prophet; later, these were changed because, it seems, they originated not from Gabriel, but from Satan. I don't have space here to explore all the details of the actual verses, but the central problem the book wants to examine is, perhaps, central to all religious controversies: How do we know where the claims, visions, inspirations, and so on come from? Do they truly originate from God, or His (Her?) angels? Or devils? Or just from ourselves?

In my own experience, probing that question was probably the beginning of atheism, for my conclusion was that all religions are just projections of our own fears, desires, authority structures, etc.

Ram Swarup, a scholar of Islamic history in India, wrote a fine long essay discussing the points of the religion's heritage and doctrine which Rushdie's novel explores.3 However, I believe that the real reason the novel and its author were condemned by Iran is because the book contains a biting satire of a character who can be none other than the Ayatollah Khomeni.

This is a long section fo the novel, but a short passage will indicate the flafor: "The Imam is a massive stillness, an immobility. He is living stone. His great gnarled hands, granite-grey, rest heavily on the wings of his high-backed chair. His head, looking too large for the body beneath, lolls ponderously on the suprisingly scrawny neck that can be glimpsed through the grey-black wisps of beard."

There are scores of sycophantic protectors who surround the Imam, carrying out his orders. I think it is important to note that it is exactly Iran where the death edict orriginated, though all the faithful around the world have been urged to execute the heretical novelist.

Reviewing the history of Islam, Ram Swarup notes that the prophet Muhammed also condoned assassination in his own lifetime. Poets in particular were often condemned; one tradition tells us that the Prophet exclaimed that "filling the belly of a person with pus is better than stuffing his head with poetry." (Greece's sage Plato, we might recall, also condemned the poets in the Republic.) If the Prophet came to detest someone, he would merely ask "who will rid me of this scoundrel" and he would soon be stabbed to death.

This is important because it establishes a longstanding tradition of official assassinations, especially of dissident literary figures, going back to the origins of the religion.
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http://www.sdsmt.edu/student-orgs/tfs/r ... islam.html
PENYAIR2 YG DIBUNUH oleh penerus2 Muhamad:

Some of the essays notably emphasize the repressive aspects of the religion's history:
"At Seville the works of the theologian Ibn Hazam were burned. The mystical poet Al-Hallaj was crucified.
The writer Ibn Muquaffa was killed;
the licentious poet Bashshar Ibn Burd was condemned for heresy. The philosopher Ibn Rushd (Averroes),
he historian Ibn Khaldun, and the poets Ibn Sharaf and Al- Husri all had to go into exile" (Tahar Bekri, of Tunisia).

Similarly, there is a very moving essay by Algeria's Latifa Ben Mansour in tribute to the poet Al-Hallaj, which includes the verses he recited before being led to the scaffold. These essays revealed to me an entire tradition of martyrdom on behalf of art and freedom.
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KENYA : 4 missionaris DISERET KE PENGADILAN karena menyebarkan literatur yg 'bisa membuat sakit hati Muslim.' Untung kali ini tuduhan terhdp mereka tidak terbukti.

http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2006/11/ ... uslims.php

NAIROBI, Kenya: Pengadilan menyatakan tidak bersalah dua orang AS, karena menyebarkan literatur yg konon dikatakan sbg 'anti-Muslim.'

Warga2 AS, Andrew Saucier dari Philadelphia dan Paul Garcia dari Illinois, dituduh bersama2 dgn orang2 Kenya, Michael Otanga dan Patrick Ngei. Keempat orang dituduh menyebarkan pamflet yg mempertanyakan keabsahan Islam dan menggunakan kata2 yg akan menyakiti hati Muslim. :cry: :cry: :cry: (Muslim memang cepet sakit hati sih !)

Hakim Hellen Wasilwa mengatakan, jaksa tidak menyampaikan bukti memadai.

"Keempat missionaris datang utk mengajarkan anak2 ttg ajaran Tuhan. Dari 4.000 pamflet hanya 300 dianggap menghina," katanya.

