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Benjamin Stephen Dari Johor Malaysia Murtad

Orang-orang dari seluruh dunia yang murtad (termasuk dari FFInternasional). Siapa mereka dan mengapa mereka meninggalkan Islam ? Murtadin2 dari FFIndonesia silahkan masukkan pengakuan ke 'Mengapa Saya Murtad ?'

Benjamin Stephen Dari Johor Malaysia Murtad

Postby kuta bali » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:12 am

Benjamin Stephen Murtad jadi Anti Islam

Benjamin Stephen ~ Mahaguru58 has lodged a police report against this apostate turned blasphemous Christian preacher
I lodged a police report against this blasphemous apostate turned Christian preacher Benjamin Stephen today at the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters at 12:52 PM today.


This case is now being investigated by the Royal Malaysian Police and I will be following up with the report tomorrow at Bukit Aman.

Utusan Malaysia reported about my article here and published this in their edition today.

Don't think that you can get away with blaspheming against our beloved Prophet, Islam and the Muslims!

Be ready to face the consequences of your blasphemy.

I have fulfilled what I promised!

Wallahi! Wabillahi! Wattalahi!

Doakan dia selamat dari ancaman Iblis yang keparat.
kuta bali
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Re: Benjamin Stephen Dari Johor Malaysia Murtad

Postby kuta bali » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:16 am

Komentar2 orang Malingsia yang gondok 7 keliling.

Great Mahaguru! May Allah bless you for your jihad here. I cannot stand watching and listening to this Stephen Benjamin video even for a sec, it hurts me too much as a Muslim. May the curse of Allah befall him now and hereafter.

As usual, it is always them the non-Muslims that insult Islam while we Muslims do not insult their religions, we don't even insult atheism and paganism although we do get involved in academic debates of non-Islamic religions..


alhamdulillah makcik gembira yg tuan telah mengambil tindakan keatas budak keparat ni..moga2 tindakan tuan mendapat keredaan Allah swt.

Assalamualaikum Esperalzi,

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam enjoined us to stop evil that takes place before us with our hands ; meaning with whatever powers or authority that we possess?

In this case, as citizens we do not have that arresting power or the authority to take preventive action against this blasphemer.

The Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has then said that if we not have such powers to use, then we are to speak out against such evil?

This is what I have done within my capabilities as a Muslim Blogger.

I have then followed up with lodging a police report against this fiend which gives the Royal Malaysian Police the legal grounds to investigate this case and when the authorities have enough proof and evidences of such wrongdoing by way of the You tube videos, then he can be charged in court and when found guilty be punished according to what the laws of this nation provides?


Assalamualaikum makcik mohdandmeriam,

Hamba sekadar melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab selaku seorang Muslim.

Insya Allah akan saya bekerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa untuk mendakwa sipenghina ini dimahkamah!

Doakan kami.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


benjamin stephen harus dimasukkan dalam ISA. Tiada agama yang suruh menghina agama lain. Jelas Benjamin Stephen ada masalah.

Dear Tuan Mahaguru kami, tolong follow-up dan pastikan kafir laknatullah yang keji ini di ambil tindakkan.

Saya tidak tenteram dengar video tersebut yg jelas memutarbelitkan ajaran islam.

ini adalah father bas*&^%#*%$#*d!


This is my personal opinion. Yes Benjamin had insult Islam in front of the non-believers. I agree that he should be punished according to the law of this country. We are sending the message of "don't mess with Islam @ never insult Islam in this country" (coz if its happen in a non-Islamic country, there's no law stopping him from doing it). But I think it will only give the non-believers reason to hate Islam more. Because from their perspective Benjamin is telling the "truth" and any punishment that this guy is facing is like a sacrifice that he has to endure. So I would suggest that we invite him for a talk (It should be recorded and published in Youtube), rebutting the subject that he preached before in which such event will uncover all the truth and most important for the non-muslim to evaluate it by themself. To me it is not our priority to ensure Benjamin to be punished, but it is a must for us to change the non-muslim perspective on Islam and help them understand Islam more... WALLAHUA'LAM


Takbirrrr....Takbirrr..... ini no saya 0126506404. silap tak pesan awal kalau tidak saya nak ikut sekali. kenapa tak postkan awal ada perancangan nak buat laporan. postkan awal dalam blog ini kemudian ajak kawan2 dalam laman ini. saya nasrul duduk di bandar tasik selatan, mahaguru duduk dekat bandar tun razak kan dekat tu. saya tak perasan ada no tuan dalam laman ini. dibahagian mana?


amoker @ Joseph Koh,

I thought you'd be wise to know that my reference to this blasphemer might just end up dead if he was living in the 'Land of the Free and Home of the Brave' (read USA) is based upon the punishment for blasphemy against God and His Prophet.

As a Christian, your understandings about the major sin of blasphemy will definitely not be the same as what the laws are in our Islamic Syaria, so that would defeat the need for me to try and explain it to you here as to why the blasphemers might just end up dead, killed according to the Laws of God.

This Benjamin fellow is a murtad. An apostate.

That in itself is already a major sin in our faith.

Don't hold much hopes for you to understand or accept whatever explanations I can give you because from past experience of dealing with you, I know where you stand?

So why bother come in here and ask about something that you definitely will not want to accept whatever answers I will give?

Waste your time and mine.

There is a Surah dedicated to those of you who don't wish to be Muslims.

Its called Surah Al Kafirun.

Chapter of the Disbelievers.

Who's calling you that?

Not myself or any other person here on earth.

It's Allah Almighty God Himself.

Think Kaffir is a derogatory word?

Go look it up in the dictionary.

Its Arabic for 'Disbelievers'.

Believers are called Mukmins.

Muslims are those of us who live according to the tenets and principles of Islam.

As for your asking about what Ann Wan Seng uttered in the video you linked to, best person to answer you would be himself?

I'm not his spokesman.

As a reader here suggested, if you feel slighted by what Mr Ann Wang Seng has referred to you who are Buddhists as praying to King Kong or whatever, you are free to go lodge a police report against him?

Thought you are a Christian ~ Joseph Koh.

Anyway, please stick to the subject matter ~ Benjamin Stephen.

It would be best not to divert the topic in question.

That is if you want to have your comments answered?

If not, please read my comment policy again.

Thank you.
kuta bali
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