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http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... 0344#50344

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... 228538#228 538

http://www.westernresistance.com/blog/a ... 02234.html
May 28, 2006, Pakistan: Mengkonfrontasi Muslim Honor Killings

Tgl 21 Mei, Ayesha, gadis 18 thn dituduh berzinah oleh suaminya setelah perkawinan hanya 1 1/2 bulan. Ayesha meninggalkan suaminya dan tinggal dgn kakak laki2nya, namun suaminya, Eisa Khan Khosa, mengunjunginya disana bersama dgn saudara laki2nya. Mereka membujuk agar Ayesha pulang kembali, dan ia setuju. Dalam perjalanan pulang, mereka memotong hidung dan bibirnya dan meninggalkannya terkapar ditengah2 sawah.

Mutilasi macam ini berhubungan dgn Muslim honor killings.

November tahun itu, Shamin Mai, yg menikah dgn lelaki pilihannya, menantang kehendak keluarganya yg sudah memilih calon baginya. Karena "kejahatan" ini, saudara laki2nya, Bashir dan pamannya, Bilal, dgn empat orang lainnya, MEMOTONG KEDUA KAKINYA.

Pakistan : dlm konferensi utk menghentikan honour killings, kelompok NGO dan HAM mengatakan bahwa antara 1000 - 1500 orang, kebanyakan wanita dibantai setiap tahun karena tuduhan 'tidak senonoh' atau menolak perkawinan paksa yg masih dipraktekkan dlm masy Pakistan, baik di desa maupun di kota.

Dari laporan media saja, antara January - April thn ini, 158 wanita dan 56 lelaki dibunuh dlm rangka "honor killing".

Dlm kebanyakan kasus honour, keterlibatan keluarga sangat kuat.

Honor killings dikenal sbg "kari-karo", yg berasal dari kata "hitam". Seorang wanita "berdosa dianggap sbg wanita "hitam". Hitam bagi wanita dinamakan "kari" dan bagi lelaki dinamakan "karo".

Fida Hussain Mastoi, a deputy inspector-general of police in Sindh stated that the police can do little even to stop the increase in honour killings, let alone prevent the custom.

The blame is often laid at the door of "tribal customs" and people try to avoid the taint of Islam in honour killings. But the Hudood Ordinances, a set of Islamic laws, condone stoning a woman to death for adultery.

That honour killings also happen among people of culturally separate Kurdish, also Turkish and Palestinian ethnic origins, gives the lie to the notion that tribal customs are to blame. Islam is to blame, and Islam alone.

We told the story of Mukhtar Mai, a woman who in June 2002 was ordered by a Muslim panchayat to be gang-raped by a group of volunteers in her Punjabi village of Meerwala Jatoi. Her "crime" had been that her 12-year old younger brother had been seen walking with a girl of a higher caste.

On Thursday, March 2 her six gang-rapists, some of whom had earlier been sentenced to death, were all released from jail on appeal. At the appeal, their relatives had threatened to kill anyone who testified against them.

Mukhtar Mai states that: "Until women are allowed to get educated ... these crimes will continue." It will mean more than education to change attitudes. 70% of Pakistan's populations live in rural communities, and as they move into cities, they bring their village customs with them.

The Islamic councils, called panchayat in Punjab, and jirga in North-West Frontier Province, are the sole source of law in Pakistan's rural communities, and the maulvis or imams are merely individuals chosen by the communities. There is no need for a qualification or training to become an imam.


In many cases, the decisions of these Muslim rural courts are staggering. In November we reported on how a Punjabi panchayat ordered that five girls (three of them pictured) should be ordered to be abducted, raped or killed if they did not submit to forced marriages arranged for them when they were small children. The "marriages" were part of a tradition known as vani in Punjab, swara in Northwest Frontier Province. Vani is a "compensation" marriage. If a man has committed a crime, a Muslim village court can order his female relatives to be given away in marriage.

Vani, which is closely linked to the custom of honour killing, became illegal at the same time as honour killing. The law was changed after a Muslim court in 2004 ordered that a three year old girl should be married off to an old man of 60.

The fact that parents in so many Muslim societies decide that they must choose the future spouse of their offspring is a root cause of the problem. In Pakistan, arranged marriages are the norm, but ultimately, these are often forced marriages. And when a person in authority can decide that his own flesh and blood is a chattel to be bartered and bargained with, this acts to strengthen the authority of the rural Islamic councils.

We have described how children have been virtually "sold". More often than not, girls are traded as commodities, the "get-out-of-jail-free" token for a criminal man to publicly expiate his guilt. Vani and swara marriages are specifically used for compensation for the crime of someone else.

When girls can be treated so cheaply, as bargaining chips, the jirgas and panchayats are above any law. And for Muslims, the rights of women and girls are nothing. When Mohammed the "prophet" bedded a nine-year old child bride, before she could decide her own fate, a dangerous precedent was set. It led to the teachings of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who said: "A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister."