Wasilwa mengatakan bahwa buku2 yg ditulis oleh Muslim dijual secara luas di toko2 (yg jelas2 menghina Kristen) tapi tidak pernah ada Kristen yg menyerang Muslim karena mempertanyakan keabsahan agama Kristen.[...]
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Lihat :

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=1942

Abdel Karim, blogger 22 thn yg dijatuhi 4 thn penjara karena menghina Islam dan Presiden Mesir


MESIR: blogger disensor karena ungkap derita Koptik****
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=4741

Reporters Without Borders today condemned the months of harassment by the authorities in Qina (near Luxor, in central Egypt) that forced Hala Helmy Botros to close down her blog Aqbat Bela Hodood (Copts Without Borders) about the persecution of the Christian Coptic minority, and to stop writing on this subject for other websites.
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"Islam Fundamentalis (Islam asli) berhubungan dgn Terorisme"
by Jay Tokasz for the Buffalo News :

Hamid, dokter, psikologis kelahiran Mesir dan penulis "The Roots of Jihad (Akar2 Jihad)," keliling dunia utk membahas ttg Islam dan terorisme di kampus2, gereja2 dan sinagog2 dan NGO2.

Mantan anggota Jemaat Islamiyah ini memang sering membuat risih Muslim AS.

Hamid khawatir bahwa kalau Barat menjadi terlalu politically correct, menolak utk menerima bahwa Islam yg diajarkan saat ini- BUKAN kemiskinan, bukan Israel dan bukan perang di Iraq - adalah akar terorisme Muslim.

"Islam, tepatnya Islam salafi, yg diajarkan di mesjid2 dan universitas SAMA SEKALI tidak bersifat damai," katanya

Islam Salafi menyerukan bagi dibunuhnya kaum murtad, menganggap derajad Yahudi dibawah manusia, mendorong pemukulan budak dan wanita dan mendesak perang utk memaksakan Islam pada nonMuslim, kata Hamid. (YAH ! Persis spt yg tertera dlm Quran, begitu ... :wink: )

"Inilah DASAR2 SYARIAH. Inilah yg diajarkan di mesjid2 dan universitas2," katanya.

Hamid masih siswa kedokteran di Kairo saat bergabung dgn Jemaat
al-Islamiyya, karena bermaksud menjadi Muslim yg lebih soleh. "Saya tidak berpikir utk jahat pada siapapun, sama sekali tidak," katanya. Tapi dalam beberapa bulan, saya menjadi "monsteri biadab, persis binatang," akibat ajaran Islam kelompok itu ....

Tetapi Hamid tidak sanggup melakukan aksi kekerasan yg dianjurkan itu dan ia meninggalkan Jemaat Islamiyah utk mencari pengertian Islam yg berbeda.

Akibat2 kotbah2nya, ia didepak dari sebuah mesjid oleh lelaki2 yg melemparinya dgn batu dan mengancam nyawanya, katanya.

Ia ganti nama dan lari ke Barat tetapi ia tidak pernah mengungkapkan tempat tinggalnya yg baru ini, takut akan keselamatan keluarganya.
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... dua evangelis KRisten dikenakan fatwa dari sebuah mesjid di Bandung, tgl 25 Feb 2001 karena tuduhan menghina Islam. Keduanya adalah Suradi Ben Abraham dan H.A. Poernama Winangun dari Yayasan Nehemiah.

Tuduhan ini sehubungan dgn sebuah buku yg ditulis Winangun th 1997
yg menyatakan bahwa Yesus sederajad dgn Tuhan -- ajaran yg kontradiksi dgn Quran. Keduanya mengatakan siap membela diri di pengadilan. Keduanya mantan Muslim.

Apa kabarnya sekarang ?
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MESIR: Dipenjara Gara2 Makan Keju Denmark
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=1675

Seorang Kristek Koptik Mesir ditangkap di Kairo karena membeli dan memakan keju Denmark.

Mokhles Tharwat ditangkap oleh agen keamanan Pemerintah Mesir dua minggu yang lalu dan tetap ditahan sampai sekarang. Pak Mokhles menderita sakit jantung akibat keadaan yang dialaminya di tempat tahanan.

Diduga yang melaporkan adalah tetangga Pak Hokhles sendiri. Kebanyakan toserba2 Mesir masih memboikot barang2 Denmark setelah koran Denmark menerbitkan kartun2 Muhammad.
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Yusman Roy dipenjara dua tahun karena memimpin solat dlm bahasa Indonesia dan bhs Arab ketimbang hanya bahasa Arab.
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http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... =7054#7054

Pemimpin Agama Saudi Menyerukan bagi Disahkannya PERBUDAKAN

November 7, 2003

PErbudakan masih eksis dlm sebagian besar negara mayoritas Muslim (khususnya Sudan, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia dan Pakistan) dan topik ini BUKAN topik tabu.

