Tmen,,Ini ada Game Zodiac International Mantap..

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Tmen,,Ini ada Game Zodiac International Mantap..

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Zodiac International
Zodiac Online is a turn based fantasy MMORPG by EnjoyMMO, the company behind like Magic World Online and Phoenix Dynasty Online. One thing all of these games share in common is that they’re extremely similar to each other in terms of graphics and gameplay and unfortunately Zodiac Online isn’t much of an exception, at least graphically speaking. Gameplay wise, Zodiac Online is a bit unique, as its the first ‘turn based’ MMORPG by EnjoyMMO. The gameplay mechanics are similar to other turn based MMORPGs like Myth War 2 Online, Atlantica Online and Wonderland Online. The game’s most unique aspect is that it has no set classes and players are allowed to ‘advance’ their characters anyway they like, which allows for practically infinite different ‘builds’. Those specifically looking for a 2D turn based games should find some value in Zodiac Online, but others will likely be turned off by the poor visuals and turn based gameplay.

Zodiac Online is a colorful turn-based MMORPG developed by Goldcool Games. The game features up to 12 playable character classes based on the Chinese zodiac and other cool features such as weapon upgrades, pet raising, pet evolution, monster taming, fortune telling and much more.

Key Features:
• Find your soul mate
Give fate a chance and let it turn into a romance. Do not miss your love which meant to be. In this big big world, have you found your Mr./Miss. Right? Fate System will help you to tell him/her from the crowds at the very first glance.

• Free horoscope
It grows as you level up. Reinforced by Spiritual Stones possessing disparate powers, it is always the strongest backing for your fight.

• Date, time, zodiac all count
Sometimes you are the lucky dog and sometimes you get dirt kicked into your face. Checking on your fortune everyday and be ready for windfalls or accident losses, you may control you fate and avoid misfortune.

• Be an monster tamer
A great variety of fantastic monsters can be tamed to be your vicious pets. Capture one to shock your foe and let it be your life-long combat companion!

• No class limitation
Well aptitude is half done. Choosing your talent aptitude is of great importance for your career advancement in the world. It is easy for you to become a master if you learn skills in line with your aptitude. Besides, skills are not limited among different aptitudes!

• Pet evolution
Pet can be evolved to next-generation. After evolution, the pet’s appearance will change and its power will be enhanced significantly. With an evolved pet, you will win a battle as if by divine intervention.
Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta
Subgenre: Turn-Based RPG
Estimated Download: 830MB
Official Website:

* Specifications | * Minimum | * Recommended
* Operating System | * Windows XP | * Windows XP
* Processor | * P3 1 GHz or better | * P4 2.4 Ghz or better
* RAM | * 256MB | * 512MB
* Hard Drive | * 1GB | * 1GB
* Graphics Card | * GeForce4 MX 440 or better | * GeForce FX 5600 or better

Nih game 2D,,tpi mantap..Cobain deh.. :turban:

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