PROBLEMANYA ADALAH ISLAM, DAN DIMANAPUN MASYARAKAT MEMBERIKAN KEKUASAAN KPD ISLAM, ULAMA BISA MENJATUHKAN KEPUTUSAN SEMAU MEREKA. We reported on April 29 that in Dir, in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province, a Muslim jirga, attended by 4,000 people, declared that not only was honor killing permissable, but if anyone disagreed and reported cases of honor killings to the authorities, they would be killed.

Honor killings are part of a larger constellation which in Pakistan includes vani, swara, forced and arranged marriages. And beyond Pakistan, though it is regarded as a sin to commit suicide, Muslim girls are often encouraged to commit suicide when they are seen to have become "tainted". In Ramallah, "Palestinian" territory, on January 2, 2004, Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud gave her daughter Rofayda a razor blade and ordered the teenager to kill herself by slashing her wrists.

Rofayda's crime was the fact that she had been raped by her two elder brothers and had become pregnant. The child of the rape had been born and given up for adoption. When Rofayda did not obey her mother, Mrs Qaoud put a plastic bag over her daughter's head, sliced her wrists with the razor blade, and when her daughter went limp, she finished her off with a blow on her head from a stick.

And such incidents are not unique. The Italian news agency AKI and the UK Independent report that in Turkey, girls have killed or attempted to kill themselves this year in record numbers. These suicides are happening in the eastern parts of the country. In the city of Van this year, 20 young women have committed suicide, more than happened in the whole of 2005. In the Kurdish city of Batman, 10 women and girls under the age of 23 have committed suicide.

Activists state that Turkey has increased the sentencing for honour killings, to be in line with the European Union which it wishes to join. Formerly honour killings got light sentences, because they were thought to involve mitigating circumstances.

But activists are now claiming that, rather than see a man going to jail for a lengthy period for committing an honour killing, girls are being made by relatives to commit their own honour-killings, upon themselves. On 24 May, Yakin Erturk, the UN special rapporteur on violence against women, travelled to Batman to investigate this increased suicide incidence of young women and girls.

The life of a girl is virtually worthless in Islam. She may be desirable for a brief period in her life, often well under the age that would be considered moral, but her position is always going to be inferior to a man. In Islamic law, a woman's testimony in a sharia court is considered as worth half that of a man. A woman cannot divorce her husband, yet he can divorce her merely by saying "talaq" three times. A woman can only have one husband, but in sharia, he can have up to four.

And for young women in Pakistan, some of whom are promised in vani marriage before they are even born, no amount of legislation or education is going to change a thing. Islam always favours the boy children in a family, and girls are to be traded off, forced into marriage to satisfy their parents' desires and not their own.

And for the young bride, Ayesha Baloch, whose face will forever be disfigured, whose reputation will now forever be tarnished, there will be no justice. Her assailants, the husband and his brother who mutilated her, are in custody. But she knows that they will not be there for long. Ayesha said: "They are powerful people with money, and will get out on bail."
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http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/index ... zginci.jpg

Wanita 13 thn di Turki, Rojda diperkosa dan lalu oleh Syariah dipaksa menikahi pemerkosanya. Mukanya dirusak oleh keluarga suaminya karena ia menolak utk menjadi WTS setelah 'suaminya' dipenjara karena memperkosa seorang anak lain.
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Pakistan : Satu lagi 'Meerwala' di Muzaffargarh
By Shakeel Ahmad

MULTAN, Sept 23: Gadis 12 tahun diTELANJANGI dan dipaksa berdiri dimuka umum didesanya di Shehr Sultan, Muzaffargarh, oleh tentangganya karena dosa kakak lelakinya.

Ini identik dgn kasus Meerwala — kecurigaan terhdp kakak lelaki sang adik perempuan yg dianggap melakukan hubungan gelap dgn wanita dari klan bermusuhan.

Though the area people, union council nazim and Muzaffargarh district nazim confirmed that such an incident had taken place in Mauza Kapahi Kharwala on Friday, police said the stripping issue had been concocted by the girl’s family in a bid to neutralize an FIR registered against them.

According to reports reaching here, Momina was alone in her house when four men from her neighbour Hazoor Bakhash’s family took her to their house and tore her clothes apart.

Hearing girl’s cries, villagers gathered in the courtyard of Hazoor Bakhsh’s house but no-one dared to save the girl who stood naked. When her brothers Ghulam Nazuk and Mureed Hussain came to her rescue, they were beaten by armed men from Hazoor’s family.

The accused freed the girl after two hours when Kalu Khan, an elder of the Hazoor Bakhash tribe, told them that the “revenge was over.”