Kelompok oposisi Saudi, the Saudi Information Agency, melaporkan bahwa seorang imam besar Saudi menyerukan agar PERBUDAKAN DISAHKAN KEMBALI di Saudi.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, penulis buku religius (At-Tauhid, "Monotheism") yg digunakan secara luas oleh siswa2 SMA di Saudi maupun diluar negeri (termasuk sekolah2 Saudi di Barat).

"PERBUDAKAN ADALAH BAGIAN DARI ISLAM," katanya dlm kuliah belakangan ini. "Perbudakan adalah bagian dari jihad, dan JIHAD akan eksis selama Islam eksis."

Ia menentang pendapat bahwa perbudakan pernah dihapuskan, menghina mereka yg mempromosikan penghapusan perbudakan ini sbg
"****, bukan orang2 terpelajar. Mereka cuma penulis. Siapapun yg mengatakan hal demikian adalah kafirun."

Al-Fawzan bukan sembarang orang. Ia adalah:
* anggota Dewan Ulama Senior, badan religius Saudi paling tinggi;
* anggota Dewan Fatwa dan Riset Religius;
* Imam mesjid Pangeran Mitaeb di Riyadh; dan
* Professor di Universitas Imam Mohamed Bin Saud, pusat pengajaran Wahabi.

Bahwa pendapat macam itu dianut oleh seorang anggota penting dlm jajaran kekuasaan religius Saudi menunjukkan tragisnya arah Islam saat ini. (November 7, 2003)

Al-Fawzan juga mengancam akan memenggal seorang penulis dan pakar Saudi, Sheik Hassan Al-Maliki, karena berani mengritik Wahabisme. Al-Maliki dipecat dari posisinya di Kementerian Pendidikan setelah menulis paper berhalaman 50 mengritik buku Al-Fawzan, "Al-Tawheed."
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by Dariush Mirzai

Tehran (AsiaNews) – Ayatollah Morteza Bani Fazl, mengatakan bahwa Rafik Taghi, wartawan Azerbaijan, harus dibunuh dan sbg hadiah, ia menawarkan rumahnya yg diwarisinya dari ayahnya. Rafiq Taghi dituduh menghina Muhammad dlm sebuah artikel yg diterbitkan
surat kabar Azerbaijan, Sanat.


Sang ayatollah menuntut agar Azerbaijian meminta maaf kpd Muslim sedunia dan mengambil tindakan represif terhdp sang penulis dan surat kabarnya.

Azerbaijian tidak akan bereaksi terhdp seruan macam ini, tetapi mengingat fatwa Iran sebelumnya terhdp Salman Rushdie, fatwa berikut ini akan membawa konsekwensi bagi Azerbaijan yg dekat dgn Iran itu, yg sudah mengalami protes kekerasan bln Mei 2006 setelah diterbitkannya kartun2 rasis anti-Azerbaijan di sebuah surat kabar berbahasa Persia.
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http://www.inspiremagazine.org.uk/news. ... iew&id=549
http://www.compassdirect.org/en/newslon ... &rowcur=25
& the Catholic Herald 20 NOV 06

PAKISTAN: Ranjha Masih dibebaskan dari tuduhan menghujat Islam

Ranjha Masih adalah seorang Kristen yg dipenjara di Faisalabad, Pakistan, SEJAK 1998 (8 TAHUN LALU!), setelah dituduh menghujat Islam.


Ia ditahan tgl 8 May 1998, pada hari dikuburnya seorang Uskup Katolik, John Joseph, yg mati karena bunuh diri, memprotes perlakuan tidak adil Pakistan terhdp Kristen.

Massa Kristen berdemo pada saat penguburan Uskup tsb dan melampiaskan rasa kesal mereka dgn melemparkan batu2. Sejumlah batu kena papan toko yg bertuliskan ayat Quran dan akibatnya, papan tsb jatuh ke tanah. Ranjha Masih kemudian dituduh melemparkan batu tsb dan HARUS MENUNGGU LIMA TAHUN DI PENJARA sebelum ia akhirnya diadili, dinyatakan bersalah, dihukum penjara seumur hidup dan hukuman denda.

