Boston bombers yg asli ganti nama

Boston bombers yg asli ganti nama

Postby F-22x » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:54 pm

http://gawker.com/yes-the-boston-bomber ... ts-5995019


Yeah, So, There Was a Team Named the Boston Bombers

Until last week, the Boston Bombers were the city’s only semi-pro women’s basketball team, one of more than 40 national organizations affiliated with the Women’s Blue Chip League. They held tryouts in Jamaica Plain, fostered regular player-development clinics, and maintained a summer league. They also, like any sports club, had an aggrandizing logo of cartoony power, a lit-fuse Wile E. Coyote bomb with basketball grooves.

But after last week's marathon bombing lent their namesake global infamy, the Boston Bombers have judiciously decided to rename their franchise. "We changed it due to the events Monday," a spokesperson confirmed to us over email. “Our fans [were] not happy with the name."

The team plans to unveil their new moniker sometime this week, but they’ve already taken measures to erase their former franchise’s footprint from the web, abandoning BostonBombersBasketball.com, shutting down the team’s Twitter account, and deactivating its Facebook page.

Sebelumnya memang sudah ada team bola basket wanita bernama Boston Bombers. Gara2 peristiwa pengeboman di boston, team bola basket tsb akan berganti nama. :green: :lol: :green:

Boston bombers yg asli ganti nama

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