When Momina’s brothers visited Shaher Sultan police station, police pressed them to settle the matter at the village level. On their refusal police allegedly arrested them in a case lodged against them by a woman of the Hazoor Bukhash family.

SHO Qamarul Zaman told Dawn that story of Momina’s stripping by force had been concocted. He said that both the families had settled the matter and that a case lodged by Shamshad was also being withdrawn. Neverthless, he said, police were investigating the case and if the `humiliation’ of Momina was found to be true, he would not spare the guilty.

Allah Bakhsh, the father of the girl, said that police were pressing them to reconcile.

Abdul Qayyom Jatoi, Muzaffargarh district Nazim, said that police did register a case of trespassing against the accused when he visited the village on Saturday.

Jatoi said although he was the boss of district police (being the district nazim), he was not sure police would do any justice on his order. Elected from the ARD support, Jatoi said his close political companions were already facing police wrath on the direction of the Punjab chief minister.

Malik Jindwada, Beerbund union council nazim, said he had visited the village, that also fell in his electoral college, and talked to people who confirmed stripping of Momina before public.
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http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0, ... 24,00.html
The Sunday Times September 24, 2006

A YOUNG Pakistani woman has been kidnapped, raped and beaten by a gang of high-caste villagers because her uncle eloped with one of their relatives. She was chosen for punishment because she had recently gained a degree and was the pride of her low-caste family.

Ghazala Shaheen, 24, and her mother Mumtaz were abducted last month by men dressed in police uniforms from their home near Multan in southern Punjab.

According to her relatives, she had been selected as a kidnap target to maximise her family’s humiliation. She had been been the first in her family to gain a degree. This earned her a job as a local schoolteacher, but the offer was withdrawn after officials said they did not want to be associated with someone who had been raped.

Shaheen said she was determined to bring her kidnappers and rapists to justice. “My mission is to get all of them arrested and hanged, so they cannot do this to any other woman,” she said.

The prospects of a successful prosecution appear slim. Only Mirani has been arrested on kidnapping charges, and without the four essential witnesses a rape conviction is unlikely.
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http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news ... lling.html

Ribuan wanita tewas karena "Kehormatan Keluarga"
Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
February 12, 2002
Pakistan : Wanita berbaring di rumah sakit, wajahnya tersiram air raksa

Ratusan, bahkan ribuan wanita dibunuh oleh keluarga mereka sendiri demi pemulihan kehormatan keluarga. Sulit mendapatkan angka sebenarnya karena tindak kejahatan macam ini sering tidak dilaporkan, dan konsep kehormatan keluarga sering digunakan utk membenarkan pembunuhan.

Kebanyakan honor killings terjadi di negara2 dimana wanita dianggap sbg harta benda, kata Marsha Freemen, director International Women's Rights Action Watch di Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs di the University of Minnesota.

Laporan Komisi HAM PBB menunjukkan bahwa honor killings terjadi di (pendeknya dimanapun ada Muslim) Bangladesh, UK, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Swedia, Turki, and Uganda. Negara2 yg tidak menyampaikan laporan mereka adalah negara2 yg mengijinkan honor killing ini spt Afghanistan, Iraq dan Iran.

"Celakanya, anggota keluarga perempuan, ibu, ibu mertua, adik perempuan dan sepupu perempuan, sering mendukung serangan2 tsb, Ini memang mentalitas sebuah komunitas," kata Zaynab Nawaz, wakil HAM wanita di Amnesty International.

Pandangan bahwa wanita adalah harta benda sangat berakar dlm budaya Islam ('wanita adalah ladangmu, pergunakanlah ladangmu semaumu-'Quran), demikian Tahira Shahid Khan, professor urusan wanita di Aga Khan University di Pakistan.

"Wanita dianggap hak milik lelaki, terlepas dari kelas atau suku." Sang pemilik harta benda itu memiliki hak utk memutuskan nasibnya, shg ini menjadi wanita sbg komoditas yg bisa ditukar, dibeli atau dijual.

Honor killings diakibatkan karena alasan berzinah dlm perkawinan, sex diluar nikah, berkawan dgn lawan jenis ataupun bahkan tidak menyediakan makanan pada waktu yg ditentukan. Ini semua dianggap merusak kehormatan keluarga.

Amnesty International melaporkan sebuah kasus dimana seorang suami membunuh isternya karena ia BERMIMPI isterinya berzinah. Di Turki, seroang wanita muda digorok lehernya di lapangan terbuka karena sebuah lagu cinta dikumandangkan di radio baginya.

Maret 1999, gadis 16 yg sakit jiwa diperkosa. Pemerkosanya dipenjara, tetapi para kepala suku Pathan menganggap ia membawa aib, shg gadis itu dibunuh disebuah pertemuan para kepala suku.

