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Tokoh2 Islam Timur Tengah & Turki MURTAD**

Orang-orang dari seluruh dunia yang murtad (termasuk dari FFInternasional). Siapa mereka dan mengapa mereka meninggalkan Islam ? Murtadin2 dari FFIndonesia silahkan masukkan pengakuan ke 'Mengapa Saya Murtad ?'

Postby Phoenix » Wed Apr 12, 2006 6:41 am

Ini ada cerita murtad..bahkan si murtad adalah descendant dari Phropet ALi, ponakan muhamad katanye..

Ini linknya: http://www.alexanderpalace.org/lostsplendor/I.html

Gue dapet dari sini: http://www.faithfreedom.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19841
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Postby ali5196 » Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:52 pm


Tambahan buat Phoenix (we think alike, dont we? Bedanya elu males terjemahin ! heheh!)

My Tartar ancestors - Khan Yussuf - Souinbeca - The first Yussupoff princes.

ACCORDING to our records, my family was founded by a certain Aboubekir ben Raioc who lived in the sixth century and who was said to be a descendant of the Prophet Ali, a nephew of Mahomet. Aboubekir was the supreme head of all Moslems and bore the titles of Emir el Omra, Prince of Princes, Sultan of Sultans, and Khan, thus uniting religious and political authority in his person. His descendants also exercised the same supreme authority in Egypt, Antioch and Constantinople. Some of them are buried in Mecca, in the neighborhood of the celebrated Caaba stone.

Termess, one of Aboubekir's descendants, emigrated from Arabia to the shores of the Azov and Caspian seas. He held vast tracts of land between the River Don and the Ural Mountains where the Nogaiskaia-Orda* was eventually constituted.

In the fourteenth century, one of the descendants of Termess, Edigue Manguite, who was considered one of the greatest strategists of his time, took part in all the campaigns of Tamerlane, the founder of the second Mongolian Empire. He fought the Khan of Kaptchak who had rebelled against Tamerlane after having been his ally. Later, Edigue Manguite went south to the shores of the Black Sea where he founded the Krimskala-Orda, or Crimean Khanate. He lived to a great age, but after his death there was such strife among his heirs that most of them perished in a general massacre.

NOTE* Orda or Horde: the name given to the nomadic tribes of Tartary. The city of Kazan, mentioned later, was long the capital of the Golden Horde, which was the Most westerly kingdom founded by the Mongols and was several times dismembered during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Toward the end of the fifteenth century, Moussa-Mourza, great-grandson of Edigue, became the supreme chief of the powerful Nogalskaia-Orda. Allied to the Grand Duke Ivan III he fought and destroyed the Kaptcliak Khanate, which was a rival clan stemming from the old Golden Horde.

He was succeeded by his eldest son Shik-Shamai, but the latter was soon replaced by his brother Yussuf.

Khan Yussuf was one of the most powerful and intelligent princes of his day. Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who was his faithful ally for twenty years, regarded the Nogalskaia-Orda as a kingdom, and treated its chief as a sovereign. The two allies exchanged sumptuous gifts: saddles and armor studded with precious stones, magnificent ermine and sable furs, tents lined with rare silks brought from distant lands. The Tsar called his ally "my friend, my brother." Yussuf remarked in a letter to the Tsar: "He who has a thousand friends should count them for one, but he who has one enemy must count him for a thousand."

Yussuf had eight sons and one daughter, Soumbeca, who was Queen of Kazan, a princess as famous for her beauty as for her quick wits and bold, passionate nature. Queen Soumbeca was married three times: her second and third husbands had each murdered his predecessor to seize the throne of Kazan. Her first husband was King Enalei whom she married when she was fourteen. He was killed by Safa-Guirei, the son of the Khan of Crimea, who promptly married the widow. Proclaimed King of Kazan, Safa-Guirei was in turn murdered by his brother, who became the next King of Kazan and Soumbeca's third husband. He was soon driven from power and forced to take refuge in Moscow. Soumbeca was at last able to reign in peace for several years, but, when dispute broke out between Ivan the Terrible and Yussuf, the City of Kazan was besieged, and surrendered to superior Russian forces, and Queen Soumbeca was taken prisoner. The celebrated cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed was erected in Moscow to commemorate the capture of Kazan, and its eight cupolas are symbolical of the eight days the siege lasted.

