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Feature dari phpBB Gallery

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Feature dari phpBB Gallery

Postby Moderator 2 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:35 pm

Faithfreedom Gallery mungkin sudah sering dibuka dan banyak postingan baru tapi mungkin gak banyak yang tahu feature secara lengkap.
Dibawah ini beberapa feature phpBB Gallery:

    Filetypes: gif, jpeg & png
    Imagesize: filesize, image-height, image-width
    Resize images on upload
    Global control about comment & rating system (dis-/enable)
    Thumbnails: GD-version, quality and size
    Images available in 3 sizes (thumbnail, medium, full)
    Several options to thumbnail-displaying album.php: number of rows & columns, options to display (username, rating, comments, upload-time,...)
    RRC (recent-random-comment): little Addon displaying the recent images, random images and/or recent comments on the gallery/indey.php with full ACP-Control
    Sub-folder name adjustable (default: gallery/)
    Search function (also available in the album) (page for Recent/Random/Top-Rated/Last comments/Own images)
    Highslide JS, Shadowbox and Lytebox support (These scripts must be downloaded seperatly because of the licence, see contrib/plugins/)
    Diashow (Requires a Plugin to be installed, see contrib/plugins/)
    Available in more languages: go/phpbb_gallery/translations
    Available Addons: go/phpbb_gallery/addons

Integration in phpBB:
    Link to personal gallery on viewtopic (ACP-Option)
    Number of user-images on viewtopic (ACP-Option)
    Number of images on index (ACP-Option)
    Recent/Random images in user-profile (with full ACP-Control)
    BBcode to use gallery images in postings
    Available for prosilver-& subsilver2-based styles
    HookUp gallery with Cash-MOD (See gallery/includes/hookup_gallery.php for more Information)

Album / Permission-management:
    Unlimited sub...subalbums depth
    Copy permissions on create/edit album
    Album-types: Category, album, contest (see later for more information)
    "Album locked"-Option
    Inherit function on setting permissions
    Group- & User-based permissions
    Image-permissions: view, view without watermark, upload, upload with approval, edit, delete, report, rate
    Comment-permissions: view, post, edit, delete
    Moderate-permissions: moderate comments, image: delete, edit, move, handle reports, approve/lock
    Misc-permissions: View album, Number of allowed images (also unlimited), albums (for personal galleries)
    Personal galleries (upload by owner only), with subalbums and management through UCP

Images / Comments:
    Hotlink prevention: also with whitelist
    Display exif-data
    Watermark: with min-width and min-height, to avoid little images from being fully covered
    Report function
    Upload more images at once (Number settable in the ACP)
    Full user-profile on comments
    BBCodes, Custom-BBCodes and Smilies on comments & image-description
    Notification (Mail & Jabber) on new images/comments
    Option to favorite images
    Next/Previous link (with imagename and thumbnail)
    Unread-markup of albums with new images

    Statistical overview
    Error-Box with Update-notification (when update is available)
    Resync-Options for several dynamic values
    Reset rating for album
    CleanUp: Ability to delete images/comments of deleted users (or set to anonymous/guest), and personal albums

    First timeperiod: Upload only, ratings and comments are not allowed, upload-username is hidden
    Second timeperiod: No more upload, ratings are allowed, comments are not allowed, upload-username is hidden
    End of contest: No more upload and ratings, comments are allowed, upload-username is displayed
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Re: Feature dari phpBB Gallery

Postby kata_holos » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:26 pm

ga ngerti bung mod, bisa pake bahasa Indonesia aja. he he he
sekalian contohnya, biar kita bisa menggunakan featurenya
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