April 1999, Samia Imran, wanita 28 thn, ingin cerai dari suaminya yg suka menamparinya selama 10 thn perkawinan. Saat dibujuk utk bertemu dgn ibu mertuanya di kantor pengacara, ibu mertuanya membawa orang yg menembakinya di tempat.

"Di Yordania, jika seorang wanita ingin melindungi diri dari honor killing, ia biasanya check ini ke penjara, tetapi ia tidak bisa check out. Utk itu diperlukan anggota keluarganya, yg justru merupakan biangnya.

Dlm dokumenter National Geographic, Michael Davie memeriksa honor killings di Pakistan, dimana 3 wanita sehari (paling sedikit) menjadi korban honor killing- DAN pemerkosaan.

Kasus yg mereka sorot adalah kasus Zahida Perveen, ibu 3 anak, berusia 29 thn dan wajahnya hancur karena ditabok suaminya sampai ia harus operasi plastik di AS.
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PALESTINA : tingkat pelecehan wanita

Postby ali5196 » Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:48 am

Satu lagi surga Islam yg meningkatkan derajad wanita mereka ! Siapa yg melecehkan hak wanita ? YAHUDI ? KRISTEN ? KAFIR ? No ! MUSLIM ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Monday, November 6, 2006 · Last updated 8:51 p.m. PT

Wanita Palestina Mengalami KEKERASAN DOMESTIK

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Laporan baru menunjukkan tingginya angka kekerasan terhdp wanita di daerah2 Palestinas, dgn polisi, pengadilan dan badan2 pemerintah gagal menangani kekerasan spt pemerkosaan dan kekerasan bg tindak kejahatan.

Human Rights Watch menyatakan pemaksaan korban2 pemerkosaan utk menikahi pihak pemerkosa dan hukuman ringan bagi lelaki yg membunuh saudara perempuan mereka yg dituduh berzinah. Laporan mereka menyebutkan bahwa keluarga, pemimpin adat didukung oleh tradisi dan UU diskriminatif (baca : UU Islam), sering mengorbankan wanita bagi "kehormatan keluarga."

Laporan ini muncul satu tahun setelah Biro Statistik Palestina menyatakan bahwa dari 4.000 rumah tangga, 23 % wanita mengatakan mereka mengalami kekerasan domestik, tapi hanya 1% melaporkannya kpd polisi. 2/3 mengatakan mereka mengalami pelecehan psikologis di rumah.

Hukum Palestina (baca : Hukum ISLAM) sangat lunak terhdp lelaki yg membunuh saudara perempuan. Pemerkosaan dlm perkawinan TIDAK dianggap kejahatan, demikian laporan itu. Malah dokter dan polisi sering menghina korban, kata laporan.

Di sebuah RS di Tepi Barat di Nablus, seorang dokter mengumumkan kpd khalayak ramai di ruang tunggu bahwa pasiennya yg berusia 16 tahun dan belum menikah HAMIL. Ibu anak tsb mengatakan, itulah alasannya ia memutuskan utk membunuh puterinya.

Kalau wanita itu tidak perawan, maka sang pemerkosa akan mengalami keringanan hukuman. Tes2 uji keperawanan dipaksakan terhpd korban2 pelecehan seksual.

Korban sering takut akan stigma sosial dan pembalasan dari anggota keluarga.

Parlemen Palestina kini didominasi Muslim2 fundamentalis, Hamas, jadi silahkan coba2 mengganti hukum Islam di Palestina.
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http://www.middle-east-info.org/gateway ... orkillings

Negara2 dimana UU mengijinkan lelaki membunuh saudara wanita mereka :

: Bagian dari Pasal 340 Hukum Pidana menyatakan bahwa
"barang siapa yg menemukan isterinya atau salah satu dari saudara perempuannya melakukan zinah, dan membunuh atau melukainya, ia BEBAS dari hukumanhe who discovers his wife or one of his female relatives committing."

SYRIA: Pasal 548 menyatakan bahwa "Barang siapa yg memergoki isternya atau salah satu keluarganya, keturunannya atau adik perempuannya melakukan zinah (flagrante delicto) atau hubungan sex gelap dgn orang lain dan sang lelaki membunuh sang wanita atau beserta pasangannya, akan dibebaskan dari hukuman."

MAROKO: Pasal 418 Hukum Pidana menyatakan "Pembunuhan, pelukaan dan pemukulan akan dimaafkan jika mereka dilakukan oleh suami terhdp isterinya dan pasangannya pada saat ia memergoki keduanya dlm tindakan berzinah."

Pakistan: Honour killing di Pakistan dikenal sbg Karo Kari (Urdu: کاروکاری ).
Tindakan ini seharusnya dihukum oleh polisi tetapi prakteknya, polisi dan jaksa sering tidak peduli.[30] Sering seorang lelaki hanya mengatakan bahwa ia membunuh demi kehormatannya, dan ia akan bebas.