Pengacaranya naik banding tapi ia harus menunggu 3 tahun lagi sebelum permohonan banding itu akhirnya ditanggapi dan akhirnya dinyatakan tidak bersalah.

Masih, 58, menderita arthritis dan penyakit darah (hemorrhoid) dan mengalami kesulitan berjalan karena pembengkakan di lututnya.

Paling tidak 23 orang terlibat dlm kasus2 penghujatan telah dibunuh di Pakistan, demikian Komisi Nasional bagu Keadilan dan Perdamaian. 1/4 korban adalah Kristen, walau Kristen hanya 2 % dari total penduduk.

Masih, isteri dan keenam anaknya menghadapi bahaya besar jika ia dibebaskan nanti. Spt orang2 yg dibebaskan lainnya dari tuduhan menghujat Islam, mereka harus bersembunyi diluar Pakistan karena ancaman dari Musli2m tulen dan para pihak pengaman hukum shariah.

Dua kakak beradik Kristen yg juga dibebaskan dari tuduhan penghujatan, SETELAH DIPENJARA SELAMA 8 TAHUN, Amjad dan Asif terpaksa bersembunyi dari Muslim 'radikal.'

Kebanyakan tuduhan penghujatan ditujukan kpd sesama Muslim.
Dua Muslim di Punjab dibunuh pd tgl 15 dan 16 Juni karena dianggap menghujat Islam.

Massa mengamuk di Hasilpur membunuh guru tua, Mohammad Sadiq, saat ia mencoba menyelamatkan seorang Muslim yg disiksa massa karena tuduhan menghujat. Sehari kemudian, tertuduh penghujat Abdul Sattar, ditusuk sampai mati di Muzaffargarh saat dlm perjalanan ke pengadilan dlm PENGAWALAN POLISI.

:shock: :shock:
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Masih ttg PAKISTAN :


Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – UU Anti-Penghujatan Pakistan yg kontroversial lagi2 memenjarakan dua nonMuslim karena tuduhan yg tidak terbukti spt membakar halaman2 Quran. Korban kali ini bernama James Masih, 70, dan Buta Masih, 65.

Hari Sabtu lalu mereka dinyatakan bersalah dan dijatuhi hukuman SEPULUH tahun penjara dibawah UU kontroversial: Section 295 B dari Hukum Pidana Pakistan, atau yg juga dikenal sbg UU Anti-Penghujatan, oleh hakim bernama Muhammad Islam (KETAHUAN OBYEKTIVITASNYA !!) dari pengadilan Anti-Terrorisme di Faisalabad.

Pengacara pembela percaya bahwa hakim berada dibawah tekanan Muslim2 ekstrimis yg menghadiri pengadilan kedua lelaki Kristen itu, yg 'menuntut darah mereka.' Malah, sebelum mereka ditangkap, massa Muslim histeris sebanyak 500 orang ingin membunuh keduanya.

(YAH, NGGAK BEDA DGN SIDANG REBECCA cs DI INDONESIA... Massa Muslim ngamuk kabeh tidak karuan. Kok mirip persis yah 'ekstrimis' Pakistan dgn 'ekstrimis' Indonesia ???) )

http://www.opendoorsuk.org.uk/news/news ... 001750.php
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NIGERIA : wanita Kristen dicari utk dirajam sampai mati karena dianggap 'menghujat'.
http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=6320

Ini udah dimasukin kesini belum yah ? Yah ga apa2, sekedar refreshing !
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http://www.bangkokpost.com/breaking_new ... ?id=115691

Muslim leader gunned down
(Bangkokpost.com from Agencies)

A prominent local Muslim leader known for his tough stance against extremism has been shot dead in Narathiwat, police said Wednesday.

Kawee Prachumkayohmas, 55, was shot four times in an ambush late Tuesday as he left a cemetery where had been praying.

He was the leader of Bacho village in Narathiwat and was known for his strong opposition to the separatist insurgency, which flared up three years ago.
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http://www.news.faithfreedom.org/index. ... le&sid=791

Anwar Shaikh

Lagi2 seorang penulis besar abad 21, yg mampu melihat keburukan Islam, meninggal dunia pd November 25, 2006.