Ivan the Terrible, who admired Queen Soumbeca's bravery, treated her with the greatest consideration. He sent a richly bedizened flotilla down the Volga to bring her and her son to Moscow, and gave them apartments in the Kremlin.

The Tsar was not the only one to fall under his captive's charm. She very soon conquered all hearts at court, and the Russian people adored her, for in their eyes she was a fabulous princess out of a fairy tale.

Meanwhile, Khan Yussuf grieved over his daughter's and grandson's imprisonment by the Tsar and constantly demanded their release. Ivan the Terrible took not the slightest notice of the old man's entreaties and threats. He did not even answer his messages, but merely remarked to his intimates: "His Highness Khan Yussuf is fuming with rage." Deeply offended, Yussuf was preparing to resume the war when his brother Ishmael murdered him.

Captivity in no way impaired Soumbeca's taste for power. She begged the Tsar to allow her to divorce her last husband, who was still in exile in Moscow, in order to marry the new King of Kazan. Ivan the Terrible refused her request, and Soumbeca died a captive at the age of thirty-seven. But such a woman could never be forgotten. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, her memory inspired several great Russian writers and composers. Soumbeca and the Conquest of Kazan, a ballet by Glinka, in which the part of the Queen was taken by the famous ballerina Istomina, had an enormous success in St. Petersburg in 1832. After Yussuf's death, his descendants quarreled unceasingly until the end of the seventeenth century. His great-grandson Abdoul Mirza, on his conversion to the Orthodox faith, took the name of Dmitri and received the title of Prince Yussupov from Tsar Feodor. The new prince, who was renowned for his courage, took part in all the Tsar's campaigns against Poland and the Khan of Crimea. These wars ended victoriously for Russia, to whom all her former territories were restored.
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Postby ali5196 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:21 am

http://www.mail-archive.com/tumpat@yaho ... 00363.html
http://mahaguru58.blogspot.com/2006/08/ ... state.html

[Tumpat] Datuk Azhar Mansur (The Sailorman) Telah Murtad???
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 21:12:06 -0800

Azhar Mansor claimed he saw Jesus Christ masa dia dok belayar tu. Came back & told PM (then was Mahathir) and considering to convert to Christian which he did later. Suprise??? Dont be, he is a christian now and was asked to leave malaysia quietly by mahathir. I couldnt believe & i asked my christian friends, they knew about it a long time ago. Ini ke orang yang kita agung-agungkan kerana mengharumkan malaysia di mata dunia??
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Postby ali5196 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:01 pm



April 11, 2006

Group dari Mesir yang manamakan dirinya "al-Jama’ah Consultative Council" mengirimkan email berisi daftar nama orang-orang yang dianggap murtad dan mengancam jika mereka tidak bertobat dalam tiga hari, mereka akan dibunuh. Istri & anak mereka akan dikuntit dan juga dibunuh.

Menurut hukum Islam, hukuman maksimal buat murtad adalah mati.

Dalam daftar itu terdapat nama-mana Muslim di negara Barat yang telah secara terang-terangan mengkritisi keganasan and ketidak-toleran Islam.

Bunyi ancamannya.

"Kami akan mengikuti mereka ke mana saja mereka pergi dan kapan saja; mereka tidak akan jauh dari pedang kebenaran, dan mereka lebih dekat dengan kami daripada tali sepatu kami.

Mereka akan diawasi siang dan malam. Kami tahu di mana mereka sembunyi, di mana rumah mereka, sekolah anak mereka dan saat-saat isteri mereka sendirian di rumah.

Kami beri peraturan kami kepada balai tentara Tuhan untuk menjalankan perintah Tuhan supaya darah mereka menjadi dekat dengan Tuhan (untuk membunuh mereka) dan membakar rumah mereka.

Dan kami bersyukur kepada Tuhan bahwa banyak kafir dan atheis tidak ada di tanah Islam, jadi mereka tidak dapat mencemarkan tanah Islam dengan darah busuk mereka. Mereka ada di tanah kafir, tanah pemuja berhala dan pemuja salib: di Amerika, Kanada, Swiss dan Italia.

Jika mereka ada di satu tempat di tanah Islam, mari kita bersihkan tempat mereka disembelih dan dipenggal tujuh kali untuk mensucikan tanah Islam dari ketidakmurnian darah mereka. Mari kita tangkap peremupan mereka, perbudak anak mereka dan rampas harta mereka.