Nilofer Bakhtiar, penasehat PM Shaukat Aziz, mengatakan bahwa di thn 2003, sebanyak 1.261 wanita dibunuh karena honour killing. [31]

December 08, 2004, akibat tekanan internasional dan domestik, Pakistan memberlakukan UU yg menjadikan honour killing sebuah kejahatan yg bisa dikenakan penjara 7 tahun atau hukum mati dlm kasus2 paling ekstrim. Organisas2i Hak2 Wanita kecewa dan mengatakan, UU ini tidak menghentikan praktek pembelian kebebasan pihak pembunuh dgn membayar kompensasi kpd keluarga korban.

Karena dlm sebagian besar kasus, justru anggota keluarga sendiri yg merupakan sang pembunuh, jadi UU baru ini percuma !

Bln Maret 2005, pemerintah Pakistan dgn kelompok2 Islamis menolak RUU yg akan memperkuat hukuman terhdp "honour killing". Dgn suara mayoritas, parlemen menolak RUU ini dgn menyebutnya sbg 'TIDAK SESUAI dng ISLAM' !
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Wanita dari Kafr Qassem dibunuh dlm 'honor killing'
By Roni Singer-Heruti and Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondents

Wanita berusia 30 tahun dari Kafr Qassem dibunuh dgn ditembak mati dgn senapan tangan didepan rumahnya. Ia dibawa ke RS Beilinson di Petah Tikva, dimana ia tewas karena luka2.

Salah seorang anggota keluarganya, lelaki 70 tahun dari Kafr Qassem, ditahan sehubungan dgn pembunuhan ini dan senjata apinya disita oleh polisi.

Menurut organisasi pembela hak2 wanita Arab, Kayan, insiden ini adalah honor killing yg ketujuh tahun ini.

Beberapa minggu lalu, Kayan memulai kampanye besar2an menentang pembunuhan wanita2 di sektor Arab. Kampanye ini mengedepankan ke- 13 honor killings terhdp wanita Arab di thn 2005. Padahal dlm huru hara bln Oktober 2000, yg mengakibatkan tewasnya 13 remaja Arab oleh pasukan keamanan Israel, Muslim marah besar. Tapi giliran wanita mereka yg dibunuh sesama Arab, mereka rada bungkam ! Biarkan wanita saja yg berkampanye, gitu kali, pikir mereka ... :shock:
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Postby 1sht4r » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:26 pm

Hi....untung eke ga islam. Sebegitu rendahnya nilai wanita buat mereka.
Bung Ali...mohon agar reportase anda dilanjutkan.
Karena khusus thread ini..bakal gw ssebarin sebanyak2nya di milis yg lain..:D
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BANGLADESH : wanita dicambuk karena hamil diluar nikah

Postby ali5196 » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:46 pm


http://www.rxpgnews.com/india/Banglades ... 9184.shtml

Polisi Bangladesh menyelematkan ibu muda dari hukuman Islam
Dec 19, 2006 - 9:52:32 PM

Mahmuda Begum, hamil diluar nikah dan tgl Nov 15 melahirkan seorang bayi lelaki, yg wafat beberapa hari kemudian.

Dhaka, Dec 19 - Menurut fatwa yg diterbitkan hari Jumat lalu oleh
Abdus Sobhan, khatib mesjid Jawa Jame di Chhatak di distrik Sylhet, seorang guru muda sebuah madrassah, Mahmuda Begum akan dicambuk dgn tongkat2 bambu 'sampai darah mengalir dari tubuhnya'.

Tapi mereka tidak menjatuhkan hukuman terhdp sang lelaki, Lala Miah, bapak dua anak yg menipu Mahmuda, demikian surat kabar the New Age.

Ayah sang wanita, hilang tanpa jejak setelah dipanggil mesjid tsb dan disuruh mengenakan kalung sepatu di lehernya, sbg tanda hina.

Sang wanita lolos hukuman itu, karena untung baginya, salah satu penuntutnya mati, shg hukumannya DITUNDA. Bukan dihapus !
Kasihan !!
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Postby ali5196 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:41 pm

http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070103/wl_ ... onour_dc_1

Pakistan man loses ears, nose for love marriage

Wed Jan 3, 6:33 AM ET

MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Armed men cut off the ears and nose of a Pakistani man who married one of their tribe for love after he and his family refused to hand over his wife, police said on Wednesday.

The attackers also chopped the ears off the man's brother and severed his mother's hand in the latest "honor" crime to hit Pakistan's conservative rural areas.

Such crimes, including killings, are common in areas where marriages without the consent of girls' families are still taboo under centuries-old tribal and feudal traditions.

