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Murtad dimana2

Orang-orang dari seluruh dunia yang murtad (termasuk dari FFInternasional). Siapa mereka dan mengapa mereka meninggalkan Islam ? Murtadin2 dari FFIndonesia silahkan masukkan pengakuan ke 'Mengapa Saya Murtad ?'

Murtad dimana2

Postby ali5196 » Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:56 pm

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Posted: Fri Dec 16, 05 10.03 am
Post subject: apostates of islam in UK are facing trouble

Everywhere , muslims are leaving islam in large numbers. it is happening in almost every countries of the world. even in bangladesh, now after recent bomb-blasts muslims are believing non-muslims more than muslims. there are few converts in pakistan also.

in malaysia converts are being tortured. in india more and more muslims are converting back to their original religion ie, hinduism. as per another report, buddism is gaining popularity in china.

another newspaper report said that about TWO HUNDRED THOUSANDS of muslims in UK lost their faith. if it is true then slowly they will convert to other religions or they will remain as freethinkers.

this is the tip of the iceberg only. it is not possible to find out actually how much is the strength of this people. becauser there are many people who lost their faith but never comes in public because they are afraid. somebody should do something . one report, which is available to me, says that, there is a secret organization in UK which gives moral support to these people. if it is true and successful , then more new organizations should come forward with this noble view.

now, i think government and local non-profit organizations should do something for the protection of these enlightened people. once the converts are free from threat, more muslims will come forward with their stories and we will their actual strength.

please read the facts below which are copied from another site.

happy reading.
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