Mari terapkan hukum Islam pada mereka; dan siapa pun yang membunuh mereka kan mendapat pahala.

Fatwa ini ditandatangani oleh Abu Dhur Al-Maqdishi, media commander in Al-Jama’ah.

Daftar itu termasuk:
Wafa Sultan
Ahmad Subhi Mansur (Mansour)
Adly Abadir
Jamal Al-Banna
Majdi Khalil
Hasan Ahmad Umar
Muhammad Sha’lan (possibly the same Dr. Muhammed Sha'lan)
Father Zakarias Butros
Sa’d Al-Din Ibrahim
Salah Muhsin
Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi
Al-Afif al-Akhdar

Target yang tidak dikenal. Jika anda kenal orang-orang ini, peringati mereka:
America : Nidal Na’isah, Fatin Nur
Canada :Uthman Muhammad Ali & keluarganya
Holland : Nahid Mitwali
Italy : Khalid Hilal
Jordan : Umar Abu Rassa, Ramadan Abd AlRahman Ali
Syria : Samir Hasan Ibrahim
Egypt : Abd al Fattah Asakir, Muhammad Shibl, Muhammad Said al Mushtahari, Abd al-Latif Sa’id, Ayman Muhammad Abd Al Rahman, Walid Muhammad Abd al-Rahman, Taha Hilal, Isam Nafi, Ahmad Sha’ban, Amru Ismail, Abd-Al-Karim Sulayman


The list includes:

Wafa Sultan -- American Muslim psychologist who has spoken out against jihad, the silence of mainstream Muslims over terrorism, and the treatment of women in Islam. Sultan lives in the Los Angeles area.

Ahmad Subhi Mansur (Mansour)--a liberal Egyptian theologian condemned as an 'apostate' because he accepts only the Quran as authentic and rejects the sunnas. Mansur argues in his book "The Punishment of Apostasy" (out of print) that religious liberty is fundamental to Islam. Mansur's wife and children are also specifically threatened. Mansur live in the Virginia.

Adly Abadir -- Egyptian born Christian Coptic priest, exiled from Egypt and now living in Switzerland. Abadir is an outspoken advocate against the subjegation of Christians in Egypt and has testified before the U.S. Congress on the plight of Coptic minorities living under the thumb of Muslims.

Jamal Al-Banna-- moderate Egyptian theologian & brother of the founder of the Muslim Bortherhood who publicly disputes traditional Islamic teachings about the treatment of women & jihad, but like most Muslims justifies aggressiona against Jews. Al-Banna is probably under condemnation for his firm stance against dhimmitude and for freedom of religion and for his creation of the "Committee for the Defense of Victims of Terror-Fatwas"

Majdi Khalil-- American Muslim who has spoken out against terrorism and those that justify it in the Islamic world.

Hasan Ahmad Umar-- former President of the Egyptian Court of Appeals.

Muhammad Sha’lan--- possibly the same Dr. Muhammed Sha'lan who is a professor of psychology at the oldest and most prestigious Islamic universty in the world, al Azhar.

Father Zakarias Butros-- Coptic priest living in Holland who runs a website devoted to standing up for Christians in Egypt, against attrocities committed by Muslims against Christians, and which invites Muslims to engage in dialogue.

Sa’d Al-Din Ibrahim-- liberal Egyptian human rights activist , board member of the Ibn Khaldun Center, and Professor of Sociology at the American University in Cairo. Ibrahim is a leading human rights activists who was arrested by the Egyptian government in 2000 to the applause of Islamists around the world. He is accused by Islamists of being a 'Zionist'.

Salah Muhsin--Egyptian who has spoken out against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi -- a Jordanian born liberal Muslim, chairman of the American Academic Association in Jordan, and co-signer of an anti-Islamist petition to the U.N calling for an end to the preaching of violence against apostates. Nabulsi now lives in Denver.

Al-Afif al-Akhdar--72 year old Tunisian born French secular Muslim. The Tunisian Islamic movement Al-Nahdha, issued a death fatwa against the him for his book "The Unknown in the Prophet's Life". In addition to exposing the hypocrisy of Muslims on terrorism, Akhdar has also been at the forefront of exposing the political motivations behind Muslim regimes using the Danish Mohammed cartoons to drum up anti-Western sentiment. More on Akhdar here.

Unknown targets-- if you know who these individuals are, please warn them that they may be the target of Muslim extremists!

America -- Nidal Na’isah, Fatin Nur

Canada-- Uthman Muhammad Ali & his family.