Mohammad Iqbal's wife, Shehnaz, was not at home when about 15 armed members of her clan attacked in the central city of Multan on Tuesday, demanding she be turned over.

"The assailants, who were armed with small arms, daggers and axes, tortured Iqbal and cut off his ears and nose when he refused to produce Shenhaz," Naeem-ul-Hassan, a deputy superintendent of police, told Reuters.

"They dragged us on the floor and thrashed us before cutting our limbs," Mohammad Yasin, Iqbal's brother told Reuters from Nishtar hospital, where he was being treated along with his brother and mother.

Shehnaz married Iqbal out of choice last year and the couple left Multan along with Iqbal's family apparently for fear of reprisals from Shehnaz's relatives.

The family returned to Multan recently to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, marked on Monday.

Police have arrested five suspects, Hassan said.

Human rights groups say about 1,000 people are killed in honor-related crimes every year in Pakistan. In some cases, women who marry against their families' will and their in-laws are disfigured as punishment.
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Postby ali5196 » Sat Jan 13, 2007 2:59 pm

http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArti ... inent&col=

Pakistani kills sister for working and studying

9 January 2007

KARACHI - A Pakistani fruit vendor shot dead his sister because she had a job and was studying for a university degree, a police official in conservative North West Frontier Province said.

Naheeda Bibi, 22, was shot three times by her brother on Sunday near her village outside Mansehra city, as she went to catch a bus to return to Rawalpindi where she studied and worked.

The brother, Gul Shahzad, has no remorse and says she defied him and her father,” local police officer Mohammad Afzal told Reuters by telephone.

“He kept on screaming after he surrendered to the police that she met the destiny willed for her by God,” he said.

The girl’s mother has lodged a report with police accusing her husband and son of killing Naheeda in revenge for her getting a higher education and working in Rawalpindi.

The girl had returned home for the Eid holidays, as had her brother who works as a fruit vendor in Lahore.

Afzal quoted the grieving mother as saying that the victim was a pious, God-fearing girl who wanted to become a teacher.

“She was doing her BA in English and taught at a language institute and lived in a hostel in the same city where her father worked,” he said late on Monday.

Many Pakistani women are killed each year by relatives claiming they had violated a family code of honour. While feudal and tribal customs prevail in many areas of rural Pakistan, attitudes are ultra-conservative in isolated places like Mansehra.
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Postby ali5196 » Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:05 pm

PAKISTAN : 578 killed in the name of honour
Amir Mir
Tuesday, January 09, 2007 23:14 IST

LAHORE: A total of 578 Pakistanis including 362 women and 216 men were killed across Pakistan in the name of honour between January and December 2006, figures compiled by the Ministry of Interior reveal.

Compiled on the request of the Federal Women Division, the report places the number of honour killings in Pakistan at around 2,500 to 3,000 cases every year.

The report, however, adds that a good number of honour killing cases still go unreported or are passed off as suicides. Not more than 25 per cent honour killing cases are brought to justice, states the report while calling for tougher laws on domestic violence.

Under Pakistani penal code, honour killings are treated as murder. However, the relevant law states that the family of the victim is allowed to compromise with the killer who is usually a close relative in most of the cases. Provisions of Pakistani law also allow the next of kin of the victim to forgive the murderer in exchange for money. And most of the offenders continue to use this clause to escape punishment.
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http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/arti ... wsid=64129

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
ANKARA - Turkish Press Yesterday

Istanbul - the new capital of honor killings':

Milliyet yesterday featured a report on Istanbul's honor killing statistics in the past year. According to the report, one woman every two weeks was victim to a murder caused by traditional beliefs about a woman's place in society in Turkey's largest city.

Milliyet said, according to data from a Parliamentary commission, Istanbul ranks first in the number of crimes related to protecting family honor. The same report found that violence against women and children was on the rise.

Police in Istanbul said 18 honor killings occurred in Istanbul in 2000. In the following years until 2005, 19, 16, 17 and 24 such crimes took place while 25 women were victims of honor killings last year. According to police, two children were killed by their own parents in 2005. Milliyet said authorities believed educating the people was the only way out of violence against women and children.

Culprits of honor crimes were almost always people from eastern or southeast Turkey, the report said. A lawyer from the Istanbul Governor's Human Rights Chair told Milliyet that the victims were usually women who risked getting caught and being murdered and ran away from domestic violence, almost always taking their children with them. In Istanbul, the total number of murders, rapes and beatings of women and children was 3,670, according to police records.
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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070125/ap_ ... or_killing

Ayah bunuh puteri yg diragukan keperawanannya
By SHAFIKA MATTAR, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jan 25, 7:38 AM ET

AMMAN, Jordan - Lelaki Yordania menembak mati puterinya berusia 17 thn yg dicurigainya melakukan hubungan sex walau analisa medis sudah membuktikan bahwa ia masih perawan. Lelaki itu menyerahkan diri kpd polisi, beberapa jam setelah pembunuhan tsb dan mengatakan ia melakukannya demi kehormatan keluarga.

