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Surat murtad Arab Saudi kpd ali5196

Orang-orang dari seluruh dunia yang murtad (termasuk dari FFInternasional). Siapa mereka dan mengapa mereka meninggalkan Islam ? Murtadin2 dari FFIndonesia silahkan masukkan pengakuan ke 'Mengapa Saya Murtad ?'

Surat murtad Arab Saudi kpd ali5196

Postby ali5196 » Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:23 am

Beberapa waktu lalu saya ber-email2an dgn murtad S Arabia yang lari ke Yordania. Saya tidak lagi mendapat kabar darinya. Mudah2an ia memiliki kekuatan untuk menghadapi cobaan hidupnya ini. Terlalu bahwa orang harus meninggalkan negara kelahiran, famili, kekayaan, hanya karena mengikuti kehendak hatinya : meninggalkan Islam.

To my friend ali,
I left Islam since 2001. Not because of FFI but because I read the quran over 60 times to find stories about Moses & Ibrahim. Apparently, their stories are not in the Quran. So I started to read Injil because I want to know more (about Moses & Ibrahim). But it is forbidden to read Injil in islamic countries like mine, because they dont want us to see that many of HADEETH and quran are from the Bible, specially the old testament. Now I know that Quran is just copy from other book.

We are in Jordan now, we left Saudi arabia since 2003 , and we r not allow to work as refugee. No we r not secure but we not afraid.

Jordan is better than SArabia in the religious freedom, but we r not allow
to preach the Gospel, and our church face lot of abuse. Yes, life for muslim is better than for non-muslim here. Example: muslim refugee can get full financial assisstance while i don't. They get money from several muslim organization AND from churches too. Mosques will never help murtads. they will kill you if they find out about you.

I want to remind you that before I left SA , I was rich but then I had to leave my work and my money and my farms and my cars and my buldings and many things for I have chosen to be christian and i am really very poor now.

I will tell my story to ... as you suggested because i belive that our story is great interesting, but we want to be in a save place first, you may understand our concern.

I don't trust the UN because they do not care to protect our information.
Anybody can find out from UN about who is religious refugee from S Arabia in Jordan. This scares me because if muslims know our info, it is very dangerous.

My landlord is a good man, he is a muslim and he help us but he don't
know that we were muslim before, otherwise he will kill us.

Please be in touch if you can help. I am sorry i can't give you my name, but you may help thru UNHCR in amman, Jordan.

A friend.
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