Anwar Shaikh lahir June 1, 1928 di Gujarat, waktu itu masih bagian India. Keluarganya sangat teguh dgn agama Islam. Th 1947, India sedang merampungkan proses menuju kemerdekaan dari Inggris dan seketika pula, Muslim dan Hindu mulai perang saudara.

Pd saat ini Anwar Shaikh, sang jihadis muda, membunuh dua Sikh dan seorang Hindu TANPA RASA MENYESAL sedikitpun. Namun pada usia
25, Anwar mendapatkan sinar humanitas dan meninggalkan Islam.

Anwar bekerja sbg guru di Pakistan namun ia pindah ke INggris di thn 1956 dan menjadi pengusaha sukses. Ia menikah dgn orang Inggris dan berintegrasi dgn masy Inggris. Mungkin karena ia mulai merasakan penyesalan ia kemudian memeluk agama Hindu.

Th 1973, Anwar secara terbuka memulai misinya utk meng-eradikasi Islam. Sejak itu ia sangat vokal melawan Islam, menulis sejumlah buka dan mengadakan missi utk mendidik dunia atas bahaya Islam. Ia penuh kasih sayang terhdp keluarganya yg Muslim dgn mengatakan, "The problem is not Muslims, the problem is Islam".

Pd thn 1990an, Anwar Shaikh mendapatkan fatwa mati karena buku2nya.

Anwar Shaikh sudah tiada namun semangatnya masih hidup lewat kata2nya.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism
Chapter - 1: WHAT IS A PROPHET

Other Works:
Islam: The Arab National Movement
Islam: Sex and Violence
Islam and Human Rights
This is Jihad
Faith and Deception
Taxation and Liberty

Anwar Shaikh’s Interview with Chandigarh Times
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TURKI : Berani Kritik Muslim ? PELURU HADIAHNYA !

Turkish-Armenian editor shot dead in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, (Reuters) - Editor terkemuka keturunan Turki-Armenia, yg dituduh menghina 'identitas Turki, DITEMBAK MATI diluar kantornya (surat kabar Argos) di Istanbul hari Jumat.

Hrant Dink, penulis kontroversial dan wartawan yg sering menjadi target kaum nationalis (baca : MUSLIM!), ditembaki 3 kali di lehernya, di siang bolong oleh orang tidak dikenal,

http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/index ... Killed.gif
The Religion of Peace adds another Christian to the Armenian Genocide.

Tertuduh Pembunuhan Hrant Dink: Saya Solat Jumat dulu dan lalu Membunuhnya

Ogün Samast, tertuduh pembunuh Hrant Dink, Editor surat kabar Agos
mengatakan setelah penangkapannya, “Saya menembaknya setelah selesai Solat Jumat”.

Katanya, “Saya baca berita ttg dirinya (Hrant Dink) di internet dan ia mengatakan, ‘Saya dari Turki, tetapi darah Turki kotor’."
Itulah mengapa saya memutuskan utk membunuhnya. Saya tidak menyesal.” Kata sang pembunuha sambil membuktikan bahwa pernyataan korbannya memang benar. Darah Turki = kotor ! Ironis !!! :shock:
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http://www.islam-watch.org/Library/Iraq ... ushdie.htm

Iraqi Kurdish Rushdie: Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam
24 Jan, 2007

Buku Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam oleh Mariwan Halabjaee, "the Salman Rushdie of Iraqi-Kurdistan," telah diterbitkan di Internet.


Buku ini mengulas bgm Islam menekan wanita. "Saya ingin membuktikan bgm Islam menekan wanita, bahwa mereka tidak memiliki hak," kata Halabjaee. "Buku saya didasarkan pada sumber2 Islam spt. Qur'an, Muslim, Bukhari dll." Buku ini sudah terbit ulang selama tiga kali.


Situsnya, Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam, dibentuk utk membantu distribusi buku ini lewat internet dgn download dlm bentuk Adobe Acrobat PDF format, compressed zip format dan sbg jpeg graphic files bagi setiap halaman.