Padahal beberapa minggu yg lalu, sang ayah menulis perjanjian utk tidak melukai anaknya. :shock: :shock:
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http://www.metimes.com/storyview.php?St ... 3624-9274r

YORDANIA : pembunuh diberikan keringanan hukuman dlm kasus 'honor killing'
February 1, 2007

AMMAN -- Lelaki yg membunuh kakknya, seorang janda rcerai, karena gosip bahwa ia memiliki pacar, telah dibebaskan dari tuduhan 'pembunuhan berencana' karena kemarahannya yg meluap dgn tiba2 dan karena keluarganya membatalkan semua tuduhan, demikian the Jordan Timesy.

Siswa universitas berusia 19 thn itu menembak mati kakaknya, 22 thn, 10 menit setelah ia diberitahu bahwa ia punya pacar baru.

Siswa tsb hanya menerima hukuman penjara tiga bulan. Ia menyerahkan diri kpd polisi dan mengaku perbuatannya adalah demi 'membersihkan kehormatan keluarganya', tadinya menerima hukuman penjara 6 bulan.
Ternyata ini sesuai dgn Pasal 98, UU Pidana.

Dikatakan oleh pengadilan, "korban mencemarkan nama baik keluarga dan tertuduh karena perbuatannya melanggar norma2 agama dan sosial dlm sebuah negara Muslim kosnervatif." (walau akhirnya tidak terbukti ???!!)

Sumber2 medis yg melakukan otopsi terhdp tubuh wanita tsb membuktikan bahwa sang wanita tidak terlibat hubungan seksual sebelum ia dibunuh.

Namun pengadilan menampik dgn mengatakan: "Ada kemungkinan (kemungkinan ???? Bukan kepastian ???) bahwa korban mengganti bajunya utk menghilangkan jejak2 hubungan gelapnya." :shock: :shock: :shock:

Thn 2006, paling sedikit 12 wanita terbunuh akibat "honor killings."

Dan spt biasanya, para pembunuh diberikan hukuman ringan bahkan sering tidak dipenjara sama sekali. Parlemen Yordania dua kali MENOLAK perubahan pada UU Pidana agar menjatuhkan hukuman yg lebih berat terhdp para pembunuh.
:shock: :shock: :shock:
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http://www.7days.ae/en/2007/02/09/dubai ... 16;honour’.html?comment_add=1
Friday, 9th February, 2007

Seorang lelaki telah dituduh melakukan pembunuhan berencana terhdp adik perempuannya yg ditembak mati. Ini tindak pidana “honour crime” kedua tahun ini. Tertuduh, seorang pengendara taksi, mengatakan kpd polisi, ia membunuh adiknya yg sudah menikah dan berusia 22 thn itu - setelah menerima telpon anonim yg mengatakan bahwa adiknya itu main gila diluar perkawinannya. Kata si penelpon, foto adiknya “tersebar di HP banyak lelaki”.

Ternyata wanita itu sempat lari dari rumahnya tahun lalu dan perlu diberi perlindungan polisi.
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http://www.7days.ae/en/2007/02/09/dubai ... 16;honour’.html?comment_add=1
Friday, 9th February, 2007

Seorang lelaki telah dituduh melakukan pembunuhan berencana terhdp adik perempuannya yg ditembak mati. Ini tindak pidana “honour crime” kedua tahun ini. Tertuduh, seorang pengendara taksi, mengatakan kpd polisi, ia membunuh adiknya yg sudah menikah dan berusia 22 thn itu - setelah menerima telpon anonim yg mengatakan bahwa adiknya itu main gila diluar perkawinannya. Kata si penelpon, foto adiknya “tersebar di HP banyak lelaki”.

Ternyata wanita itu sempat lari dari rumahnya tahun lalu dan perlu diberi perlindungan polisi.
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February 14, 2007 edition

SYRIA : 'Honor' killing mengakibatkan protes luas
Pembunuhan gadis 16 th mengakibatkan mufti agung negara itu menuntut reformasi dan perlindungan hukum

By Rasha Elass

DAMASCUS, SYRIA - Zahra Ezzo , 16 thn mati ketika tiba di RS setelah mengalami serangan brutal oleh kakak laki2nya, yg mengakui telah membunuhnya dan ditunjuk oleh keluarganya sendiri utk melakukan pembunuhan ini.

Sekitar 200 - 300 honor killing per tahun terjadi di Syria. Kebanyakan tidak mendapatkan perhatian. Tetapi pembunuhan Zahra membuat heboh karena terjadi di ibukota (dan bukan di desa) dan karena mufti agung, Ahmad Hassoun, mengutuk kejahatan itu, menyerukan bagi adanya reformasi hukum dan perlindugnan bagi gadis2 macam ini dan menyebut kejahatan2 macam ini sbg 'tidak Islami.' (Tidak islami ????) President Bashar al-Assad juga berjanji utk mencari jalan keluar.

