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SAUDI: teroris dr keluarga kerajaan****

Gambar2 dan Berita2 kekejaman akibat dari pengaruh Islam baik terhadap sesama Muslim maupun Non-Muslim yang terjadi di seluruh dunia.

SAUDI: teroris dr keluarga kerajaan****

Postby ali5196 » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:53 am

http://www.arabianews.org/english/artic ... =185&sid=2

Abqaiq Suicide Bombers Hail from Leading Saudi Families -
- SIA News -
- Twaijris: A King Advisor and a Bomber -

(Washington DC, February 25, 2006)... In a sign of weakening loyalties to the ruling tribe of Al-Saud, two Saudi suicide bombers who attacked the Abqaiq gas plant Friday, hail from two leading Saudi Najdi families with numerous members occupying leading official positions in the absolute monarchy.

The first suicide bomber Abdullah AbdulAziz AlTwaiajri's, is relative to AbdulAziz Al-Twaijri, King Abdullah's closest advisor for over 50 years, and among the most influential men in the country. Khalid and Abdul Mohsen Al-Twaijri are secretary and advisor for the King consecutively. Ahmed Othman Al-Twaijri is a member of the Shoura Council, and Major General Saad Al-Twaijri is the head of the Saudi Civil Defense. Numerous other members of Al-Twaijri family occupy political and security positions.

Similarly is the case of Mohamed Saleh Al-Ghaith, who is a relative of Wahhabi cleric Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Ghaith, the head of the Saudi religious police.

The Al-Saud ruling tribe depends on the loyalty of Najdi families to assure its grip on the country. Thus these families have been the prime recipients of most senior government offices. The fact that these families comprise Al-Qaeda suicide bombers undercuts the security of the tribal monarchy, and reveals that Al-Qaeda has penetrated and split the loyalty of leading families, families that the ruling Al-Saud depends on to maintain control.

The Saudi government is dominated by Najdi officials, lead by the ruling tribe of Al-Saud, which occupies the largest share of senior political positions. A study by Dr. Mohamed Bin Sunitan, published in 2005, found that 78% of senior government jobs were held by Najdis, who make up only 26% of the country's citizens.
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