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MESIR:polisi hancurin ternak babi Koptik dgn alasan flu babi

Gambar2 dan Berita2 kekejaman akibat dari pengaruh Islam baik terhadap sesama Muslim maupun Non-Muslim yang terjadi di seluruh dunia.

MESIR:polisi hancurin ternak babi Koptik dgn alasan flu babi

Postby ali5196 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:34 am

PADAHAL TIDAK ADA SATUPUN KASUS FLU BABI DI MESIR ! INI hanya merupakan alasan penguasa utk menindas dan menghancurkan mata pencaharian kaum Koptik.

http://islaminaction08.blogspot.com/200 ... ce-in.html

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Irate pig Farmers Clash With Police in Egypt

This is a follow up to the "Egypt Orders Slaughter of all Pigs Over Swine flu" story. Even though there has not been one case of swine flu in Egypt and the virus is being spread through humans, the Egyptian government has decided to use the issue to further their oppression of Egypt's Coptic Christians.

CAIRO – Egyptian police and armored cars charged into a crowd of a 1,000 irate pig farmers armed with stones and bottles, leaving 12 people injured as residents of a Cairo slum resisted government efforts to slaughter the nation's pigs to guard against swine flu.

Cairo security chief Maj. Gen. Ismail Shaer said 14 people were arrested. Seven police were among the injured in the clashes with largely Christian garbage collectors who raise pigs on the refuse and live in the teeming slums of Manishyet Nasr outside the capital.

The farmers blocked the road leading to their pig pens and hurled rocks and bottles at police, who responded by charging them with armored cars and firing tear gas. Some 200 policemen then surrounded the neighborhood backed by a half dozen police trucks.

Egypt last week ordered the slaughter of all the country's 300,000 pigs even though no cases of swine flu have been reported here. The World Health Organization has said the move was unnecessary because the virus is being spread through humans.

Authorities have now expanded the rationale for the slaughter beyond swine flu to a larger campaign against unsanitary pig farming conditions, particularly in the Cairo slums where the garbage collectors live.

The campaign has been met from the start by protests and resistance from pig owners. The consumption and raising of pigs is largely restricted to the country's Christian minority, estimated at 10 percent of the population. Muslims consider pork unclean and generally do not eat it.

"We were surprised by the tremendous objection by the garbage collectors. They fired guns, and they threw stones and bottles," Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nabawi, head of the Cairo Beautification Authority, told The Associated Press. He said that healthy pigs are being slaughtered for their meat while the pregnant and babies are being destroyed.

Cairo's predominantly Christian population of garbage collectors, known as the zabaleen, roam the streets of the sprawling city's wealthier neighborhoods collecting its garbage. They bring the refuse back to their homes and dump it in their courtyards, sorting through it for matter to recycle. Pigs and other animals feed off the organic matter while the reusable material is reprocessed in crude workshops nearby.

Isaac Mikhail, the head of the garbage collectors association, said 65,000 pigs live in the slum of Manishyet Nasr. The area has the city of 18 million's largest concentration of garbage collectors, providing a livelihood for some 55,000 people.

He said farmers were enraged when the government slaughtered 600 of their pigs and then only paid them half of the going market rate of about 55 cents a pound ($1.20 a kilogram).

"If the government wants to slaughter (the pigs), they should pay a just price. How can people live?" he asked, estimating that a quarter of a million people in Cairo are involved in pig farming.

Another pig farmer said the government came early Sunday to take the pigs without paying any compensation up front.

"This is my bread and butter. My family, my sons and I all live off it. How can I give up easily?" said Isaac Rafib, 45.

"We bring the garbage here and sort it and we feed the pigs," said Marzouqa Moussa, a middle aged woman dressed in a dark robe, surrounded by dozens of pigs. "We were born here and we live here," she added, gesturing toward her simple living area adorned with a picture of Jesus Christ next to a room piled high with reeking garbage bags. A third room of the house was given over to the pigs.

The introduction of modern garbage services in many parts of the city over the last five years has already cost the zabaleen some of their livelihood.

In 2008, President Hosni Mubarak ordered all animal rearing, particularly pigs and chickens, to be moved out of populated areas for hygienic reasons. The order was never implemented, however, and authorities say the current crisis is a perfect opportunity.

Pig raising will be restarted in two years at specially constructed farms in the countryside using newly imported animals, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture told Egyptian media.

"Everything Egypt has decided to do — despite the noise it caused here and there — first and foremost aims at protecting human health, and the health of the Egyptian people which is worth all the efforts and the measures taken," presidential spokesman Suleiman Awwad said Sunday.

He added that the measures had the full support of the leaders of Egypt's Christian community.

The Egyptian government has come under criticism in past years for being caught flat-footed by crises.

Egypt was severely affected by the outbreak of bird flu in 2006 with more than two dozen fatalities in the past two years. Some 25 million birds were slaughtered and the rearing of poultry in households largely ended.

With the new flu scare, the government moved proactively, even in the absence of any cases.
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Postby ali5196 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:12 am

MESIR : Sibuk menghancurkan mata pencaharian kaum Koptik. Ini jelas bukan kasus kesehatan umum, melainkan utk menekan agama minoritas http://www.getreligion.org/?p=11780


http://www.copts.co.uk/index.php?option ... 8&Itemid=1

Pig Slaughter Lands Cairo in the Mire
Written by Joseph Mayton
The Guardian
9 October 2009

AKIBAT pembantaian babi di Mesir, pemerintah kini pusing tujuh keliling dan lebih sibuk menyelamatkan muka ketimbang melindungi penduduk. Babi adalah hewan yg melahap sampah. Tidak ada hewan lain yg se-efisien babi. Kaum Koptik yg (tadinya) beternak babi yg disebut dgn kaum zabaleen juga merupakan pemulung2 sampah.

300.000 babi dibantai sejak bulan Mei 09 dgn alasan 'menghindari flu babi' [tapi alasan sebenarnya adalah menghancurkan mata pencaharian kaum Koptik] dan akibatnya jalan2 di Kairo PENUH DGN SAMPAH, yg tadinya dikumpulkan pemulung2 sampah yg digunakan utk memberi makan babi2 mereka.

Terlambat bagi pemerintah utk menyadari masalah ini. Malah, rakyat Kairo semakin panik dgn menumpuknya kotoran dijalan2 mereka. Pemerintah akhrinya mengakui bahwa reaksi mereka berlebihan dan mencoba mengatasi kotoran jalanan ini tapi jutaan orang Mesir setiap hari kini harus membuka jendela mereka dipagi hari sambil mencium BAU kotoran didepan rumah mereka. :rolling: Dan tidak ada satupun orang zabaleen nampak utk mengangkat sampah tsb.

Mayoritas peternak babi adalah Kristen Koptik. Islam melarang konsumsi produk2 babi, tapi Kristen dan kaum sekularis Mesir tidak peduli. Ketika pemerintah mengumumkan pembantaian massal itu, kaum Koptik langsung mengecam langkah tsb dan menuduh pemerintah mengISLAMISASI negeri mereka, demikian Ashraf Ramelah, presiden the Voice of the Copts -- di AS.

Apalagi ketika badan dunia WHO melaporkan bahwa virus flu babi TIDAK DISEBARKAN OLEH BABI, pemerintah Mesir sulit menutupi wajah2 merah darah mereka ! :rolling:

Setelah pembantaian babi tsb, Muslim menunjukkan kegirangan mereka, TAPI sekarang mereka harus tersenyum pahit karena harus menikmati kotoran mereka sendiri ! :finga: :finga:
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