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IRAK : wanita dipaksa pakai jilbab****

Gambar2 dan Berita2 kekejaman akibat dari pengaruh Islam baik terhadap sesama Muslim maupun Non-Muslim yang terjadi di seluruh dunia.

IRAK : wanita dipaksa pakai jilbab****

Postby ali5196 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:45 pm

Extremists force women to hide under head scarves
By James Palmer
April 10, 2007

BAGHDAD -- For two years, Faiza Abdal-Majeed has carried a head scarf in her purse for emergencies.
For a woman in the Iraqi capital four years after the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein, these emergencies can include passing unlawful checkpoints manned by armed militiamen, impromptu forays through neighborhoods controlled by religious zealots and taxi drivers who refuse her fare unless she covers her hair.

In addition, Mrs. Abdal-Majeed's job with Iraq's women's affairs ministry frequently brings her into contact with government officials, police officers and Muslim clergymen who insist that she cover up before they speak with her.

"Some clerics and politicians are forcing religion into our lives," said Mrs. Abdal-Majeed, 45. "We're being pushed back 1,000 years in time."
Baghdad once was considered a secular, cosmopolitan metropolis where Islamic customs seldom collided with women's fashion. Today, however, religious ideology has strengthened its grip and forced half the population to submit to traditional Islamic dress.

On the streets of the capital, the most common couture is what women call the Islamic uniform: the bulging black abaya that covers the body from head to toe; the head scarf, or hajib; and the long, dark ankle-length skirts commonly seen on schoolgirls, university students and professionals.

The changes have left a generation of women, especially those more educated and better off financially, struggling to meet expectations.

"I'm always discussing with my friends and family whether or not to wear the veil," said 21-year-old activist Zaineb Hussein. "I can't go out without it, but I take it off once I reach my office. I feel completely free without it."

Even though extreme Islamists have exerted influence over society for the past four years, many women say the country's two-year-old democratically elected parliament is even more responsible for the regression of civil liberties and fashion choices.

"The government differs on all issues except women's rights," said Yanar Mohammed, the president of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq. "They're using the new constitution to impose Islamic law and reduce women's rights."

For example, Maysoon Al-Damlugi, who is among the 25 percent of women in Iraq's 275-seat parliament, said most female colleagues in the legislature cover their heads. It is, she said, an indication of how religious fervor has seized the political landscape.

"The abaya and hajib are political symbols," said Miss Al-Damlugi, 45, who refuses to cover her head and is working on a constitutional amendment to ban discrimination in Iraq, including against women.

GOOD LUCK, girl ... :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Postby cahkangkung » Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:52 am

Ini Irak ato Aceh ya? Kok rada2 mirip sih??
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Postby murtad mama » Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:36 pm

bukan iraq = aceh tapi emang nabi dan umat islam bener sama2 dongok hahahahaha
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Postby openyourmind » Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:41 pm

Saya heran yah, kok dalam islam banyak sekali pemaksaan...sampe-sampe minta sumbangan ke kafir aja agak sedikit maksa, engga dikasih malah sungut-sungut. Apakah dalam islam semuanya harus dipaksakan???
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