Holland-- Nahid Mitwali

Italy--Khalid Hilal

Jordan--Umar Abu Rassa, Ramadan Abd AlRahman Ali

Syria--Samir Hasan Ibrahim

Egypt--Abd al Fattah Asakir, Muhammad Shibl, Muhammad Said al Mushtahari, Abd al-Latif Sa’id, Ayman Muhammad Abd Al Rahman, Walid Muhammad Abd al-Rahman, Taha Hilal, Isam Nafi, Ahmad Sha’ban, Amru Ismail, Abd-Al-Karim Sulayman

If you know any of the above individuals, they should be immediately warned. We hope that law enforcement officials are already aware of the danger posed to these people and pray for their safety.
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Postby ali5196 » Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:33 pm

Aslan Abashidze dari Georgia

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=2181

Negara Georgia (Ajaria) (populasi sekitar 400.000). Negara ini ditaklukkan oleh Kekaisaran Ottoman sekitar tahun 1600-an dan dipaksa masuk Islam. Meskipun sudah memeluk Islam, masyarakat Ajaria tetap menerapkan tradisi Kristen mereka seperti menggunakan lambang salib sebagai simbol dekorasi.

Tapi di tahun2 terakhir ini, orang2 muda Ajaria kembali ke akar Kristen mereka. Seluruh negara itu telah kembali jadi Kristen. Di ibukota negara yakni Batumi, hanya terdapat 1 mesjid yang masih aktif dan 14 gereja aktif. Hanya 400 orang yang beribadah di mesjid.

Salah satu diantara ribuan yang murtad adalah Aslan Abashidze, bekas pemimpin Ajaria sebelum Revolusi Roses (bunga ros).
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Postby ali5196 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 5:31 am

Lihat artikel di Forum ini judulnya TV Bikin Murtad. Udah dicakupkan disini belon ?
RAMSEY ABDULLAH FROM Life TV, Questions about Faith.

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=2339
Orang ini menyebabkan 30 orang Arab murtad ! Itu tahun lalu ! Tahun ini lebih banyak lagi, gua yakin !
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Postby Phoenix » Mon May 08, 2006 5:48 am

Woiii..muslim beraninya maen keroyokan...maluuuuuuuu...!!! Gerombolan si berat...he..he..he...
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Postby ali5196 » Fri May 12, 2006 3:18 am


Abu Zayd, Nasr Hamid
Year in Review 2001

Even five years after he was declared an apostate by a high court, ordered to divorce his wife, and, in effect, forced out of his homeland, Egyptian academic Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd continued to serve as a focal point for those concerned with the human and civil rights excesses of Islamic fundamentalism in 2000. Abu Zayd's case was often mentioned in the same breath as those of Indian-born author Salman Rushdie and Bangladeshi feminist Taslima Nasrin, both also unable to return to their homelands because their writings had been declared insulting to Islam.

Abu Zayd was born in Tanta, Egypt, in the Nile Delta on Oct. 7, 1943. He attended Cairo University and received his Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic studies in 1981. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the Andalusian-born Sufi Ibn al-'Arabi (1165–1240), a mystic and philosopher who wrote in a multicultural (Provençal, Latin, and Arabic) and multireligious (Judaic, Christian, and Islamic) environment that he sought to reconcile in a universal love. Abu Zayd's thesis was published as The Philosophy of Hermeneutics in Beirut in 1983.

From his studies Abu Zayd realized the importance of sociocultural factors in the interpretation of the Qur'an and took the point that interpretation is human, not divine, into his own beliefs. Abu Zayd observed how Islam was being interpreted by fundamentalists in Egypt and elsewhere in ways that served political ends, a position he opposed in his 1992 book Naqd al-khitab al-dini (“Critique of Religious Discourse”). When in that same year he applied for promotion to full professor at Cairo University, the tenure committee split. One of Abu Zayd's colleagues resorted to the pulpit of a mosque in Cairo to denounce him as an apostate for his writings. The Abu Zayd case became a cause célèbre among Muslim fundamentalists, and even the newspaper of the ruling National Democratic Party called for his expulsion from the university and execution as a heretic.

On June 14, 1995, a Cairo court ruled that Abu Zayd had to divorce his wife, Ibtihal Yunis, a teacher of French culture at Cairo University, because he was a heretic and therefore a non-Muslim, and a Muslim woman could not be married to a non-Muslim man. The Court of Cassation upheld the ruling in 1996. Fearful for their lives, the couple fled Egypt and settled in The Netherlands.