Hukum Syria (negara Islam) sangat lunak terhdp lelaki yg membunuh atau melukai saudara perempuannya jika si cewek tertangkap basah dlm "tindakan sex haram dgn orang lain," atau dlm "keadaan mencurigakan dgn orang lain." Kakak Zahra ini hanya akan dikenakan hukuman penjara 3 bulan.

"Oleh karena itu kami inign mencoba mengganti hukum ini," kata Yumun Abu al-Hosn, dari the Association for Women's Role Development. Asosiasi itu menjalankan panti perlindungan bagi gadis2 spt Zahra.

According to Zahra before her death, say sources who spoke to her before she died, her father was having an extramarital affair. If the clan had discovered this, Zahra's father and his mistress might have both been killed. A friend of Zahra's father, a young man who took a liking to the then-15-year-old, threatened to tell all unless Zahra ran away with him.

She agreed. But when the clan discovered that Zahra had left, they decided to pursue both and kill them. But the police found them first. They put the man in jail, where he stands to serve a 15-year prison sentence for the kidnap and rape of a minor, and where he is safe from the clan's wrath. They put Zahra in the shelter.

But only for nine months. During that time, Zahra's family tried three times to regain custody of her, but the association refused, saying the family could not guarantee Zahra's safety.

The family then asked one of Zahra's cousins to marry her, which according to tradition would restore honor to the family. Fawaz hardly knew Zahra and was not in on the plot to kill her. He agreed to marry her first out of chivalry, then because he fell in love with her.

Her family and the family of her soon-to-be-husband all came to the shelter to formalize her marriage, and her father signed a sworn statement guaranteeing that neither he nor anyone in the family would harm Zahra.

So Zahra, whose name means flower, moved into her new husband's home, an apartment one floor below her new in-laws in Damascus.

But one month later, her brother came to visit. On the morning of his third day with them, when Zahra's husband went to work and Zahra slept in, Fayez stabbed his sister to death.

Violence against women is coming under growing scrutiny in the Arab world. Last year, the United Nations Development Fund for Women sponsored for the first time a study on it in Syria, concluding that 1 in 4 women suffers physical abuse, usually from a male relative.

But honor killings, which happen in many Arab and Muslim countries as well as in Israel and Western Europe, are a touchy subject. Local religious and political leaders are usually reluctant to become involved in a clan's family affair, and authorities in many countries rarely report a crime as an honor killing, making gathering statistics very difficult.

Activists say that lawyers in countries with leniency laws for such killings often advise a male client accused of murder to claim it was in the name of honor to avoid the death penalty.

"There are hidden motives behind these murders. It could be for inheritance or for financial reasons or because the victim wanted to choose her husband – or she's been raped or she's a victim of incest," said Rana Husseini, a Jordan-based activist who is writing a book on honor killing.

Reforms are often slow or unusually targeted. Morocco, for example, recently gave women the right to a light sentence if they killed in a fit of fury.

"They said this way we're making our laws 'equal.' But how many women kill men? No one needs a PhD to realize that the impact will be discriminatory," said Taina Bien-Aimé, executive director at Equality Now, a New York-based international human rights organization.
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http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite? ... 2FShowFull

Feb. 27, 2007 21:17 | Updated Feb. 27, 2007 22:11
Gaza sedih karena tiga pembunuhan 'honor killing'
Tiga wanita Palestina terbunuh di Jalur Gaza, demikian dilaporkan.
Motif pembunuhan tidak jelas. Salah seorang adalah wanita 35 thn, ibu 4 anak yg ditemukan tewas dgn 13 peluru di tubuhnya.

Dua wanita lainnya juga ditemukan penuh dgn peluru ditubuh mereka. Dicurigai bahwa ketiganya dibunuh oleh saudara lelaki mereka dlm rangka "honor killings." Pembunuhan macam ini tidak aneh diantara orang Muslim Palestina dan negara2 Arab lainnya. Malah Muslim2 di Barat tidak lolos dari honor killing, sekitar 25 wanita terbunuh setiap tahun di Barat. (kok dikit amat !! Di UK aja setahun paling dikit ada 50 kematian akibat honor killing !)

Aktivis wanita di Jalur Gaza mengungkapkan kekhawatiran mereka atas pembunuhan terakhir ini. "Kami spt hidup dlm hutan," kata Siham Aladdin. "Polisi Palestina tidak melakukan apa2 karena takut pada keluarga2 pembunuh dan karena mereka maklum dgn 'alasan' pembunuhan2 tsb."
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