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Orang Melayu LUPA sejarah****

Perkembangan dan penerapan Islam dalam masyarakat dan budaya Malaysia dan Brunei.

Orang Melayu LUPA sejarah****

Postby ali5196 » Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:54 pm


I wanted to ask many tricky questions about Malaysian identity such as “why does being Malay seem to be reduced to being Muslim in Malaysia?”, “why do many Malaysians seem to be out of touch with who they are”? I couldn’t understand why Malaysians had to go to the US or the UK to study their own traditions such as makyong or gamelan, and why many urban Malaysians don’t have a family house to go back to in the country on week-ends, like people do in other places in the world.

as well. You’re cut off from home. I never felt homesick, I spent 13 years there, and I enjoyed myself very much, but it’s more that being in England I started collecting antiques, particularly Malaysian antiques, anything related to Malaysiana. I found stuff which you could not get here in Malaysia, so I started collecting old books, old maps, items of Malay antiquities, Malay art, gold, silver krises. Bit by bit it became a pathological obsession for me, to want to reconstruct this home I had left, but I was reconstructing a Malaysia that doesn’t exist anymore. All these books and krises, I saw images of a Malaysia which I barely recognised, because so much of Malaysia today has changed. And that again prepared the ground for the interest I would develop at university. Particularly early Malay history. It was probably to reabsorb this connection with the past, particularly the pre-Islamic past, the Indian connection with the Hindu-Buddhist era which is being forgotten rapidly in Malaysia today.

That’s something that strikes me about this country, the ability of Malaysian society to have this collective amnesia, this willful erasure of the past I find very, very alarming.

When I was in England, I was reading the early Malay hikayat, all the epics where all the pre-Islamic elements are so strong, so pronounced. At the same time, it was obvious these 17th, 18th century writers were comfortable with this.

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Postby Lulldapull » Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:53 pm


Kalau berani, gue tantang loe untuk menyerbu Worchester sendirian, jangan ajak begundal BNP.
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