Halabjaee terpaksa melarikan diri ke SWEDIA setelah Liga Islami Kurdistan mengeluarkan fatwa utk membunuhnya jika ia tidak bertobat dan meminta maaf atas bukunya. "Para mullah mengatakan kpdnya, kalau saya meminta maaf mereka akan memberi saya hukuman cambuk 80 kali dan lalu membawa saya ke komite fatwa utk mmeutuskan apakah saya bersalah atau tidak.
Kalau iya, saya akan DIPENGGAL."

Halabjaee sering menerima telpon yg mengatakan, "10 tahun atau 15 tahun lagi, kami akan bunuh kau !." Atau, "Begitu kami tahu tempat tinggalmu, kami akan meledakkan diri kami didekatmu."

The worse thing was realizing that his wife and children were in danger. "With that book I wanted to defend women but the first thing I did was hurt my wife." As a result, Halabjaye went into hiding with his pregnant wife and three children.

Halabjaee was forced to flee Iraqi-Kurdistan after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) refused to offer him any protection or to arrest those who threatened his life. "The Kurdish authorities have not provided any protection from threats and fatwas," said Halabjaee, "any moment I am expecting a bullet or a hand grenade to be thrown into where I live."

In response to the Halabjaee affair, the KRG Minister of Religious Issues, Dr. Mohammad Gaznayi, told protestors that according to the law of Iraqi-Kurdistan, "defamation" or "criticizing" religion or religious figures is a crime and its punishment is severe. "We will give those who attack our prophets a sentence so that they can be a lesson for everyone," said Gaznayi. Halabjaee was in possession of a warrant for his arrest issued by the Suleimaniya police department when he fled Iraqi-Kurdistan.
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http://www.salon.com/wire/ap/archive.ht ... C4LG0.html

Journalists Take on Islam in Morocco
By JOHN THORNE Associated Press Writer

January 22,2007 | CASABLANCA, Morocco -- Caught in the middle of the Moroccan government's delicate balancing act with Islam, magazine editor Driss Ksikes came out of court a convicted -- yet relieved -- man. Prosecutors wanted him and a colleague jailed for up to five years, but the judge gave them a fine.

"I'm a freethinker, but I don't want to be a martyr," Ksikes said following his conviction a week ago.

After publishing an article citing jokes about Islam last month, Ksikes found himself up against a government eager to assure conservative Moroccans of its religious credentials.

The relatively light sentence -- fining Ksikes and journalist Sanaa al-Aji about $9,000 each -- also illustrates the government's desire to please the electorate without enraging Western opinion.

Last month the government banned Nichane for allegedly insulting Islam with a 10-page article titled "How Moroccans laugh about religion, sex and politics."

In addition to the fine, Ksikes and al-Aji were barred from any journalistic activity for two months. Their magazine and its Web site, both shut down by the government when the scandal broke last month, will remain closed for the same period.

"I don't regret what I wrote," Ksikes said. He regretted that an article meant as a thoughtful examination of Moroccan humor offended some of his countrymen, but said he was glad to have avoided a repeat of the uproar triggered across the Muslim world last year over Danish newspaper cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad.

Nichane is not the only periodical under the gun.

Aboubakr Jamai, editor of Le Journal Hebdomadaire, and one of his former journalists, Fahd Iraqi, have been told by Justice Ministry officials to come up with about $350,000 in damages in a government-supported libel suit against them -- the largest such award in Moroccan history.

Jamai had focused attention on Morocco's three-decade occupation of Western Sahara and its standoff with the Algeria-based liberation front, Polisario. It remains a crime in Morocco to criticize the king, Islam or Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara, which it insists is sovereign Moroccan territory that was seized by Spain as a colony in the 19th century.

In an article last year, Jamai and Iraqi alleged that a damaging report on Polisario by a Belgian research institute bore signs of having been directed by the Moroccan government. The report's author, Frenchman Claude Moniquet, hit back with a libel suit backed by the king's prosecutor -- proof that the court proceedings were rigged in Moniquet's favor, Jamai claimed.

"For us, it's the Moroccan regime bringing suit," he said.

He said the relatively light sentence imposed on the Nichane journalists "shows that the regime is very sensitive about its image in the West," but insisted he wouldn't do any deals.

He said he was forced to resign Thursday from Le Journal Hebdomadaire, and was planning to leave Morocco shortly. "I would refuse to pay even if I had the money," he said.
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