As his case continued to draw attention from international human rights organizations, Abu Zayd followed academic pursuits at the State University of Leiden, Neth., lectured throughout Europe and the U.S., and served on the editorial board for two forthcoming volumes of the Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an.

Marius K. Deeb
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Postby ali5196 » Thu Jun 15, 2006 7:43 pm

masukan dari pendatang baru : sierra

http://www.indonesia.faithfreedom.org/f ... php?t=3121
Father Zakaria Botros itu orang mesir yg ngungsi ke US, dan saya sempat ketemu dia di LA. Dia dicari ama radical islam dan dihargai kepalanya 25 juta US$ karna sudah memurtadkan +/- 1 million orang di Mesir, Kairo

http://www.islameyat.com/english/audio/ ... /questions _about_faith.htm
click # 21
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Postby twinz69 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 7:06 am

Mulai Suka
Mulai Suka
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Postby ali5196 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 7:25 am

twinz, cerita dikit dong ; mengapa mereka murtad ?
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Postby twinz69 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:02 am

Untuk Ali5196 :

Gara2xye kakak ipar gua iseng2x baca Alkitab Injil trus die samain ama isinye alquran.
Dia kaget sekali sebab Yesus yg dulu die benci ternyata baik sekali.
Juga di alquran tuh isinye perang melulu melalui kekerasan dsbnya dan juga kaum wanita di tindas habis beda sekali dng KItab Injil.
Dia dari dulu memang sudah ragu tentang muhammad yg katanya nabi suci.
Mana ada nabi suci yg doyan nyabulin anak kecil dan mana ada nabi yg suka perang?.
Kalau ada nabi yg pernah ikut perang berarti dia kan sudah pernah membunuh manusia.
Kata dia beda sekali dng Injil ,kalo alquran penuh kebencian ,kekerasan.
Kakak ipar gua murtad sudah 7 tahun yg lalu,kaga ada yg maksain die murtad.
Die murtad karena die gak mau di begoin ama nabi palsu.
Mulai Suka
Mulai Suka
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Postby ali5196 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:17 am

twinz69 wrote:Untuk Ali5196 :
kalo alquran penuh kebencian ,kekerasan.
Kakak ipar gua murtad sudah 7 tahun yg lalu,kaga ada yg maksain die murtad. Die murtad karena die gak mau di begoin ama nabi palsu.
wah, kalau gitu kakak ipar elu dulunya Muslim KTP kayak gua, dan setelah baca Quran kaget dan meninggalkannya. Benar khan gua bilang, banyak sekali Muslim Indonesia yg nggak ngerti apa yg tersimpan dlm Quran ?

Bagus bagus ! Murtadkan orang lewat Quran. Itu cara paling afdol. Ajak kakak iparmu kesini atau menyebarkan situs ini.

thanks man ! :wink:
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Postby ali5196 » Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:05 pm

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Postby Adadeh » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:26 pm

Websites buatan para Murtadin

Zak Gariba - Bekas Imam Muslim

Mark Gabriel - Bekas Imam Muslim, Al-azhar Islamic university professor

Walid Shoebat - Bekas teroris PLO

Jeremiah Fard Muhammad - Former Muslim minister

Nonie Darwish - Freelance writer and public speaker

Mohammad Ghazoli, Political writer in Elite Arabic news papers

Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner - Turkish Ex-Muslim(Dean of Liberty Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Va)

Reverend Donald Fareed - Iranian Ex-Muslim, Persian Ministries

Salah - Ex-Muslim Palestinian, Gospel Musician

Dr. Abraham Sarker - Bangladeshi Ex-Muslim, "Gospel for Muslims" Ministries

Hussain Andaryas - Afgani Ex-Muslim

Afgan Converts WebSite

Nurudeen I. Adeojo

David Naseer

Emir Caner - Dean of The College at Southwestern

Dr. Nasir K. Siddiki - Muslim businessman, Now Christian Preacher

WL Cati- Zennah Ministries

Ahmed Abaza

Ajeenah El-Amin

Abdul Hakeem - Nur Ul alam Ministry

Yemeni ex-muslims

An Ex-Muslim Christian Website run by Iraqi ex-Muslims

Pastor Hormoz Shariat Ph.D, Scientist, Iranian Ex-Muslim, Now Tele-Evangelist

Rev. Majed El Shafie

Simin - Iranian ExMuslim

Mohammed Altaf(Now Simon Altaf) - Pakistani ex-Muslim

One Anonymous muslim

Jerry Rassamni - Ex-Militant, Now Christian, popular speaker on apologetics
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Postby Adadeh » Sat Sep 23, 2006 12:24 pm

