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5000 wanita dibunuh pertahun atas nama HONOR KILLING

Seluk beluk ttg hak/kewajiban wanita, pernikahan, waris, bentuk2 pelecehan hak2 wanita dlm Islam dll.

5000 wanita dibunuh pertahun atas nama HONOR KILLING

Postby DianAZ » Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:41 pm

IN THE NAME of Honor Killing

"Families decide to kill for these reasons: rumors, suspicion, rape, if a woman is raped sometimes they blame her for the rape; incest also they might kill her, "Choosing her own man to get married to, talking to a man, losing her virginity, becoming pregnant out of wedlock," Husseini told CBN News from her office in downtown Amman.

Husseini is now on a mission to end the silence surrounding this horrific practice.

"I'm here to speak in the name of these women who have no voices," Hussein said as she glanced through the hundreds of articles she'd written over the years.

Her upcoming book, Murder in the Name of Honor documents the rise of honor crimes worldwide.

"The typical honor killer usually is the brother and sometimes, some families are very knowledgeable about the law, sometimes they choose minors to commit the crime," she said. "Because in such crimes they get away with very lenient sentences. It could range from three months to two years."

Crimes of Honor

It's difficult to get precise numbers, but the United Nations estimates that worldwide at least 13 people are killed a day - at least 5,000 a year.

And while the majority of these crimes occur in Arab and Muslim countries, a growing number take place in immigrant communities in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

The crime of honor killings is not just limited to Muslim communities in the Middle East. According to Husseini, Christian families are also taking part in this horrific crime.

"The proof is that in Jordan, I've covered several cases lets say five or six cases of Christian women who were killed by their families because they tarnished their family's honor," said Husseini.

Women as Property

But the problem is generally more prevalent in Islamic cultures where women are often viewed as property with no rights.

A few months before Du'a Khalil's murder, Fareeda, also from Northern Iraq, was kidnapped from her home and taken to the Turkish city of Silopi. There she was drugged, raped, and sold into prostitution.

"I was treated like an animal," said Fareeda as she fought back tears. "I was used like a piece of meat."

Fareeda was discovered by Turkish authorities and sent back to Iraq. But instead of being welcomed home, her family now wants her dead.

"To them I am dirty and worthless," Fareeda said.

Fareeda is being protected by a group of human rights activists at an undisclosed location. But the day CBN News met her, she had tried to kill herself by jumping from this window.

"I don't want to live anymore," she said. "I am as good as dead to my family."

PEMERKOSANYA sering kali IPAR, PAMAN dan juga ABANG KANDUNG SENDIRI!! :oops: :oops:



Oooh malangnya engkau wanita-wanita Islam, engkau diperkosa dan engkau juga yang menerima hukuman terberatnya.

BANGKILAH engkau wanita BERHENTILAH menangis
BUANGLAH beban yang ditaruh orang lain pada bahumu
KELUARLAH dari rantai-rantai perbudakan setan yang membelenggumu
SERUKANLAH seruan peperangan kepada PERBUDAKAN WANITA
JANGANLAH TAKUT menghadapi musuh-musuhmu, karena kamu tidak sendirian
TUHANmu yang berperang menggantikanmu, karena DIA telah melihat air-mata penderitaanmu, penderitaan yang melampau batas!
:rock: :rock: :rock:
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Postby ali5196 » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:01 pm

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Postby DianAZ » Sun Nov 11, 2007 12:48 pm

Terima kasih Ali, saya akan pindahkan.
Ane taru di sini karena terpikir ini hanya berita.

Terima untuk panggil saya non, jadi merase mude lagi nich!
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Mulai Suka
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