Laporan dari Wikipedia:
The World Christian Encyclopedia memperkirakan bahwa di Amerika Serikat saja terdapat 22.000 murtadin yang pindah memeluk Kristen setiap tahun. [1] Berdasarkan sumber lainnya, diperkirakan di Afrika saja 6 juta Muslim meninggalkan agamanya setiap tahun.[2]

Hussain Andaryas - Afghani Christian activist
Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky - Russian officer of Circassian origin who led the first Russian military expedition into Central Asia (note: was converted under unknown circumstances).
Jean-Bédel Bokassa - Central African Emperor (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)
Emir Caner - Dean of the College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ergun Caner - President of Liberty Theological Seminary at Liberty University
Nonie Darwish - freelance writer
Mark A. Gabriel - writer on Islamic affairs
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila - American football player
Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila - American football player
Tunch Ilkin - former American football player
Qadry Ismail - former American football player
Raghib Ismail - former American football player
Lina Joy - Malay convert to Christianity, who is fighting to have the word Islam removed for her identity card. [3]
Mathieu Kérékou - President of Benin (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)
Carlos Menem - former President of Argentina
Yadegar Moxammat of Kazan - last khan of Kazan Khanate
Barack Obama - United States Senator from Illinois
Abdul Rahman - activist
Emily Ruete - Princess of Zanzibar and Oman
Walid Shoebat - author and former member of the PLO
Ghorban Tourani - former Iranian Sunni Muslim who became a Christian minister
George Weah - Liberian soccer player (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)

:lol: :lol:
Nape ye para Muslim pada kagak betah sama Islam? Kagak ada rasa damai sejahtera, kali ya?
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Postby Vlad » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:17 am

Archimandrite Daniel Bambang Dwi Byantoro Ph.D.


The search for God led Indonesian Father Daniel Bambang Dwi Byantoro from Islam through Calvinist, Evangelical and Charismatic Protestantism into Orthodox Christianity.

Although he had adhered to Muslim beliefs, practices and daily prayer, as a child he had no clue what God looked like. Islam prohibits images of God or prophets, which are integral for Orthodox.

"I wanted to understand more personally who and what God is," he said while visiting the Inland Northwest recently to speak at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Spokane and St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Post Falls, Idaho.

Although feeling disconnected from God and worried about his salvation, he was afraid to explore other faiths.

Because his Orthodox understanding resonates with people of oriental traditions, he is worried by growing Islamic radicalism in his homeland. There, 750 churches have been burned, several thousand Christians have been killed, and in many areas Christians live under threat, he said.

Indonesia’s 240 million people of Asian, Polynesian and African descent mix 350 languages and cultures, but are 90 percent Muslim and speak Arabic as a ritual language. Indonesian is the national language, he said.

Before Islam became established, Hinduism and Buddhism were the primary religions.

Born in 1956 in East Java, Daniel was reared by his grandparents, immersed in Islam.
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Lupa Diri
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Postby ali5196 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:40 pm

Gua juga pernah ketemu seorang pendeta ortodox, eks Muslim, dari INDONESIA di Athena. Sayang gua nggak minta kartu namanya !
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Postby nasi bungkus » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:37 pm

oe kalian kok lupa ama yang satu ini

Hakan Ekinci sang murtad pembajak pesawat turki..yeahhh

http://www.detiknews.com/index.php/deti ... idkanal/10
nasi bungkus
Acuh Tak Acuh
Acuh Tak Acuh
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Postby nasi bungkus » Tue Oct 17, 2006 6:14 pm

keluarga besar bang rinto dulunya nasrani, meskipun dia pemusik tapi beliau bekerja dalam keluarga besar cendana (mantan Presiden Suharto) dan kemudian memeluk islam...

itu lumrah/wajib kali ye dalam keluarga cendana, contoh Ibu Tien Suharto itu dulu nasrani, ibu Tien keburu wafat seh, harusnya ketemu benny hinn dulu :roll:
nasi bungkus
Acuh Tak Acuh
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